We all had a crush on Phillip Schofield as a kid. Didn’t we? Well admittedly I was always a bit in between Phillip and Kermit the Frog myself. A hybrid. Mash up version. That was my bedroom wall. Here is the excellent award winning comedian – Vikki Stone singing to Phillip Schofield himself.


Catch her debut show at the Soho Theatre on Fri 16 & Sat 17 March, 9.45pm.

Last night I went to see Beth Jeans Houghton and the Hooves of Destiny supported by talented musicians Goodnight Lenin at the trendy Hoxton Bar and Grill.

That’s Goodnight Lenin. On stage.. and they really are very good.

It was a sold out show from Beth and her band – the Hooves of Destiny. My friend did make me chuckle when she asked why have they got lungs all over their equipment? They’re hooves I replied. Hoooooves. Beth is definitely the captain sailing this ship – rocking a Gwen Stefani/Courtney Love style both boys and girls were mesmerised by her flawless onstage presence. There is a lot of talent there – but I do wonder if there are enough diverse songs.

That’s Beth.

My favourite part of the set was when she got the boys to do a 50’s style oooh aaaaah song.

Watch the film by Juan Iglesias for the song Atlas here:

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LINKS: Goodnight Lenin

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