Carpe Diem

An ohDearyme Interview with Sergio Giannasso by Becki Burrows

From: Puglia, Italy

Current location: Covent Garden, London

Current happiness levels out of 10: 11 (Becki: ‘ooh nice one!)

Favourite film: Dirty Dancing

Favourite musician: Giacomo Puccini

Favourite artist: Henri Matisse

Henri Matiss

Favourite book: Dark fire by C.J.Sansom

Dark Fire


Favourite colour: Fuchsia (Becki: google tells me that.. fuchsia is another name for magenta sometimes described as hot pink, reddish-purple, vivid pink and light purple).


Brief synopsis: Owner & Creative Director of Giannasso Hair & Beauty


You started out as an apprentice at 19 and spent five years blowdrying hair… and have trained and worked with some of the worlds biggest brands in the hairdressing industry – including Charles Worthington. I found you to be very down to earth and friendly – how do you keep your ego at bay in an industry like this?

By being myself and keeping my feet on the ground! I always remember my main goal is to please my clients whilst creating a great bond with them & maintaining professionalism.

What was it about styling hair that attracted you?

The art of it.

You run the self-titled shop Giannasso Hair & Beauty in Covent Garden – why London?

I feel it’s the heart of the world and not too far from home.

Sergio Giannasso

Who are your style icons?

Italian film actress – Sophia Loren

Sophia Loren

Actress Sophia Loren

You styled David Hasselhoff’s aka “The Hoff”‘s hair! How was he? Do you have a picture? Awesome!

He knew exactly what he wanted but took my professional advice.

David Hasselhoff

Sergio with David Hasselhoff @DavidHasselhoff










You love to bake at home  – and serve your special alcohol free recipes (Tiramisu) to your clients which is a lovely touch! What is it you love about baking?

I’m afraid you don’t bake tiramisu! (ME: Oops).. I love that unique touch. The recipe was passed on from my Grandma- it’s her secret recipe!

sergio giannasso

There is only one store so far – do you see yourself expanding soon? I have big dreams & why not!

From my experience of your salon – your staff seem to be having a lot of fun, yet very professional – a warm and relaxing atmosphere – is this the Italian ethos? This is what I have always wanted with my salon, a professional but charismatic team- I think that’s what makes us special!

What styles in hair would you say, in your opinion, are hot right now?

For me ‘what’s hot right now’ doesn’t exist, it’s what should be tailored to you. I believe the hair cut has to work with you, not the other way round.

What do you enjoy about the creative process of styling?

Being able to emphasise the best features in my clients and bring out the best in them.

You are award winning tell us a little about those awards…

I get great satisfaction for being recognised for showing that special magic touch! We won best team/service at the London Hair and Beauty Awards 2016. I’m very proud to say we have just found out we won Gold for Best Hair Salon and Best Colour Technician, as well as, Silver for Best Hair Stylist of the year at this year’s British Hair & Beauty Awards 2017!

What else do you offer in store?

I like to think of the salon as a ‘one stop shop’. We offer a wide range of hair services, beauty treatments, make-up and also offer bridal packages.

You guys styled my hair really well – then I went home and tried to do it myself. With some rollers and er, some extra firm hairspray (I had to take my friends dog for a quick walk). Basically I’m rubbish at styling my own hair. Do you have any tips for me please? What am I doing WRONG?!? AAAAHHHH!

I always recommend to use the products advised by your stylist. It’s vital that you start your hair at the front/fringe as it makes it easier to get the style into place. The best tool to use at home is Velcro rollers as they give you great volume and bounce without damaging your hair, classic but effective!

What brands would you recommend for keeping my fabulous (and I do love it) new colour fresh?

I would recommend our new Silky Reloaded product. This is a take home product for you to use to bring back the tone that’s lost after washes to your hair.

You used the brand Silky – they are from Italy – my colour is still looking fab. Tell us more about them?

This colour range is fantastic for both vibrant shades and being kind to hair. With just 1% ammonia, Silky delivers great shine/condition and beautiful colour. I am really enjoying using them.

I am trying to avoid burning my hair – do you have any tips that might help in maintaining it’s health whilst I am swimming/sunbathing/styling?

I always recommend Neal & Wolf heat protection spray! Its light weighted so it does not kill the volume!

Neal Wolf

Neal Wolf

What do you love about your job? Being able to make people happy and feel confident whilst creating bonds and in some cases dear friends! It makes me feel special that I can do this.

What makes you happy? My love for life.

Do you have a quote that you live by? Carpe Diem (live in the moment).

What fashion styles are you enjoying at the minute? What do you predict for the future.. ? At the moment I love simplicity with colour. For the future I predict that fashion and sporting clothing will merge for every day wear, comfort but yet still fashion.

Best thing about London? The freedom

What are the styles like and how do they differ to the British styles in Italy?

I feel like the style in Italy is a little stuck in their ways. It’s very classical, impeccable and beautifully put together. Where as in Britain it may not always be perfectly put together but yet it can be unique, interesting and inspiring!

What would be your top tips for people who want to start out in the industry?

Be prepared for a long hard road, be patient, work hard and enjoy every step of the way!

You have worked on catwalks in Milan to styling models – what has been your favourite experience so far?

The excitement rush you get minutes before the runway starts…it only lasts a few minutes but its intense.

When you are styling someone I noticed you are studying them quite a bit- what are you looking for? As a Make-Up Artist (#mua) I always look at the complexion, eyes and face shape to what you’re wearing, to how you talk and the tone of your voice to determine what hair style/colour would suit you best. That’s why we never do a consultation with a gown on!

How do I say thanks in Italian? Grazie!

Visit Sergio’s salon in London at:

53 St Martins Lane

Covent Garden, London – WC2N 4EA

Sergio Giannasso

f.   : 0207 240 9973
e.  :
w. :

Twitter: @SergioGiannasso

Facebook: @SergioGiannasso

Pics of my new hair and the team below:

Grazie! And remember y’all Seize the Day! 

Becki Bx

Sergio Giannasso and Rob

Sergio Giannasso and Rob

Becki Burrows





You know what I can’t stand? Seeing a picture in a magazine – and thinking – ‘YES! THAT! That is an AMAZING style!’.

Cutting out a few examples.. taking them into a hairdressers full of hope and excitement. ‘I want that colour!’.

To receive a negative response.

‘Ohh. No. We can’t do that. That would take a while to get to that colour’. (hmm…can’t or can’t be bothered?)

‘Ok.. that’s ok!’ I usually reply despondently yet still with a bit of hope.

“Quite a long… long while.” the hairdresser usually adds.

“Plus your hair will probably break off or fall out and you’ll end up with a wig for the rest of your life”.

“Oh. Right..”.

Then I’m usually offered the colour book. And I’m shown the choice of browns. Dark brown. Or medium brown. Or! Maybe. I could go for a light brown.

It is at this point, that I sadly pick out a generic colour from the demonstration folder and succumb to what I like to call: STYLE CENSORSHIP. Folding up my magazine clippings forlornly.. sighing quietly to myself. oh Dear.



I walked in to Giannasso’s Hair & Beauty salon located in central London – Covent Garden and sat down in the chair to meet creative Director Sergio Giannasso. As I did.. I noticed the team all leaning in to listen. As I told him my hair desires and my struggles they all nodded in understanding. Perhaps that’s why they’re working here? I find myself pondering.

BEFORETWO“Perhaps a fringe?” Sergio suggests.

I look at him in horror and in a woeful and cringingly high voice reply with “I’ve just grown that out!”. Embarrassing.

“I want a bright colour though. Something creative. Different. Everytime I go in to a hairdressers on the high street they seem to just get you in and straight out – and nothing is different” I moan.

Sergio is peering at me and nods seemingly in understanding. He whisks out a gown and puts it around my neck.

“Well bella!” he declares. “We’re not like that here!” he says in a bold Italian accent, winking.

The team bustle around in an attempt to make me as comfortable as possible – Coffee? Tea? They smile.

Everyone is slightly on edge as London is on high alert, but getting on with things diligently.

I head downstairs. The studio has some good looking art displayed on the wall  – giving it a warm, bright and happy feeling.

The colour team start to lather some Silky colour into my hair. Sergio has chosen a bright red.

Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 15.41.14

“Right. Tiramisu Time!” Sergio declares. ‘Homemade!”

“Hasn’t it got alcohol in it?” I query. “Not this one!” he smiles! “it’s homemade!” he adds in again proudly. “Oh. Ok. Yes please then!”. A little of what you like an’ all that. And I’ve never tried Tiramisu so am not even sure if I like it. (I did).


sergio giannasso

When it’s time to style, designer and Brazilian born Rob takes charge with the cutting and styling under Sergio’s direction.  As he finished cutting and blowdrying he starts to curl my hair.

Oh my god. I think to myself. I hate my hair wavy (I have wavy hair). It reminds me of this time when I was 15 and had a bad homemade perm. And everyone at school took the p*ss for weeks. It looked awful.

I decide not to voice my concerns and to trust the Creative team. I close my eyes and try to relax.

I open my eyes tentatively. And look at myself in the mirror. ‘OH! Wow! I love it!’ I delightedly exclaim. Which I have never said out loud in a hairdressers before.

hair by sergio giannasso

I don’t do bad reviews on this blog. I’d rather just not say anything. So if anyone is featured on this blog it’s because I believe they are good. Exceptional. Etc. 

Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 15.40.47

A lady (a regular to the salon) who is having her hair styled smiles over at me. ‘It looks great’ she shouts happily. And she gives me a thumbs up.

‘Thank you!’ I give Sergio a big hug (something I usually never do either but he has that friendly Italian air about him).

“I told you! You would get what you want here!” he says.

‘You proved that statement right” I reply bluntly admiring my new curls. Different.

As I bounce out of the salon, I hear Sergio talking to a different client. ‘Tiramisu! he is urging her – homemade!’

And I smile to myself. A truly special salon.


For a positive experience.. I would definitely recommend a visit to Sergio’s hair team! Friendly (this is very important to me) creative, unique and artistic. They give the impression of caring about each individual client (and each other, which is nice to see) and for me customer service is important. I am definitely going back. If they let me back in!

Sergio (on the left and Rob on the right).

Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 16.29.20

A 5/5 experience. ‘Better than your average Joe’ as we sorta say here in England. 


And on a different note. Did I tell you I met Louis Theroux yesterday? Picture HERE. My self hair styling was er.. not great..(it wasn’t planned! Ahem always be prepared an all that).. putting your work to shame Sergio!

Feel free to tweet Louis to urge him to er. Giz a job. I’m sure he’d love that. 😉

Next up on the blog! An interview with Sergio himself, Creative Director of Giannasso Hair & Beauty and tips on styling hair at home!

A short video diary of my life is here on Instagram:

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Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 15.41.34 Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 16.29.04








Right! Gotta go VOTE!

“Ciao for now” 😉

Be nice to each other.

Becki BXx


Sergio Giannasso:





Rob styled my hair using Neal Wolf products:

Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 15.40.59



Optimax Experience

I had worn glasses since I was about 7 years old and I always felt..well… a bit of a nerd. Yes, fair enough the nerd look is finally now fashionable… but it took a little too long for me..and I never really felt very sexy with glasses on. Especially during fitness sessions.

Laser eye surgery is something I considered for a pretty long time before I finally took the plunge. I would describe myself as an anxious person and pre operation I found myself scouring youtube and other social media sites for pro and con stories about the process. These, after all, are my eyes! I need them! Especially as someone who would describe themselves as a ‘visual learner’.

Also I do believe we should really do our homework when taking the plunge for something as serious as an eye operation.

So I posted an update on facebook asking if any friends had had the procedure done. It turned out actually a lot of them had. And thankfully 100 percent of the responses came back positive.

My next step was to attend the Optimax clinic for a test to see if I was suitable. It turned out I was suffering from dry eyes. I was gutted. Damn! Did this mean I couldn’t get it done after all? Contact lenses had always been a problem for me in life, drying up after a few hours – and making my eyes feel itchy and uncomfortable. After a chat with the optometrist – I was put on some dry eye drops, ordered to drink more water and take a fish oil supplement every day.

Three months later of diligently following Optimaxs’ advice – and cutting down coffee – I was ready to take the plunge. My eyes were cured of their dryness. So I was booked in for the operation. I was relieved. And excited. And scared.

The staff were extremely professional, putting me at ease about the operation and explaining the ins and outs. But in all honesty I was still quite scared. I’d never had an operation before.

My eyes were anaesthetized for the operation and as I lay on the operation table I stared diligently at the red beam staring back down at me. It was an odd feeling; being conscious during the event.

Seeing the movements and shadows above me, but not being able to feel a thing that was happening. It was an out of body experience. And it all was over so quick. A couple of minutes was all it took. If that.

“You can get up now”, the surgeon’s voice said to me.

I swung my legs up off the table, looked at the surgeon and stumbled in shock towards him. Perhaps to hug him in relief? I wasn’t quite sure what I was doing. But, I know I was feeling super-happy that I still had vision. My eyes focused on him and he smiled at me. I still had vision! Phew! Relief shuddered through my body.

Already anaesthetized, I was sure I wasn’t going to need the extra anaesthetic they issued me for my trip home.

“Try not to use all of it” the nurse said to me as I got into a taxi half an hour later. “Nah! I won’t need any!” I confidently said back.

By the end of the taxi ride home, I had started to experience some pain. But thankfully, it wasn’t unbearable pain.

The rest of my day was spent listening to meditation music as I wore cotton pads over my eyes. It was suggested that I chill, don’t cook and give myself a rest. A few days later my eyes had completely healed, and a few weeks later I had forgotten that I had ever worn glasses. And that’s been the strangest feeling of all. I wore glasses for almost thirty years of my life – and now I can honestly say… I have forgotten what that was like. It’s as if I’ve never needed them. A grateful and amazing experience. I am so happy with my new eyes. Thank you Optimax for giving me vision.

Becki Bx





(Above is a video I shot for Optimax) 

Beep beep “I’ve just had my eyes lasered!” my friend texted.. “it’s brilliant!!” she exclaimed.

“Awesome!” I replied. I was happy for her “You should so get it done!” she commented.

“Would love to.. but can’t afford it…” I answered back.

This was one of those periods of life where a self esteem boost was required. If it was going to happen at all, ever, the time was now. I was living in a rough area of London where the only available shops are McDonalds, Burger King and Lidl. I was in the middle of a bankruptcy and had been diagnosed with OCD and depression. Life wasn’t… really going so great. It would only be so long before I might cave in to the unhealthy advertising that was visually bombarding me. But I would not surrender… I would not be beaten down by circumstance!

And so… I sat down with my friend, a few philosophy books and some paper and crayons. The meaning of life.. I started to scribble. To be happy. Surely. How to be happy.. I continued. Feel better in oneself. I carried on. How to get there.

“Philosophy, art, politics, religion and bohemia have never sought to do away entirely with the status hierarchy; they have attemptee, rather, to institute new kinds of hierarchies based on sets of values unrecognised by, and critical of, those of the majority.. They have provided us with persuasive and consoling reminders that there is more than one way of succeeding in life.” Alain de Botton, Status Anxiety

Oh thank god. I thought to myself. Accept. Embrace situation. I continued to write. To an extent. I thought.

I had only three things, a video camera, a laptop and a mobile phone. All of which I had won from various competitions.

And so I began devising ‘Nothing Ventured’.

Nothing Ventured is a strand that aims to look at the aspects required in order to live a happy ‘successful’ lifestyle and what that entails. With the help from the right places what can we achieve?

Sometimes.. we have to make our own opportunities in life. Whilst it is important to be grateful and content, I believe that opportunity can also lead to hope…and hope… hope is a good thing.

This first blog post is under the strand of Self Care and is dedicated to Optimax who have given me the opportunity to live life free of spectacles by sponsoring this video post.

“Opportunity does not knock it presents itself when you beat down the door” Kyle Chandler

Becki Bx


Interview: Blogger – Dress Me Perfect

Interview: Blogger – Dress Me Perfect

We’re complete opposites. Which is what attracted me to Editor Dawn who was also shortlisted for an award for her blog at the Cosmo Blog Awards 2011. She was once an international athlete for Wales and now runs a popular fashion blog called Dress Me Perfect. Here is an intro to the leggy blonde and her blog..

You used to be an international athlete. Wow. Tell me more about that? Are you looking forward to the Olympics this year? Who are you backing?
I ran from the age of nine and won cross country and track championships. I was the British Schools Champion 300m holder and British International record holder which still stands. And World Student Games Medalist. I was also British University Champion two years running – indoor and out. Linford Christie coached me and I trained with Olympic and World medalist – Jamie Baulch, Darren Campbell MBE, Katherine Merry and many more. I’m not going to the Olympics, wish I was. Would love to take my kids to inspire them. The 1984 Olympics inspired me and the ’88 even more so. I would wake in the night to watch the events because of the time difference. I would collect every single piece written about them. I missed out on the Sydney olympics by tenth of seconds. It devastated me. I’m supporting a friend whom I raced against in the 800m – runner Jenny Meadows. Go girl!!

You have an amazing figure – do you exercise regularly? If not – how do you stay so trim?
Oh thank you, I don’t train any more as I have really bad knees. I would love to run again, and I’m looking to get fit again, I’m thinking of roller skating. It was something I did when I was younger and I love it!! I think I have great muscle memory from the years of training. Guess it paid off for me now. I also run round after my kids. I have three of them so I guess my life is pretty full on. Im also busy with the blog and I think the shopping trips help keep my legs toned!

What is your daily diet?
A few cups of tea at breakfast, a sandwich and coffee for lunch and then an evening meal. I rarely snack but if i do I have crisps. I don’t really eat cakes or chocolate but I have a major downfall with take out food.

Your blog is mainly a fashion blog. Who are you favourite designers?
I love Isabel Marant. Wish I could get my hands on a few of her SS12 pieces. I also like Chloe, The Row, Acne and Theyskens Theory. I love a variety for different seasons. It all depends on what mood I’m in that year.. girlie, strong, sexy or edgy.

If you were stuck on a desert island and all you had was a genie in a bottle (in the form of Johnny Depp just to keep you happy).. what three items would you wish for?
Oh moisturiser for sure, a gorgeous man smitten with me and mascara.

You’re based in Wales – what’s going on down there – where’s good to go shopping?
Not a lot happening to be honest. we are struggling with the recession and it has hit the country hard. I tend to go to london to get my fashion needs, and that’s where I have to go alot with work for my blog. I have a great response there in comparison to Wales where nothing is happening with regards to that matter. We have one designer store here.. very expensive. We also have department store John Lewis – bit dated though and House of Fraser but nothing amazing.

Who do you dress up for?
Me!! I dress how I like, how I feel. I dress to be alluring when I go out of course I like to feel attractive to the opposite sex, but it doesn’t define me.

I’m going to the Brits 2012. What would you dress me in?
I’d have you very cool, edgy and wearing something designer and high street. I’d be tempted to put you in an oversized smoking jacket with cropped smart high waisted trousers 50’s style, a simple vest pinned inside to emphasize your bust and waist. Your shoes would be ultra high and elegant and your bag would be an oversized clutch. Would you like that? ME: Yeah.. sounds pretty good – although the high waisted trouser sounds a bit Simon Cowell to me!

And lastly who are your style icons?
Marilyn monroe, Carrie bradshaw, Elle Macpherson. The Olsen Twins. Charlize Theron. Katherine Hepburn. Madonna in the 80’s early 90’s!

Cooool. Cheers Dawn! Becki Bx

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