“There’s still a noticeable amount of disdain and/or ignorance concerning blogs from the perspective of these brands.” (

Brands are taking over. Everywhere you look – a brand is there waving it’s logo in your face.  This video blog has not escaped it’s own fair share of brands wanting to feature. But there needs to be a few rules in place. Boundaries.

You see.. most brands will try and get away with offering as little as possible. I was once told by one brand ‘we could have given Britney millions but we chose to give you….’. During a photoshoot for them it was requested I wear animal fur…which I didn’t. On saying no – I was met with ‘who are you – you’re a nobody a NOTHING you’re not even famous…’. 

No. No I’m not famous. But thank gawd the word no has not been specifically designed for the bourgeois (using that word in the loosest possible term). You see…there are many different reasons why people choose to blog. Community, passion, social interaction, opportunity… fun. FUN. (Savour that word… ). The internet is an exciting world that is consistently evolving. A place where anything (?) is possible (both a good and bad thing). 

Macala Wright say’s about ‘The New Definition of Famous’ While bloggers are not famous editors or major Hollywood celebrities, they have impacted and morphed the definition of fame’. ( 

I believe a brand should be creating an opportunity or incentive for the blogger. Just think with good communication and good intentions – anything could be possible! (Can we get some imagination around here.. ).

‘Brands really do need to know how to interact with their bloggers and also they need to know that everything they do is pretty public’ (Shani Higgins, CEO, Technorati)

This leads me into a story.

‘Hidden beneath the world we know.. is the world they inhabit..’ (Hackers)

I was on a trip that I’d won sponsored by a brand.. the other winners (from another country) had only gotten on that trip via the means of utilizing some clever youtube increaser software. With this software they had gotten themselves through the rounds and onto the trip of a lifetime.  This was not discovered by the brand until the trip was over and it was too late.

Duane Benzie Clip

It’s all food for thought isn’t it.

This week Becki is attending the Brit Awards as Brit Girl 2012.. and is very excited… tweet me questions for the acts @ohDearyme 

Peace, Becki Bx



I believe in getting into hot water; it keeps you clean.  ~ G.K. Chesterton

The sun was shining – my camera packed and my bog standard train ticket booked. Where was I going? I was accompanying Mr Chilly Gonzales to the Isle of Wight Festival. Kind of like a fun day out thing together! There were promises of ice cream, balloons and artist buggies. For one day (only?) I would experience a festival from the point of view of an artist. There was just one condition…. not to film him with his glasses on. Fine. Simple. I could do that.

I had gone all of ten minutes down the road positive that the day was going to go just great – when I had a phone call from my camera guy who had been in a car accident.

Although in a lot of pain and with a written off car – thankfully he was ok. In true ohDearyme style it was decided that the show must go on..

(Dariush the cameraman post accident)

So with the occasional help from the public as camera assistants (thank you thank you!) here is my video of my wonderful day out as a VIP artist at Isle of Wight Festival! Also featuring hula hoop tips from Marawa the Amazing – (recently of BGT fame), VanGuard and exerts from Chilly’s new album ‘The Unspeakable Chilly Gonzales’ which was released just recently on the 6th June…(Thank you to Nick Crook and Creative Recreation for the shoes (competition prize).


‘Supervillain Music’ from The Unspeakable Chilly Gonzales:

More VanGuard tracks


Hallo there ohdearyme readers. I’m blogging to you from my bed… yes. I’ve had the dreaded swine flu. The horrible thing about it is that I was only in Athens for two day. I swiftly started to detoriate into a sweaty mess. Which was ever so strange considering girls don’t sweat. *Shock*. I didn’t know what was happening! Luckily my camera mate Michael was on hand to head on down to the festival to do some filming and this is what we managed to piece together of our experience. It was a shame we didn’t get to i/v Linkin Park but in the end… it doesn’t even mattuuuurghhhh(true Linkin Park fans would get that). And I did so much research too – I swear to Pinocchio I was ready to sing every track they’d ever written back at them..

The best thing about having swine flu is that you have a great excuse to not leave the house (a doctor’s note for one ordering you into isolation) so you get to watch lots of films. Whooohoooo this is my Swine Flu list –

Revolutionary Road – (Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet) – Jesus. Well. This has put me off marriage I can tell you. It’s definitely worth a watch.. the pair act the hell of being cooped up in a claustrophobic suburban relationship very well indeed. Bit depressing. In fact every bloody film I watched had a depressive air about it. Anyone making happy movies still? This will get an 8 because it’s brilliant but won’t lift your flu’y spirits. next up:
Hunger – by Steve McQueen – The cinematography in this film is amazing, although I think this is made for experiencing at the cinema. You need no other distractions so that you can concentrate fully on the dialogue that is offered. And my housemate started hoovering right at the part where there is a 20 minute static dialogue only shot.. (I know I know!!). So this is an 7.9 I’m afraid. It’s important viewing for another time. Probably cinema based to be honest…However, it will certainly make you appreciate your freedom.
Rachel Getting Married – with Anne Hathaway – this was meant to be my chick flick movie. But oh god little did I know it’s about bleeding drug addiction. Another depressing film then!! Some shots were totally unneccessary and dragged the film out for far too long.. an ok watch. I will give it a 6.5 – easy swine flu watching – passes the time.
Frost/Nixon – this film is brilliant. I would definitely recommend this. The cover makes it look soooo boring (terrible rule I know but we all do it) but this is an essential DVD rental. Frank Langella plays Nixon brilliantly and his facial expressions are undeniably charming. Michael Sheen pulls off the likeable TV presenter act – I wonder if he didn’t base it loosely on Austin Powers this is TEN OUT OF TEN RENT IT NOW ..


This is the video I created (presented/edited/directed) for the Moby gig in Malta that I went to – with interviews from Deadmau5, Ira Losco and Wintermoods

Chk it – rate it .. forward it SUPPORT IT!!!

Becki x


It was my birthday on Friday.. but more importantly I met Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips to talk about his new film for my blog.. here’s a teaser..

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