“The music business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs. There’s also a negative side.” – Hunter S Thompson

They have their forthcoming single ‘Stormbird’ coming out on the 26th March followed by an album called ‘Rollerchain’ on the 7th May here is an interview with DJ Modest from Belleruche:


Hello –  things seem to be going epicly well for Belleruche.. you’ve been playing the HMV Next Big thing and have a pre tour album tour on 27th May at Scala-London.. you seem to be getting quite a lot of commercial success – that must be very rewarding for you – have you noticed a dramatic increase in your fan base?
Not really! We’ve been lucky I think that we’ve grown pretty organically – we’ve never had loads of money for press and PR, we just like playing shows and making music, and people seem to have caught on to what we do. I think  the best way to get people to know about what you do is the old fashioned way – get on the road and play shows.

What are your musical influences?
Many, and varied. We’ve all three of us got very differing tastes in what we are listening to at any one time, from early blues through to 1960s Atlantic sounds to independent US electronic hip hop, via Nicki Minaj… we’re always interested in what the others are listening too, which is a good way of discovering new stuff.

You’ve been going since 2005. What is it that has kept you motivated and inspired on the rise upwards.. ?
I don’t think we’ve seen it as a ‘rise upwards’. Sounds a bit like we had a plan for this, which is the one thing we’ve never had! We’ve just been very lucky in that we’ve continued to enjoy and evolve what we do, and that people have given us the time to try and do it. There’s always a new idea worth trying in the studio or onstage – we always try and push the ideas forward a bit.

What can we expect from your latest album.. ?
It’s louder, darker and more like 3 o’clock in the morning I think. We’ve had a new studio for the last 8 months, and I think the freedom to try louder ideas has shown through on this record. That and the ability to use software like Abelton in new and interesting ways, that wouldn’t have been possible even a year ago, has meant we’ve been able to make the record we wanted.

If a genie came to you and said I’m afraid we have a problem – I have to take your musical talent away – BUT! I get to give you a different talent instead.. what would that talent be?
I’ve always had a wish to speak any language –  we travel a lot, and the thought of being able to chat easily to anyone in the world is a pretty good one.

What’s other musicians/acts are you hailing out there name us three?
I’ll divide this up into dead/current/new… seems easier that way….

Dead: Son House – there are very few clips on line of him thrashing the hell out of a old guitar and shouting the blues like hell. Seek them out.

Current: Atmosphere – these guys built their own label and 15 year career on the back of uncompromising, musically deep and poetic modern hip-hop… inspirational.

New: Jukka – a producer who puts a 12″ out on Donky Pitch records – a joyous and exuberant set of bass and electronic dance noise

What is the best festival you’ve ever played? Where should we be looking to go this summer?
A little bird tells me Shambala festival might be worth a look in this year. For us the best festival was probably a French blues festival that we ended up playing at that had a stage invasion and crowd surfing in a small mirrored tent.

Do you prefer the linearity of a musical magazine or are you a blog hopper? If so where do you get your music fix?
We’re magpies when it comes to music – always looking for things, no matter where it comes from. Even 1950s music mags are worth finding in car boot fairs.

Tour bus book to read – read any outstanding ‘can’t put me down’ books recently?
We travel around Europe on the trains, so get  lots of reading time… if I had to recommend something it would be Sydney Bechet’s autobiography, which was dictated as he couldn’t write, and is transcribed exactly as he spoke, which is pretty evocative of 30s and 40s music.

Fashion: what inspires your style.. ? Any fashion brands you love?
To be honest I’ve been mainly buying clothes in Bulgarian charity shops – as it was pretty cold there and we needed woollen garments…. that said Howies merino tops are grand for wearing on tour, keeping warm in freezing sound checks.

Give us another inspirational quote to leave on?

“All art constantly aspires towards the condition of music” – Walter Pater

You can catch Belleruche on their pre-tour London show at London’s Scala on 27th May.


“I’m a darkened soul.. my streets all pop music and gold.. our lives are on TV.. You switch off and try to sleep…” Blur – Sweet Song

IS IT STILL F*CKING JANUARY!!!?? Unfortunately so. I’m sorry. And yes it really is bitterly cold. And now…..the rain has started too. But there is a way to get through this. We’ve gotta get through this

Firstly something that is going to help your mood is the music on your playlist.

This morning.. I was walking down the road listening to ‘Sweet Song’ by Blur…..

(Photo – Decycle in Dusselldorf – visit for more)

And decided.. there had to be a cull in the depressive tunes from my IPod. Well. At this time of year anyway!

So below are some springy…pumping.. *serotonin inducing tunes I’m enjoying!

*serotonin is popularly thought to be a contributor to feelings of well-being and happiness.


Wolfette: Together in Electric Dreams (cover of the electro classic well-known Giorgio Moroder and Phil Oakey track)


This is also a nice positive, imaginative tune from Jack Robert Hardman….

called Famous.. taken from his debut album and released on the 6th February. Yes…YEEEEESSS JACK. We’re all going to get our five minutes of fame. Love it.

Cute video here:

The Cast of Cheers release their debut single on the 20th February. Made up of 5000 photographs this is a quirky upbeat video…

They are currently touring the UK for more details visit their site HERE

And new from Belleruche – Stormbird due for release on the 26th March..

Belleruche have a gig on the 27th May at Scala-London. Book HERE

And finally Camden Crawl have just released their line up – booking for the 4th – 6th May this summer starter have confirmed Death in Vegas headlining.. more info on the Camden Crawl website HERE.

Phew. Feeling better yet? Only six days left of January.

I can’t help it. I’m a darkened soul.

Becki Bx

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