Featuring 180 films from 31 countries this festival showcases the best short film and animation talent from around the world. Offering five days of screenings, music guests and workshops if your a budding film maker or just a film buff this really is a treat not to be missed. With masterclasses from some of the top names in the industry (NFT/BAFTA). This is an excellent opportunity to network with the best of them. I witnessed a couple of the shorts on the opening night. One that really stood out was ‘God View’ by Director Billy Lumby – who has taken an interesting approach on the camera perspective (hence the name of the film). This is a story about a mentally unstable man called Phillip who lives in Hackney, East London. The POV follows the man around his neighborhood and reveals a story that will keep you on the edge of your seat. A brilliant well shot film with a chilling plot. Here is a taster:

And if that wasn’t enough to send shivers down your spine the Guardian posted the Murder Map of London Boroughs on their website which my friend so kindly sent to me..(thanks Stephane…thanks…),

For more information on the festival please visit their WEBSITE.

Put it in your diaries people!

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This time last year..I was sitting in a flat half way round the world..far too close to Kim Jong Il. Each day I would awake to the sound of a male voice coming over the tannoy.

Speaking in Korean – I had no idea what he was saying. But thankfully (and obviously) it was never anything too important.

I would turn on the TV. And sit..staring blankly as I flicked from Korean game show to Korean game show lost in the barrier called language.

I would then head to the bibimbap shop downstairs where I would eat my breakfast of ramen soup served by the same Korean lady conversing in only Ahn-nyung-ha-se-yo (hello) and Kamsamnida (thank you). Every day her gaze would be attached to the Korean drama on the television set and I would sit waiting for her to finish cooking – hypnotized by the visuals. Was this – the Korean version of Coronation Street? Perhaps that is the Korean Pat Butcher? Hmmmm….

That was the problem in Korea – it was hard to make sense of anything. The choice of film at the cinema would be only the recent Hollywood releases – the Korean films for obvious reasons not subtitled – and living in a small town meant getting hold of anything translated into English was impossible (I mean it took me a month for gawds sake to figure out the difference between the pink and blue bin bags wondering why every time I left the apartment the Janitor would run after me in the street when I disposed of them in which I now know to be the wrong place).

And so I am quite excited about the London Korean Film Festival that will be running from the 3rd to the 17th November.

Not only does the festival host the best in Korean film but it also promises a range of subjects – from the North and South divide to light hearted comedies. It includes one of Cannes prize winners Ki Kim Duk’s ‘Arirang’ and a premiere of Arrow The Ultimate Weapon. On the opening night there will be also be a K Pop performance (YES! Korean Pop Stars! In London!) but who it will be is yet to be confirmed… Shinee? Super Junior? Generation Girls? The girls at my old school will be most jealous. But most of all I’m looking forward to being able to understand what’s actually going on instead of making the story up in my head. So…Korea – I welcome you to my world!

Here is the trailer for the film Sunny ?? a light hearted comedy which will be shown during the festival:

They will… have subtitles right……?

See you there!


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James Walsh(Starsailor) talks to ohDearyme about drugs, fame and his soundtrack for the new film ‘Powder’. Also featuring interviews with upcoming talent – Liam Boyle who plays soul searching Keva – (lead singer of fictional band The Grams) and Jo Woodcock.

Whilst it wasn’t my cup of tea it might however, be yours. With a very strong soundtrack I felt that the storyline let it down. It’s hard to place my finger on the part where it was lost…too many cooks in the kitchen perhaps? Too much of a desire to capture the ‘misunderstood’ youth? I don’t know. But onwards and upwards! And each to their own – you could always watch it yourself and make your own mind up because..after all..we should always remember ‘if you don’t control your mind, someone else will’ John Allston

Links: James Walsh

As a huge Back To the Future fan – Nike have released the ‘future’. And it’s clever advertising has worked on me… apparently Tinie Tempah bought the first pair of the limited edition trainers at a snip – £23,610 and all proceeds are going to the Michael J Fox foundation… I WANT SOME!. Let’s hope they didn’t scrimp on the manufacturing though if you get what I’m saying..

Thanks to Steven Heycock for camera,




Slow and steady wins the race.

Friday night – the Garage, Islington for the uncategorizable Masters in France from Wales. With all the right ingredients – it is difficult to put this five piece into a specific box.. having seen a few perfectly packaged bands recently who are adamant of what genre they fit in to – maybe it’s about time a new sound was found. I’m not saying Masters in France have found it – but they seem to be definitely avoiding the danger of being boxed in. This is a band whilst not quite there yet – will be interesting to watch evolve. They have the looks, they have the talent and they have the girls hanging out by the side of the stage. They’ve definitely got something… after witnessing the carefully sculpted ‘Other Lives’ on Wednesday I’m really interested in the direction Masters in France might take. Raw and energetic. Things can only grow bigger for this band as long as they keep their eye on the end goal…

FILM RECOMMENDATION: This Thursday is the Q+A for the film Powder – an adaptation of the book by Kevin Sampson at Clapham Picture House. With some varied responses to the film – I am looking forward to seeing it myself. Apparently the soundtrack is amazing and James Walsh (Starsailor) will be doing an acoustic set. Sounds pretty special!


Memory lane.
The content idea of this film has invoked some memories of my own. Reading Festival maybe five years ago now.. Arctic Monkeys were at their height and I had won some weekend press passes in a competition. Hanging out in the press area me and my friends had decided to try and get backstage. After a bit of brotherly chatting to the security men from our male mate we found ourselves through to the backstage area. Usually a no go area for non artists – or non artist related people. A security man had left his bright red security jacket hanging on the railing. So my male friend put it on and us girls pretended we were the girlfriends of the band. And up the side of the stage we went. And there we stood taking in what it might feel like to be Alex Turner for all of ten minutes. In this time my friend was so drunk she’d disappeared behind a curtain with some boy she was snogging at the time where she stayed for the whole of the Arctic Monkeys set (idiot) whilst me and the ‘pretend’ security guard were caught and had our passes cut off. I remember the ‘real’ security guard saying ‘I suppose you think that was funny do you’ And oh. But it was. It really was. And that’s what I enjoy about music. It really is at the end of the day all about the personal journey.

More details:


I have just been to see Limitless – starring Robert De Niro and Bradley Cooper. Story cut short: writer faces creative block…girlfriend leaves him.. he looks like shit.. and he is about to lose his apartment. Then out of the blue – a solution! He bumps into his ex wife’s brother.. who also used to moonlight as a drug dealer.. he offers Bradley Coopers character ‘Eddie Morra’ a pill.. this pill will help Eddie access 100 percent of his brain instead of the usual 20. In case you thought this sounded a bit familiar there is a well placed quote thrown into the film that states ‘this is not the Matrix..’. But it was Robert De Niro’s speech that for me really stood out.. one that I also might rehearse for times of need…(anyone guess who I’m thinking of?)

A gift not earned.. you do not know what I know because you have not earned those powers.. you’re careless with those powers.. you flaunt them and you throw them around like a brat with his trust fund you haven’t had to climb up all the greasy little rungs.. you haven’t been bored blind at the fundraisers.. you haven’t done the time in that first marriage to the girl with the right father.. you think you can leap over all in a single bound.. you haven’t had to bribe or charm or threaten your way to a seat at that table.. you don’t know how to assess your competition because you haven’t competed.. don’t make me your competition..

Ahh sorry you’ve seen the best bit now. Whilst it might not be in the same league as the Matrix it is definitely a good escape.. leaving the viewer with plenty of things to think about.. for instance – is David Cameron on some crazy super drug? If he’s on it then Rupert Murdoch is definitely on it.. and Nick Clegg.. would he play the part of the powerless junkie? Hmmm. Worth a watch I’m giving it a 4/5 and remember kids… drugs…are never the answer!!

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