It really is hot right now.. hot right now – it’s the new track from London’s very own Ukulele genius – Robin Grey… and all the kids at school are singing it.. apparently. The little rebels… “F*ck off Back to Eton”  was created after a run in with Cameron himself in a place called Alnwick. After getting over 25,000 hits on youtube in one day the video was then pulled offline. It is now back on vimeo.. Robin Grey say’s of the song:

“At the time, the song just came from the gut, but thinking about it in hindsight, I think Eton symbolises a lot of what is wrong with this country. We have a tiny clique of very over privileged men, with an over-inflated sense of entitlement and they still hold the status quo in terms of power, land and money.”

When questioned on his use of crass wording Grey, 36 states

“I didn’t know what to sing and the minute I started singing it (‘f*** off back to Eton’) I was like, that’s a bit crass, I thought I could do better than that. But I just kept on going, because it was coming from the heart.It’s lyrically crass, but people have connected with it. It wouldn’t have been my first choice., but what’s happened, has happened. It would be lovely if I wasn’t the person who sung to David Cameron on a ukulele, but there’s worse things I could be known for.”

Robin re-recorded the tune with his Nan as his backing dancer. Nice one Robin. I love it despite its crassness.. 😉

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#Cosmos Ultimate Women of the Year Awards

Tonight was #thecosmos Ultimate Women of the Year Awards. It’s always important to show some sisterly love – so when Cosmo asked me if I would like some exclusive footage I said yes please. It seemed only fair to share this reward with a fellow Cosmo lover Dress Me Perfect – so here are some great photos of some of the ladies of the night.

Feel free to join the conversation using the hashtags #thecosmos #ohDearyme and #dressmeperfect

#ohDearyme would like to say a huge congratulations to Daisy Lowe for winning Ultimate Style Queen of the Year, Jessie J for taking the Ultimate Music Star of the year (@jessiejofficial) prize (LOVE YOUR STYLE GIRL! KEEP IT UP!)..Blondie for the Ultimate Icon of the Year (@BlondieOfficial)award (saw you headline at Camp Bestival this year you wowed the crowds!) and er – well I’m not really a fan of JLS.. but you can’t please everyone boys 😉 (it’s all about Johnny Depp)

Here are some exclusive pics of just some of the best dressed from the night:

Here is a FULL slideshow of all the ladies pictured on the night:

[slideshow numberposts=”14″ size=”large”]

Who do you think is the best dressed??? Who were you happy about winning?? Please do:

The full list of Cosmo winners are:
Ultimate Music Star of the year @jessiejofficial
Ultimate Campaigner of the year @KrisPoB
Ultimate TV Personality of the year @KELLYROWLAND
Ultimate Style Queen of the Year @daisylowe
Ultimate Man of the Year @cajackson1984
Ultimate Survivor of the Year Nicole Campbell
Ultimate Writer of the Year @caitlinmoran
Ultimate US TV Actress of the Year @BLively_
Ultimate Fashion and Beauty Entrepreneur of the Year @daisyknights
Ultimate Family Girl of the Year Gemma Dowler
Ultimate Newcomer of the Year Michelle Dockery
Ultimate Icon of the Year @BlondieOfficial
Ultimate Celeb Men of the Year @JLSofficial
Ultimate Theatre Star of the Year @Amanda_Holden
Ultimate Editor’s choice of the Year Lisa and Louise Hawker

Love Becki xx

#thecosmos #ohDearyme and #dressmeperfect


Restricted due to some ‘titillating(word of the day) scenes this video is a must watch. The track is Lies by mysterious trio Is Tropical who are producing some interesting work at the moment. It is the third release from their debut album ‘Native To’ on Kitsune…it’s one I shall be enforcing on some of my serial dater girlfriends… check it out here:

Is Tropical Webspace

I’m also enjoying this mix from the talented DJ – Pete Carvell (Bad Life/Gash Digital). Bad Life is a label formed by autoKratz and their friends and the team are currently busy organising the Bad Life 1st Birthday European tour and they may be coming to a city near you soon so keep your eyes peeled. Having witnessed Autokratz perform on Naksan Beach in the deepest darkest wilderness of South Korea and seeing Pete perform in…the concrete jungle most of us know as er London I can assure you that the tour will be definitely be one to watch out for.

CLICK HERE for Pete Carvell DJ MIX
Bad Life Link

I also rather enjoyed this from Swedish electronic act ‘The Sound of Arrows’:

Oh.. don’t you just love it…

Enjoy Becki Bx

PS don’t forget to vote for ohDearyme in the Cosmo Awards – I’m in the final six of the celebrity category – click the big pink ‘Nominate Me’ in the sidebar..
PPS thanks!

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