The View From Here is an original, well presented yet currently unfinished film by talented filmmaker Kevin Lambert. Out in Korea teaching English, Kevin is raising funds so that he can finish his movie which is presently only partly made.

The story explores the relationship between an American couple (Wendy Taylor as Isabel and Miles Meili as Ray) that spend more time miserable than happy and the idea of ‘saying everything that you should never say and the consequences of those actions’. A well written and explorative script which raises (quite a few!) questions towards the subject of fantasy and porn addiction within relationships. The film does an excellent job of conveying the reality of a troubled relationship and is an interesting example of the vulnerability people are exposed to in the conversations that might arise.

Watch more of what Kevin and the cast want from YOU here:

Watch the FILM and read more HERE

Excellent acting, original idea.. well presented and well made. (Almost) on a par with Blue Valentine and probably made with a much (MUCH!) lower budget. Help Kevin and the cast create and donate.

Have a good day Becki Bx


“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” Winston Churchill

Last night was the long awaited Cosmo Blog Awards in which I was shortlisted from 160,000 applications to the final 6 in the ‘Best Celeb Blog’ category. As any girl would (and should!) I took this opportunity to divulge myself in an overdue pampering. I found myself in Compton Hair Salon, Covent Garden where Kalin the style director advised that I should cut in a few layers to give my hair some shape.

It took me a long time to grow my hair. But to keep the condition in top form Kalin advised that layering it really was the best way to go. A bit shorter than initially desired, I walked away with the added volume charming Kalin promised. At £61 for a cut and blow dry this is an expensive yet friendly little salon in the heart of London.

Next up! Make up!

For £25 you can have an hour with a make up artist at the MAC store, also based in Covent Garden. Make up artist Chloe (pictured right) was amazing at applying the make up. With extreme care, she talked me through each product at a pace which was not overwhelming. TIP: Apparently using a foundation brush to apply the base wastes less (recession proof!) and gives the face a more even coverage. I opted for a 50’s style which I’m told Adele the singer also wears – light eyes with a bright red lip. If you can afford it I would definitely recommend this service.

Unfortunately around this time disaster struck and my promised ASOS dress didn’t arrive (lost in the post argh!). Panic stricken and dressless Karen Millen stepped in to save my day! Having lost so much weight since January this year I had nothing in my wardrobe (I have indeed dropped 19 pounds by cutting out alcohol and eating right. I also go to the gym every other day and am doing a lot of Sadie Nardini‘s yoga who you can find on youtube).

So…this was my FINAL LOOK:


Unfortunately I didn’t win a Cosmo Award (cue the violins). But it was nice to be shortlisted and I did get to meet the lovely Hayley Merrick and the extremely glamourous Dawn from Dress Me Perfect

I didn’t film much and I’m trying to fix my FCP but this is the footage I managed to get which also features Friends Electric (who I love) who had their single launch at the Old Blue Last last night.. (I’m trying to figure out I-Movie…grrrr)

Next week SHINee is in town for the Korean Film Festival! I am SUPER excited by this – having lived in Korea for six months last year SHINee were one of my favourite K-Pop bands.. cannot WAIT! They will be at Odeon West End, 40 Leicester Square next Thursday (3rd Nov) at 4.30pm – put it in your diary fans!

I’m also recommending this Durham-based band The Castells who are playing on Thursday, Nov 10 – The Old Queens Head – London – I am advised that this is one not to be missed! Check out their song ‘Young Lovers’ here:

Wow. What a week. And it’s only Thursday.

Have a great day,

Becki x



This time last year..I was sitting in a flat half way round the world..far too close to Kim Jong Il. Each day I would awake to the sound of a male voice coming over the tannoy.

Speaking in Korean – I had no idea what he was saying. But thankfully (and obviously) it was never anything too important.

I would turn on the TV. And sit..staring blankly as I flicked from Korean game show to Korean game show lost in the barrier called language.

I would then head to the bibimbap shop downstairs where I would eat my breakfast of ramen soup served by the same Korean lady conversing in only Ahn-nyung-ha-se-yo (hello) and Kamsamnida (thank you). Every day her gaze would be attached to the Korean drama on the television set and I would sit waiting for her to finish cooking – hypnotized by the visuals. Was this – the Korean version of Coronation Street? Perhaps that is the Korean Pat Butcher? Hmmmm….

That was the problem in Korea – it was hard to make sense of anything. The choice of film at the cinema would be only the recent Hollywood releases – the Korean films for obvious reasons not subtitled – and living in a small town meant getting hold of anything translated into English was impossible (I mean it took me a month for gawds sake to figure out the difference between the pink and blue bin bags wondering why every time I left the apartment the Janitor would run after me in the street when I disposed of them in which I now know to be the wrong place).

And so I am quite excited about the London Korean Film Festival that will be running from the 3rd to the 17th November.

Not only does the festival host the best in Korean film but it also promises a range of subjects – from the North and South divide to light hearted comedies. It includes one of Cannes prize winners Ki Kim Duk’s ‘Arirang’ and a premiere of Arrow The Ultimate Weapon. On the opening night there will be also be a K Pop performance (YES! Korean Pop Stars! In London!) but who it will be is yet to be confirmed… Shinee? Super Junior? Generation Girls? The girls at my old school will be most jealous. But most of all I’m looking forward to being able to understand what’s actually going on instead of making the story up in my head. So…Korea – I welcome you to my world!

Here is the trailer for the film Sunny ?? a light hearted comedy which will be shown during the festival:

They will… have subtitles right……?

See you there!


More info


Tonight we’re going.. Night Clubbing..


One day I was walking up the road in the local town – Cheongju with a male (western) friend – and several young Korean ladies (drunk) approached us… (well him actually) screaming. Throwing themselves into his pathway I decided I couldn’t compete with this PDA. The only thing I could really do was offer him out for 10000 won (6 pounds)…

Of course Korean girls do fit the stereotype they are hot, slender and extremely attractive. So it is no wonder why western men should not be tempted. They are also under a lot more pressure from their counterparts to maintain a respectful household, cooking, cleaning, running a dignified home – and as a male friend of mine put it so well ‘with dating a western man – Korean women can jump straight into a feminist friendly world without having to go through fifty years of bullshit’.

After moving to Changwon – in the South of South Korea – I found myself living in an area with not many westerners. Walking down the street one day I was approached by a young guy whose English name was Kaka (22) – he was named after some football player (ugh football). He came right up to me and stated: ‘I feel very proud right now everyone is very scared of you because you are western but you can be my first western friend.’ How could I turn an approach like that down? After all I couldn’t be choosey I didn’t have any friend’s. And thus came about Korean nightclubbing..

Of course Korea does have the ‘normal’ westernized nightclubs where people get drunk and dance together.. but a Korean nightclub is seriously a whole new world with a whole new list of rules and regulations.

After paying the entrance fee which is about 50 manwon (35 pounds) – you are led to your own table filled with alcohol, fruit and a limitless supply of anchovies. If you want to dance you must only do this on the da

nce floor which is a stage at the front of the club. You are then issued with your own waiter/waitress who will see to all your needs. So there you are – sitting and drinking – and the waiter will come to your table and tell you some ‘men’ or ‘women’ on the table in the far corner want you to join them. This is how people meet each other in these typical korean nightclubs. They will then usher you to their table where they will entertain you and if you want you can get up and leave or… stay if you should find their company so appealing. Now – I had my big coat on.. was wearing jeans and above me were half naked Korean ladies dancing on podiums but as the only western girl in the vicinity that night – or that had probably ever been to this nightclub – all eyes were on me. And yes.. that definitely felt very strange.

Needless to say I was ushered around a few tables that night (uh of course!) – and had chats with Marlborough cigarette advertising men.. MD’s.. Politicians most of whom had their wives sitting at home with the children. When it came to dancing (yeah on the stage- ahem) I was greeted by a group of girls one who danced the dance of Eminem in proof of her hotness. Like I say I wasn’t really competing though. So I gave everyone a handful of anchovies in a friendly – ‘I don’t dance this dance hon’ kinda way… and that night I realised how hot I really was.. no not really – that night I realised – which was the point I was trying to get to – was that sometimes we can live day by day looking at the same things and the same people and the same landscapes and we forget to see how beautiful – just how beautiful they really are.

Crap. I drank a beer towards the end of this – does it show?


A bit of history repeats itself..

It was five years ago that I moved to London. I moved into a hostel in Peckham.. there were three aussie girls upstairs, a Polish family in the front room and a drug fiend that frequented the place. It was lovely. When the day came to make a sharp exit…(like get me the hell out of here pleeease.. )..a friend from University that had also moved to London arrived in his beaten up car to help me out. His name was Guil. In those years of friendship he recommended that I teach English in Korea. And five years on as I sat in my love motel somewhere near Incheon airport, Korea – there was a knock on my door… guess who it was? It was indeed my old friend Guil… ‘you can’t stay here! It’s terrible! Why didn’t you get in touch earlier?!’ he demanded… I shook my head…

After an eventful six months in Korea I have decided to move on to pastures new. This time in Korea.. has indeed been eventful. For the first 4 months I was sick. I had pains in my stomach.. and I had no idea why. Was I dying? Was I the Virgin Mary? Was I dying!?! I was probably dying..

In Korea there is a separate doctor for each part of your body. Of course not being able to speak or read Korean… I ended up visiting many of these different doctors. I went to a bone doctor…. a gynecologist… an internal intestine doctor.. a baby doctor.. and each time.. in frustration.. the doctor would always give me a huge amount of drugs and an injection in my bum. Five injections I had in my bum… FIVE… never before in my life had I had an injection in my..

Anyway moving on.. It wasn’t until I visited the baby doctor.. that it all started to become apparent. After being sent to have an xray.. the doctor sat me down.. and.. started to laugh. The nurse.. then also.. started to laugh. I was obviously.. a bit bemused by this. Was I the Virgin Mary after all? What was so funny? Surely this isn’t very professional? What are they saying? Where am I? Who am I? Why is there baby stuff everywhere? What are they saying? Seeing my worried expression.. the doctor coughed.. turned to face me.. and shifted his computer round so that I could see it. He showed me the xray and said.. ‘a lot a lot of dong..’. I looked up at the nurse.. who again.. started to laugh.. Dong is the Korean word for er.. poo (should I write about this? Am I ruining your fairytale of women never going for number.. this is a little embarrassing actually..)

‘er.. a lot of dong?’ I replied… and yet again my doctor…unprofessionaly burst into fits of laughter and proceeded to show me the xray. Wow. It seemed from the xray that I was indeed… seriously full of shit. And I was very relieved at this.

And so..for the next five minutes the nurse.. the doctor and I sat there laughing together.. simply looking and repeating the one word ‘dong’ to one another… because that was the only word we all knew..


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