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We’re complete opposites. Which is what attracted me to Editor Dawn who was also shortlisted for an award for her blog at the Cosmo Blog Awards 2011. She was once an international athlete for Wales and now runs a popular fashion blog called Dress Me Perfect. Here is an intro to the leggy blonde and her blog..

You used to be an international athlete. Wow. Tell me more about that? Are you looking forward to the Olympics this year? Who are you backing?
I ran from the age of nine and won cross country and track championships. I was the British Schools Champion 300m holder and British International record holder which still stands. And World Student Games Medalist. I was also British University Champion two years running – indoor and out. Linford Christie coached me and I trained with Olympic and World medalist – Jamie Baulch, Darren Campbell MBE, Katherine Merry and many more. I’m not going to the Olympics, wish I was. Would love to take my kids to inspire them. The 1984 Olympics inspired me and the ’88 even more so. I would wake in the night to watch the events because of the time difference. I would collect every single piece written about them. I missed out on the Sydney olympics by tenth of seconds. It devastated me. I’m supporting a friend whom I raced against in the 800m – runner Jenny Meadows. Go girl!!

You have an amazing figure – do you exercise regularly? If not – how do you stay so trim?
Oh thank you, I don’t train any more as I have really bad knees. I would love to run again, and I’m looking to get fit again, I’m thinking of roller skating. It was something I did when I was younger and I love it!! I think I have great muscle memory from the years of training. Guess it paid off for me now. I also run round after my kids. I have three of them so I guess my life is pretty full on. Im also busy with the blog and I think the shopping trips help keep my legs toned!

What is your daily diet?
A few cups of tea at breakfast, a sandwich and coffee for lunch and then an evening meal. I rarely snack but if i do I have crisps. I don’t really eat cakes or chocolate but I have a major downfall with take out food.

Your blog is mainly a fashion blog. Who are you favourite designers?
I love Isabel Marant. Wish I could get my hands on a few of her SS12 pieces. I also like Chloe, The Row, Acne and Theyskens Theory. I love a variety for different seasons. It all depends on what mood I’m in that year.. girlie, strong, sexy or edgy.

If you were stuck on a desert island and all you had was a genie in a bottle (in the form of Johnny Depp just to keep you happy).. what three items would you wish for?
Oh moisturiser for sure, a gorgeous man smitten with me and mascara.

You’re based in Wales – what’s going on down there – where’s good to go shopping?
Not a lot happening to be honest. we are struggling with the recession and it has hit the country hard. I tend to go to london to get my fashion needs, and that’s where I have to go alot with work for my blog. I have a great response there in comparison to Wales where nothing is happening with regards to that matter. We have one designer store here.. very expensive. We also have department store John Lewis – bit dated though and House of Fraser but nothing amazing.

Who do you dress up for?
Me!! I dress how I like, how I feel. I dress to be alluring when I go out of course I like to feel attractive to the opposite sex, but it doesn’t define me.

I’m going to the Brits 2012. What would you dress me in?
I’d have you very cool, edgy and wearing something designer and high street. I’d be tempted to put you in an oversized smoking jacket with cropped smart high waisted trousers 50’s style, a simple vest pinned inside to emphasize your bust and waist. Your shoes would be ultra high and elegant and your bag would be an oversized clutch. Would you like that? ME: Yeah.. sounds pretty good – although the high waisted trouser sounds a bit Simon Cowell to me!

And lastly who are your style icons?
Marilyn monroe, Carrie bradshaw, Elle Macpherson. The Olsen Twins. Charlize Theron. Katherine Hepburn. Madonna in the 80’s early 90’s!

Cooool. Cheers Dawn! Becki Bx

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