Artist: Mr Adrian Mills

From: Rugby ,Warwickshire

Current location: Suffolk

Current happiness levels out of 10: 7

Favorite film: Singing In The Rain

Favorite Book: (Novel) The World According To Garp (John Irving), (Children’s book) The Red Tree (Shaun Tan)

Favorite colour: Orange

Screen shot 2014-10-20 at 21.58.44

You say you aim for your art to be ‘contemporary’ can you go into that in more detail?

I try as time goes on to change my style, this isn’t a conscious thing but my work changes as I change my art materials, for example I have just changed pens and my work has become more finely defined.

You create images for both adult and children – do you have a favourite audience to create for?

I think it’s a very fine line from the children’s work and adult, as much of them are characters’ I do enjoy working on the adult themes as I sometimes think maybe my work is too dark for children but I have a very exciting project lined up so lets see how dark I can go.

You have studied art to a Masters level – did you find that imperative for your skills? Can art really be learnt?

Before I started my masters in which I need to finish, I thought I was a good artist but I have learnt so much from that course. I have learnt to draw as view, to see life as stories and watch the world in a different way. “Art can’t be taught but the way of you seeing art can.”

the lady in london-2

Where do you find your inspiration?

I find my inspiration from every day life, I always carry a sketchbook around with me…since I can remember. I am always writing down questions and what I see on my travels, and you never know when they may pop into your head. I also did a project in which for a year I drew everyday things. This helped my skills as an artist and encouraged me look at the world a different way. I sometimes wonder if everyone looks at the world in a different way.


Have you experienced a creative block/or black hole?

Yes I go thought many creative blocks as life gets in the way and work. At the moment I have many projects and cant get moving on them.

So what do you do to get out of it? Tips?

Normally a day in a busy city normally works, seeing art and creative people. This helps me to start believing in myself again.

Has it been difficult to carve a career as an artist? Was it a childhood dream?

Yes, I have worked every day to cultivate my skills as an artist. I have always drawn and was lucky as a young boy to have a friend who loved art as much as me. I always knew I would always have the skills as a creative and have always spent a lot of time with artists, so I knew that is what I would do. I couldn’t imagine what life is like without art?

What do you think you would do if you weren’t an artist?

When I was young I wanted to be a stunt man as I watched too much of the The Fall Guy but I never learnt to drive or… a time lord! I work in care so I think I would have been a nurse as I like caring and helping people.

day -2

Your favorite current artists?

Like music it depends on my mood but I am a big fan of Turner, I love his big spaces and moods. As for children books I love Shaun Tan books, his writing and energy and the great Catherine Rayner . I have just found a great children’s artist Chris Applehans and look forward to seeing his future work.

What is the most important thing in life?

To be nice to everything and leave something nice and good behind for people to talk about.

What is the most beautiful thing about art for you?

I sometimes speak to people who say they are bored and don’t know what to do, I feel I can not be bored as I create images, dreams that it seems people can’t get out in any form. To feel that mood when you are drawing is so special.

Do you feel like you’re on the right path?

It’s been a long path as I work part time on the other days… so every spare minute I create my art. I have an exciting project in the works so I do feel like it’s all finally coming together at the moment.

What would be the dream?

To travel the world, for people to like my work and give up my part time job and draw every day.

Looking at your life from ten years ago – are you where you wanted to be?

I did think I would of got my art out by now but I am happy that I am still trying.

The next big election is coming up in England – do you have any hopes or thoughts on this? Artists can be influential… no?

I am very interested in Politics and have strong views, having been a young man in the 80s. I have always been interested in the daily politics cartoon which still runs in the UK. It must be a hard job to do… to make a comedy out of the politicians. Or maybe not as politics does seem to be a comedy most days.

Favorite quote to leave us on:

“If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day so I never have to live without you.”

A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

Links to work:

Enjoy! Becki Bx




INTERVIEW WITH: Jay J writing Streetplay

From: Scotland

Current location: London

Current happiness levels out of 10: 10 

Favourite film: The Matrix 

Favourite musician: When I spray….  Beethoven

Favourite artist: Dali vs Banksy 

Favourite book: ‘The Power of Now’ by Eckhart Tolle

Favourite colour: Green


  “Skull Duggery” Medium: Mixed Media, Spray Paint on Canvas with gloss varnish

Brief synopsis of your art: My art reflects where I am at today, my mindset, my challenges and my perceptions of the society that we live in.  

London opened the world of spray art to me. After 15 years in Scotland I craved adventure, I knew there had to be more. The days of running around my village spraying my OWN name, however exhilarating were over.

I travelled and hustled and grew, finally coming to the conclusion that the career I had forged in a senior management level position within London’s corporate world had left a void. I should have realised when I had more fun at the whiteboard than any other place, occasionally leaving some random works of art for my colleagues. I fell in love with the reactions.

Through a chance encounter, I found my education at Graffik Gallery a street art gallery on Portobello Road. I was in the thick of it, bathed in inspiration from teaching graffiti workshops, curating shows to stretching canvas and being constantly surrounded by amazing works, exhibitions and artists.

I consider myself an emerging artist, commissioning and selling works internationally to private, public and celebrities. I use a mixture of media, work freehand and use stencils. Spray paint, fat caps and London’s streets have given my life….. life.



You sell and commission work for Graffik Gallery – what advice would you give to artists putting forward their pieces? The best advice I could give is find your own style and believe in it.

What do you look for in a piece of art? The artists voice, what are they trying to say? 

Huge fan of? Schoony, he is one of the good guys!

What sort of pieces do you like to create? Is there a correlation throughout your work? Whatever inspires me, that’s the beauty there are no rules. I will definitely run a series of works from a subject that has caught my imagination. 

Favourite inspirational quote? Marilyn said it best, what a girl 🙂 

“I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go, things go wrong so that you appreciate them when they’re right, you believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.”

What advice would you give to aspiring artists who are struggling to start out? Reach out, if you don’t know ask. So many amazing people in this world… you will find them when the time is right.


                                      “The Last Super” Medium: Acrylic Spray Paint on Canvas with matt varnish

Where do you envisage yourself in ten years time? I see myself with my own gallery in Australia, making art, teaching workshops on the beach and surfing ahhh!

Knowing what you know now…. would you go back to the corporate world and trade in your career in art for a huge salary if it was offered? I would rather have my soul. 

Will you be voting in the next election? Don’t get me started Becki. 

Jay J does private workshops, for individuals and companies… his workshop CV to date includes the likes of Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Fred Perry to name a few. Please find his contact details below..

Instagram: jayj_streetplay

Twitter: @jayjstreetplay 

Have a great week 😉

Becki Bx



Interview: Blogger – Dress Me Perfect

We’re complete opposites. Which is what attracted me to Editor Dawn who was also shortlisted for an award for her blog at the Cosmo Blog Awards 2011. She was once an international athlete for Wales and now runs a popular fashion blog called Dress Me Perfect. Here is an intro to the leggy blonde and her blog..

You used to be an international athlete. Wow. Tell me more about that? Are you looking forward to the Olympics this year? Who are you backing?
I ran from the age of nine and won cross country and track championships. I was the British Schools Champion 300m holder and British International record holder which still stands. And World Student Games Medalist. I was also British University Champion two years running – indoor and out. Linford Christie coached me and I trained with Olympic and World medalist – Jamie Baulch, Darren Campbell MBE, Katherine Merry and many more. I’m not going to the Olympics, wish I was. Would love to take my kids to inspire them. The 1984 Olympics inspired me and the ’88 even more so. I would wake in the night to watch the events because of the time difference. I would collect every single piece written about them. I missed out on the Sydney olympics by tenth of seconds. It devastated me. I’m supporting a friend whom I raced against in the 800m – runner Jenny Meadows. Go girl!!

You have an amazing figure – do you exercise regularly? If not – how do you stay so trim?
Oh thank you, I don’t train any more as I have really bad knees. I would love to run again, and I’m looking to get fit again, I’m thinking of roller skating. It was something I did when I was younger and I love it!! I think I have great muscle memory from the years of training. Guess it paid off for me now. I also run round after my kids. I have three of them so I guess my life is pretty full on. Im also busy with the blog and I think the shopping trips help keep my legs toned!

What is your daily diet?
A few cups of tea at breakfast, a sandwich and coffee for lunch and then an evening meal. I rarely snack but if i do I have crisps. I don’t really eat cakes or chocolate but I have a major downfall with take out food.

Your blog is mainly a fashion blog. Who are you favourite designers?
I love Isabel Marant. Wish I could get my hands on a few of her SS12 pieces. I also like Chloe, The Row, Acne and Theyskens Theory. I love a variety for different seasons. It all depends on what mood I’m in that year.. girlie, strong, sexy or edgy.

If you were stuck on a desert island and all you had was a genie in a bottle (in the form of Johnny Depp just to keep you happy).. what three items would you wish for?
Oh moisturiser for sure, a gorgeous man smitten with me and mascara.

You’re based in Wales – what’s going on down there – where’s good to go shopping?
Not a lot happening to be honest. we are struggling with the recession and it has hit the country hard. I tend to go to london to get my fashion needs, and that’s where I have to go alot with work for my blog. I have a great response there in comparison to Wales where nothing is happening with regards to that matter. We have one designer store here.. very expensive. We also have department store John Lewis – bit dated though and House of Fraser but nothing amazing.

Who do you dress up for?
Me!! I dress how I like, how I feel. I dress to be alluring when I go out of course I like to feel attractive to the opposite sex, but it doesn’t define me.

I’m going to the Brits 2012. What would you dress me in?
I’d have you very cool, edgy and wearing something designer and high street. I’d be tempted to put you in an oversized smoking jacket with cropped smart high waisted trousers 50’s style, a simple vest pinned inside to emphasize your bust and waist. Your shoes would be ultra high and elegant and your bag would be an oversized clutch. Would you like that? ME: Yeah.. sounds pretty good – although the high waisted trouser sounds a bit Simon Cowell to me!

And lastly who are your style icons?
Marilyn monroe, Carrie bradshaw, Elle Macpherson. The Olsen Twins. Charlize Theron. Katherine Hepburn. Madonna in the 80’s early 90’s!

Cooool. Cheers Dawn! Becki Bx


One cinema screen, a couple of thousand drunk people.. all trying to dance with 3D glasses on. This would be the latest solo project entitled ‘Holotronica’ from Hexstatics’ Suart Hill. (Hexstatic are  Stuart Warren Hill and Robin Brunson and have been together since 1997 but have both set about on solo projects.. Robin’s current  solo project at the moment is called Trailer Trax). The musical beats trigger holographic visuals to create a visually stimulating and groundbreaking show.. if you get an opportunity to do so go see it. More futuristic style gigs like this please!

They’ve already supported Ghostpoet –  Breton are a relatively new band on the scene. A five piece from South London they are a collaboration of musicians and indie film makers – who are due to release their debut album entitled Other People’s Problems in February 2012 on FatCat. DEFINITELY an innovative band add these to your list of bands to see in 2012… I’m pretty sure I saw Tom Vek in the audience too.

They next perform at Corsica Studios – Weds 28th March 2012 – LINK.

And finally – here is an interview with DJ Krush (real name Hideaki Ishii) a Japanese turntablist and producer that started off as a bedroom DJ in the mid 80’s. He is performing a 20th Anniversary Tour at The Forum in Kentish Town on the 28th January as a celebration of 20 years since his first ever live gig where he will be performing a 3 hour live set. Interview questions by Sophie Lasson.

Your sound is very unique. How would you describe your style of music?
My roots are firmly set in hip hop, but I thought it wouldn’t work if I did the same thing as American DJs were doing back then. I was determined to feed my family with my music from the very beginning of my career, and I really strived to be original. Lots of people used to say that what I was doing wasn’t hiphop at all, but I always had faith in my style and still do.

Who or what are your influences?
Everything from everyday life. Not only music but also my family and also the many trivial things of daily life inspire me. Touring abroad always excites me as well.

What made you decide pursue a career in the music industry?
I’ve been into music since I was a kid. I was in a marching band at elementary school, and then I started playing drums at junior high school. There was a time when I lived without having anything to do with music, but the film ‘Wild Style’, which I just happened to watch at a cinema in Shinjyuku in 1983, made me realize…that’s what I should live for.

A mashup video from Hexstatic of the film Wild Style

Are there any musicians you work closely with on a regular basis?
I usually perform and produce on my own, but I’m also in a band called ‘Method of Defiance’ along with Bill Laswell, Bernie Worrelle and Toshinori Kondo. We released the album in 2010, which featured some guest musicians including Herbie Hancock. A new record is due to be released in spring.

Do you prefer to work within a studio environment or perform live to your fans? Why?
I love both! There are all kinds of exciting things that I experience during touring that makes me feel like producing new material, and when I’m stuck within a studio I’m dying to perform live in front of an audience!

How has Japanese hip-hop changed since you first started out?
Hip hop was far less known in Japan back then,  and it wasn’t easy to keep informed  about what was happening overseas. Nowadays it’s becoming more familiar to everyone including both overground & underground artists. Although some media just don’t understand its roots and this leads to people misunderstanding what it’s really about. But original and inspiring artists do exist including DJ Kentaro & KIREEK who won DMC 5 years in row. They are role models for the younger generation and there’s a very positive mood about it.

DJ Kentaro:

Who has been your favourite rapper to collaborate with so far?
All the rappers I’ve worked with so far are my favourites! And there are some I’m hoping to work with in the future. I can’t name them yet but hopefully I will be able to show the outcome before long.

What projects have you got coming up in the future?
I’ve been releasing digital singles monthly since last September as a part of my 20th anniversary project, and it’ll continue til this summer. These won’t be included in the next album so check them out. Also the vinyl which include the first 3 releases of the digital single series will be available exclusively at my shows. It won’t be distributed nor re-pressed, so it’ll be quite rare stuff. The next studio album is on its way too of course, and I’m hoping to release it by the summer. And alongside all that, I’m looking forward to going on tour and playing in over 40 cities all over the world until the end of April!

What would be your dream collaboration?
I’m looking forward to jamming with Miles Davis and Jimi Hendrix when I’m dead…! Hope it won’t be too soon though as I’m still developing!

Do you have any advice for budding music producers or DJ’s?
Try to find your own style and dedicate yourself to it. It’s not only about being a musician  it’s also important for every other area in life I believe.


In relation to all that I’ve just been recommended this from @mrtunes on twitter… introducing Amon Tobin ‘ISAM’

Right have a GREAT Sunday… Becki Bx


James Walsh(Starsailor) talks to ohDearyme about drugs, fame and his soundtrack for the new film ‘Powder’. Also featuring interviews with upcoming talent – Liam Boyle who plays soul searching Keva – (lead singer of fictional band The Grams) and Jo Woodcock.

Whilst it wasn’t my cup of tea it might however, be yours. With a very strong soundtrack I felt that the storyline let it down. It’s hard to place my finger on the part where it was lost…too many cooks in the kitchen perhaps? Too much of a desire to capture the ‘misunderstood’ youth? I don’t know. But onwards and upwards! And each to their own – you could always watch it yourself and make your own mind up because..after all..we should always remember ‘if you don’t control your mind, someone else will’ John Allston

Links: James Walsh

As a huge Back To the Future fan – Nike have released the ‘future’. And it’s clever advertising has worked on me… apparently Tinie Tempah bought the first pair of the limited edition trainers at a snip – £23,610 and all proceeds are going to the Michael J Fox foundation… I WANT SOME!. Let’s hope they didn’t scrimp on the manufacturing though if you get what I’m saying..

Thanks to Steven Heycock for camera,



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