You know what I can’t stand? Seeing a picture in a magazine – and thinking – ‘YES! THAT! That is an AMAZING style!’.

Cutting out a few examples.. taking them into a hairdressers full of hope and excitement. ‘I want that colour!’.

To receive a negative response.

‘Ohh. No. We can’t do that. That would take a while to get to that colour’. (hmm…can’t or can’t be bothered?)

‘Ok.. that’s ok!’ I usually reply despondently yet still with a bit of hope.

“Quite a long… long while.” the hairdresser usually adds.

“Plus your hair will probably break off or fall out and you’ll end up with a wig for the rest of your life”.

“Oh. Right..”.

Then I’m usually offered the colour book. And I’m shown the choice of browns. Dark brown. Or medium brown. Or! Maybe. I could go for a light brown.

It is at this point, that I sadly pick out a generic colour from the demonstration folder and succumb to what I like to call: STYLE CENSORSHIP. Folding up my magazine clippings forlornly.. sighing quietly to myself. oh Dear.



I walked in to Giannasso’s Hair & Beauty salon located in central London – Covent Garden and sat down in the chair to meet creative Director Sergio Giannasso. As I did.. I noticed the team all leaning in to listen. As I told him my hair desires and my struggles they all nodded in understanding. Perhaps that’s why they’re working here? I find myself pondering.

BEFORETWO“Perhaps a fringe?” Sergio suggests.

I look at him in horror and in a woeful and cringingly high voice reply with “I’ve just grown that out!”. Embarrassing.

“I want a bright colour though. Something creative. Different. Everytime I go in to a hairdressers on the high street they seem to just get you in and straight out – and nothing is different” I moan.

Sergio is peering at me and nods seemingly in understanding. He whisks out a gown and puts it around my neck.

“Well bella!” he declares. “We’re not like that here!” he says in a bold Italian accent, winking.

The team bustle around in an attempt to make me as comfortable as possible – Coffee? Tea? They smile.

Everyone is slightly on edge as London is on high alert, but getting on with things diligently.

I head downstairs. The studio has some good looking art displayed on the wall  – giving it a warm, bright and happy feeling.

The colour team start to lather some Silky colour into my hair. Sergio has chosen a bright red.

Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 15.41.14

“Right. Tiramisu Time!” Sergio declares. ‘Homemade!”

“Hasn’t it got alcohol in it?” I query. “Not this one!” he smiles! “it’s homemade!” he adds in again proudly. “Oh. Ok. Yes please then!”. A little of what you like an’ all that. And I’ve never tried Tiramisu so am not even sure if I like it. (I did).


sergio giannasso

When it’s time to style, designer and Brazilian born Rob takes charge with the cutting and styling under Sergio’s direction.  As he finished cutting and blowdrying he starts to curl my hair.

Oh my god. I think to myself. I hate my hair wavy (I have wavy hair). It reminds me of this time when I was 15 and had a bad homemade perm. And everyone at school took the p*ss for weeks. It looked awful.

I decide not to voice my concerns and to trust the Creative team. I close my eyes and try to relax.

I open my eyes tentatively. And look at myself in the mirror. ‘OH! Wow! I love it!’ I delightedly exclaim. Which I have never said out loud in a hairdressers before.

hair by sergio giannasso

I don’t do bad reviews on this blog. I’d rather just not say anything. So if anyone is featured on this blog it’s because I believe they are good. Exceptional. Etc. 

Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 15.40.47

A lady (a regular to the salon) who is having her hair styled smiles over at me. ‘It looks great’ she shouts happily. And she gives me a thumbs up.

‘Thank you!’ I give Sergio a big hug (something I usually never do either but he has that friendly Italian air about him).

“I told you! You would get what you want here!” he says.

‘You proved that statement right” I reply bluntly admiring my new curls. Different.

As I bounce out of the salon, I hear Sergio talking to a different client. ‘Tiramisu! he is urging her – homemade!’

And I smile to myself. A truly special salon.


For a positive experience.. I would definitely recommend a visit to Sergio’s hair team! Friendly (this is very important to me) creative, unique and artistic. They give the impression of caring about each individual client (and each other, which is nice to see) and for me customer service is important. I am definitely going back. If they let me back in!

Sergio (on the left and Rob on the right).

Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 16.29.20

A 5/5 experience. ‘Better than your average Joe’ as we sorta say here in England. 


And on a different note. Did I tell you I met Louis Theroux yesterday? Picture HERE. My self hair styling was er.. not great..(it wasn’t planned! Ahem always be prepared an all that).. putting your work to shame Sergio!

Feel free to tweet Louis to urge him to er. Giz a job. I’m sure he’d love that. 😉

Next up on the blog! An interview with Sergio himself, Creative Director of Giannasso Hair & Beauty and tips on styling hair at home!

A short video diary of my life is here on Instagram:

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Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 15.41.34 Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 16.29.04








Right! Gotta go VOTE!

“Ciao for now” 😉

Be nice to each other.

Becki BXx


Sergio Giannasso:





Rob styled my hair using Neal Wolf products:

Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 15.40.59



Perhaps I had my finger in the electrical socket as a child too many times – as frizzy hair has been a life long annoyance. When hair straighteners were introduced.. smooth hair became a wondrous new world and these appliances soon became a daily maintenance tool I could not live without. But time is of the essence and a minimal morning routine is always gratefully received. 

Introducing the Nano Keratin treatment….

Browse the internet and you can find hairdressers offering the treatment ranging from £60 to £200. But why do the prices vary so much? What’s the difference and what establishments can we trust? Many Keratin treatments or ‘Brazilian blowdrys’ have formaldehyde present and it can be difficult to know which products on the market are the safest. And let’s face it – who wants to sabotage their health for the sake of smooth hair?

before nano keratin

 (before – frizzy? Yes I know! Ahhhhh)

Keratin is protein and the key structural component of our hair and nails. The Nano Keratin product is a treatment applied directly to dry hair. It then enters all the little holes in the hair that are missing Keratin basically re-strengthening it from the inside out.

The Nano Keratin is a smoothing treatment which claims to have the smallest amount of formaldehyde as opposed to other brazilian blow dry products that contain higher levels of formaldehyde and it also claims to be within British standards.

I was ensured that all Toni and Guy products are thoroughly researched by the Toni and Guy team.

The Nano Keratin treatment is meant to make hair smoother not straighter… and with it being an active ingredient for 3 days (meaning the keratin is still working its way into the hair)… to get the best result hair must not be washed for 72 hours.

The treatment took approximately an hour and a half to apply (my hair being shoulder length) and by the end of the three days I was relieved to be able to wash it again as it was starting to feel… er a little uncomfortable. As soon as I washed the hair with the product given to me in the store: Label M Lemongrass Shampoo and Conditioner… (which smells so god damn good!) and blow dried it I noticed the difference already. Straighteners no longer necessary.  Yipppeee!!!Label M Shampoo

The Label M Shampoo (Lemongrass) is sulphate free – i.e. it it has no salt in it – which is one of the ingredients many shampoos on the market have in them, that scrub away at your scalp removing the dirt. This ingredient also slowly erodes at the expensive Nano Keratin treatment so a sulphate free shampoo is vital for ensuring the treatment lasts longer.

Nano Keratin treated hair

(After – new hair! OMG it’s SO sleek!)

Shortly after I had the treatment I went on a trip which involved the sea and a bit of scuba diving. Lots of online sites recommend not immersing the hair for too long in chlorine or sea water and if I’m honest I did feel the hair was a little drier after these events. At £175 a pop this is not a cheap treatment so personally I would recommend avoiding swimming and deep sea diving if you can!

The Nano Keratin treatment however, is well worth the money, having halved the time it takes to style my hair. If you suffer from dry frizzy hair and want glossy locks no matter how many times you have dyed your tresses, this is a brilliant way to boost your hairs health and get it back on track. I aim to try (try!) and grow my hair and as someone who likes to change colour and blasts it with a hair dryer on a daily basis – the Nano Keratin treatment is definitely the best way to keep it looking tip top.

So the result? An expensive treatment but definitely worth the money.

An ohDearyme 5/5

Contact your nearest Toni and Guy salon here

With thanks to the Technical Director Shabana Adam and Style Director Lewis Maharaj

I absolutely love the way it feels!

Becki Bx

Screen Shot 2014-09-06 at 14.46.21


“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” Winston Churchill

Last night was the long awaited Cosmo Blog Awards in which I was shortlisted from 160,000 applications to the final 6 in the ‘Best Celeb Blog’ category. As any girl would (and should!) I took this opportunity to divulge myself in an overdue pampering. I found myself in Compton Hair Salon, Covent Garden where Kalin the style director advised that I should cut in a few layers to give my hair some shape.

It took me a long time to grow my hair. But to keep the condition in top form Kalin advised that layering it really was the best way to go. A bit shorter than initially desired, I walked away with the added volume charming Kalin promised. At £61 for a cut and blow dry this is an expensive yet friendly little salon in the heart of London.

Next up! Make up!

For £25 you can have an hour with a make up artist at the MAC store, also based in Covent Garden. Make up artist Chloe (pictured right) was amazing at applying the make up. With extreme care, she talked me through each product at a pace which was not overwhelming. TIP: Apparently using a foundation brush to apply the base wastes less (recession proof!) and gives the face a more even coverage. I opted for a 50’s style which I’m told Adele the singer also wears – light eyes with a bright red lip. If you can afford it I would definitely recommend this service.

Unfortunately around this time disaster struck and my promised ASOS dress didn’t arrive (lost in the post argh!). Panic stricken and dressless Karen Millen stepped in to save my day! Having lost so much weight since January this year I had nothing in my wardrobe (I have indeed dropped 19 pounds by cutting out alcohol and eating right. I also go to the gym every other day and am doing a lot of Sadie Nardini‘s yoga who you can find on youtube).

So…this was my FINAL LOOK:


Unfortunately I didn’t win a Cosmo Award (cue the violins). But it was nice to be shortlisted and I did get to meet the lovely Hayley Merrick and the extremely glamourous Dawn from Dress Me Perfect

I didn’t film much and I’m trying to fix my FCP but this is the footage I managed to get which also features Friends Electric (who I love) who had their single launch at the Old Blue Last last night.. (I’m trying to figure out I-Movie…grrrr)

Next week SHINee is in town for the Korean Film Festival! I am SUPER excited by this – having lived in Korea for six months last year SHINee were one of my favourite K-Pop bands.. cannot WAIT! They will be at Odeon West End, 40 Leicester Square next Thursday (3rd Nov) at 4.30pm – put it in your diary fans!

I’m also recommending this Durham-based band The Castells who are playing on Thursday, Nov 10 – The Old Queens Head – London – I am advised that this is one not to be missed! Check out their song ‘Young Lovers’ here:

Wow. What a week. And it’s only Thursday.

Have a great day,

Becki x



The Inspiration Series is a trail of virals aimed to inspire the struggling musician.. the hard working entrepreneur or the artist staring at a blank canvas. It hopes to bring brands and music together in a financially unstable market.. to push the concept that it really can be the little things in life that mean something and that if we all help each other just that little bit – we can all flourish in our chosen path. Well… that’s the plan anyway.


I met up with the lovely Mette Lindberg of The Asteroids Galaxy Tour and half of electro pop act Friends Electric (or @friendzelectric on twitter). We had a chat about product placement/success and just the general hardships of being in a band. This video has been sponsored by ESHK Hair Salon – who were nice enough to give me a haircut as part of my new mini vlog viral entitled ‘The Inspiration Series’. It was actually the best hair cut I think I’ve ever had…it’s a big thumbs up for ESHK in Hoxton for having actual hairdressing talent and for being able to cut a straight fringe. Many have tried…and failed. See the before and after shots below.

A cut and blow dry starts from £45 for ladies and a semi permanent from £50 (which is the package I had). Tucked away in a side street – ESHK is a cool and funky salon that offers great advice if you don’t know what you want..! The hairdresser featured is called Polly and is very approachable.

Also thanks to Joe from The Welcome Committee… and Jake Taylor for the grueling job of cameraman.

Featured music: 

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour: The Golden Age
Right Click Save As: House

(Idea devised copyrighted and written in stone by Becki Burrows)

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