Many people reading this blog will not have heard of your previous band Dead Kids.. or I.R.O.K can you introduce yourself to the public and tell us what you are doing here?
What are any of us doing here online? I noticed that the word ONLINE is at the core of LONELINESS the other day. As for my music, you may never have seen Dead Kids and now you never will but I.R.O.K. Is out there and it’s a tangible experience to behold.

Lets go back.. back in time before Dead Kids.. before skinny jeans.. back when Mike was… 14 what was going on and what were you listening to?
Probably the same that I listen today. Suicidal Tendencies, Prince, David Bowie.

I.R.O.K. or The Intergalactic Republic of Kongo an outer space colony? A play on the Congo? Why the Congo…?
It could be an outerspace colony, precisely that but we should not get bogged down in the literal. Instead we should open up to the forceful desire to exist simultaneously in other dimensions. We already do but it’s for us to be aware of that. Prayer is another dimension for example. Charging your atoms positively. I’m not talking about religious doctrine here or aliens what I’m talking about is people ridding themselves of the cynicism that eats away at them. That controls their desires. We exist within very narrow perameters.

I.R.O.K seems to have a voodoo potency with a religious edge.. I’m confused. Whats going on – are you religious….? Do you believe in a ‘God’?
Do I believe in a God? Do I practice Voodoo? There was voodoo long before anyone started writing down laws and statutes. Of course you are confused. Who isn’t? We live in a time where it’s increasingly difficult to have blind faith in anything. Our belief systems are a business. Everything feels like it’s falling apart. This is no boom time. Are things going to get worse? What happens when financial systems really crash. If John from Ilford who’s been travelling to work every day crushed up and murderous on the train and hates his boss at HSBC puts his card in the wall and there’s nothing there. What then? Will he turn to God? What kind of God? I don’t know yet what God is but he’s not to me what He is to others. These things will become clearer. I.R.O.K. allows me to commune spiritually on a next level.

I read in an interview that some major labels ripped off some of your Dead Kids songs? How did you get around that and how are you protecting yourself with I.R.O.K.
When a major label conglomerate takes you on, takes the piss as it were it always behaves in the same way. Like some ancient leviathan. They flex their muscles and bear their nasty teeth but you know what moves they are going to pull before they’ve pulled them. I own a percentage of a song an artist stole from us. They tried to use it for an advert and I excercised my right to say no. They couldn’t understand that. They were like ‘you can earn money here’. They couldn’t understand that I got more pleasure from not allowing it it’s airtime. I recently got contacted by a lawyer telling me they just realised they’d been using it in a massive German movie and ‘mistakenly’ didnt get my permission. That’s what I’m dealing with. At the end of the day: keep writing.

‘You will bleed for the things you believe in’. Strong words.. You should be careful God doesn’t give you a period… or maybe he already has? What do you believe in – there is a lot going on right now – with Cameron in power and Occupy. What are your thoughts politically?
Politically the only thoughts I have is that this country is stuck in this system where we swing left to right from one Etonian to another. People, and let’s be honest here, 9 out of 10 times it’s a man, who choose to govern, are self interested pricks. Nothing will change whilst people can afford to go on holiday with a credit card and a new car and a flat screen telly. That’s the fabric of society that is bound to implode in a way we have never seen before. You might as well throw out these things you save up for.

Your video ‘OO AA OO’ is brilliant. Who/how did you make that?
The video for OO AA OO was shot in Hackney and Morocco. It’s a simple horror concept limited to the zero budget we had to make it. A friend of mine is a top notch editor and we sat down for days putting it together. It symbolizes a rebirth. There’s nothing like that feeling of a new chapter. New Years Eve doesn’t cut it for me. In fact, I avoid it. I go up a mountain or something

I’m looking forward to your gig on Thursday.. I’m expecting a raw energy.. how should I protect myself from passionate giggers. Im scared.
You should not be fearful for Thursday but you should be excited. You will experience a collision of atoms and the tremors of something you have always known to be true. There will be lots of smoke.

I’m enjoying your vision Mike.. thanks for the interview…


Listen to more here:

I.R.O.K Tumblr
Facebook page
Dead Kids album available here:

Enjoy!!!! Becki Bx


British graffiti scape artist Xenz presents his brand new major solo show – Cloud Cuckoo Land on December 1-4 2011 at Blackall Studios, Old St, London. Having painted his first piece in 1987 at the tender age of 14 – by 1993 he had gone on to form what has become one of the UK’s longest standing and most respected graffiti crews known as the TCF crew. It is an honour to welcome him to ohDearyme for an interview!

How long have you been a graffiti artist?! What is it that keeps you at it?
I was about 12 when I really got into breakdancing and electro and rap. This generated a fascination with New York and L.A. I got spray cans to spray my BMX bike and naturally tried to tag my garden wall. I progressed into the alleyway, then into the local park: painting walls at night; sneaking out with spray cans in socks in my bag so they didn’t rattle. Venturing into the dark and climbing fences and then trying to see what colour you were painting was all part of the thrill when I was 14. The morning after, when we would return to see what we had painted, that’s when the real buzz kicked in and the game began. I signed my first pieces with my nickname ‘Graz’, but I soon got caught at school as this was the name everyone called me. I saw a flyer for a club called Sense and I thought, ‘that’s perfect’. I like ‘s’, ‘e’ and ‘n’, and so began the evolution of what I write now — Xenz.

Ending up in an opium den was a childhood dream?! Can you expand on that?
It’s funny how things get misinterpreted. In some way, that’s what has driven my whole art career to date…You start with a block of marble or a blank canvas and you begin making marks or chipping away. Initially, you wanted to make a pyramid, but what you ended up with is an egg. The childhood dream was setting sail to discover these exotic lands; the opium den was a symbolic way to describe the distractions reality puts in front of your dreams. It’s a bit like booking that nice hotel only to find out it’s a building site.

As you grow up, you realise that there’s a thin veneer that masks this vision of paradise that you had as a child. To get from a to b you have to go through c to z. No, I didn’t dream of ending up in an opium den. In fact, I couldn’t think of anything worse, but that’s exactly what I try and play with in my art — the irony of it all. As a human, I can stand and create an image of this beautiful place using paint. It’s like a hallucination or a dream state. It’s imagination. For this particular body of work, I tried to put myself in the shoes of a Victorian botanist exploring the Far East looking for orchids and birds.

Do you have any online blog recommendations for us?!

Are you an undercover graffiti artist or do your parents know?
When you get to the far side of 30, keeping secrets about what you do in your spare time is a bit hardcore. I’m not that kind of guy. I don’t really think of myself as a hooligan or terrorist; I’m an artist. I paint walls and canvases. I make things. I design things. I create things. I’m using the tag I’ve signed walls with for the past 20 years simply because my real name isn’t as exciting — but what does that matter in the grand scheme of things. I suppose there is a rebellious sound to the term ‘graffiti artist’ that works in comparison to an oil painter, as it gives people a mental image of what type of pictures you create. But I feel it distracts from the reality of what it actually is. It makes it a fashionable thing, but to me, it’s just my art. People call it graffiti because I use spray cans and have developed my skills as a painter through graffiti and combined these with my training as a designer of applied arts.

What other graffiti artists work do you enjoy?
Banksy, Paris, Busk, Blu, Smug, 3dom, Eco, Insa , Dicy Feek , Sat One, Joys, Loomit, Can Two, Mode 2 — there are loads…

I don’t think David Cameron should be allowed art in number ten. Are you political?! Any views on this?
I really prefer to think about the wonderful side of life more than the wolves in sheep’s clothing who are part of a secret handshake society that want to keep us all scared and ultimately have a bigger plan that will benefit from the whole banking system collapsing. No, I’m not political. I think everyone should enjoy the arts — it’s good for the soul.

When you were young what did you want to be when you grew up?
I loved adventure and map reading. I wanted to navigate and draw maps. I loved maps and tried to go into the navy, but they wouldn’t let me in as I have high frequency deafness. Quite important if you’re listening to radar. So I realised I was an artist and that’s what I focused on.

Do you think anything is possible?!
Yes, if you know how and have the right equipment.

Do you have any inspirational quotes?
“All the lights that lead the way are blinding” – ‘Wonderwall’ by Oasis.

I didn’t mention banksy yet. Does his fame as a graffiti artist please or annoy youn
It pleases me. I went to his very first show in a block of flats in Easton and have shared a few pints with him. He’s a very inspiring guy and a very nice person.



Nice pic! Not sure about the head dress though..

A powerful single from new talent: Giovanna. Sister of Winston from Mumford & Son’s she is signed to the same label as King Charles – Mi7. (Mi7 is the name of the label.. I know I know it can get confusing…I bet King Charles isn’t even a King…).

This is an intense debut from talented 21 year old Giovanna due for release on the 28th November:

If you like that check out the awesome remix of ‘Out in Bold’ by Tru Fix and Twiggy

The EP ‘Shaky Ground’ is scheduled for release in 2012.

What do you think? JOIN THE CONVERSATION: #ohDearyme

Oh and guess what.. next year my birth date will be 12/12/12. WEIRD HUH!!!

One of my favourite online bloggers coming out of Paris right now:


Really enjoying the videos from the Bands in Transit team. They have just introduced me to this powerful vocalist Jodie Marie.

Filmed in Hackney the team have been delivering a range of videos all summer from hot new musical talent and they have their fingers firmly on the pulse. Chk this lady out:

Also enjoying this gentleman Michael Kiwanuka singing ‘Home Again’. He’s already toured with Adele and is currently on his first headline tour. Beautifully melancholy but might have to put some dance music on for a bit afterwards though…;-).. love it..

I want to say thank YOU for your support yesterday for the tweeting. It was great! Also a big shout out to those artists that are always willing to support the independents! You know who you are!

Massive thanks to The Widowmaker who went as far to put some support on his website!!!

And to Scroobius Pip..who does check his own emails after all 😉

Now I suppose.. we wait.. *out of my hands*.

Keep up the good fight… never give up.

And have a great weekend,

Jodie Marie site
Michael Kiwanuka site

Becki Bxx


Restricted due to some ‘titillating(word of the day) scenes this video is a must watch. The track is Lies by mysterious trio Is Tropical who are producing some interesting work at the moment. It is the third release from their debut album ‘Native To’ on Kitsune…it’s one I shall be enforcing on some of my serial dater girlfriends… check it out here:

Is Tropical Webspace

I’m also enjoying this mix from the talented DJ – Pete Carvell (Bad Life/Gash Digital). Bad Life is a label formed by autoKratz and their friends and the team are currently busy organising the Bad Life 1st Birthday European tour and they may be coming to a city near you soon so keep your eyes peeled. Having witnessed Autokratz perform on Naksan Beach in the deepest darkest wilderness of South Korea and seeing Pete perform in…the concrete jungle most of us know as er London I can assure you that the tour will be definitely be one to watch out for.

CLICK HERE for Pete Carvell DJ MIX
Bad Life Link

I also rather enjoyed this from Swedish electronic act ‘The Sound of Arrows’:

Oh.. don’t you just love it…

Enjoy Becki Bx

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