I’m not really one for talking about my dating escapades. Online. Kinda personal stuff isn’t it? However.. with a few disastrous dates behind me – I’ve been reflecting recently on the kind of men I seem to attract. So I thought I’d do bit of a blog on them. Not all of them at once though. Also. I’ve just watched Girls and to be fair perhaps I need to ditch a bit of this British prudism I seem to be carrying around. Also my mate said it would be funny so here goes.

Let’s talk about MAN NUMBER ONE. In this instant… I’ll call him Louis. Oh Louis..

I met this guy… on NYE. He was (or is cos he’s not dead) a little older than I.. he’d studied at Oxford (sexy no?) and looked just like Louis Theroux (hence the nickname). So after a few smiles and teasing a coffee that would turn into dinner was booked in to the diary. We met up a few times…as friends, but there was an underlying attraction. We met up for coffee one evening…and I’m not really sure what led me to ask this question… but the words just spilled out of my mouth.. ‘So…have you ever slept with a prostitute?’. ‘Yeah’ he bluntly replied.

Very honest. I was shocked. I hadn’t actually had a man be so brutally and directly honest with me.

‘What? Really?! How many!?’… I enquired…with my mouth a little agape at this point.  ‘Oh loads. Probably hundreds.. when I was living in the middle east.. it was more like girls who hung around and it wasn’t like giving them money directly they just hung about and we’d give them cash to buy things. But I got Gonorrhoea and that freaked me out so I came back’.

Wow. I was a little taken aback. At the sheer honesty. Grateful though. However…my brain had just taken him out of my ‘potential’ compartment and swiftly put him in the ‘no go’ area.  Which was a shame. But ya know. But saying that – we were only friends though right? And maybe I’d got it all wrong and he wasn’t interested in me at all. We sat uncomfortably opposite each other…’I kinda wish I hadn’t told you that…’ he said.

A few weeks later I got the text. The booty call text… it was late…he was drunk…  ‘wanna get a taxi to mine?’.

There’s open minded and then there’s.. open minded. Ya get me?

Oh Louis…Louis Louis Louis…oh dear…

ART NEWS: Date for the diary – Ben Oakley Gallery presents new works by David Bray and Mark Powell… 16th – 26th May

The Pen is front_2 (1)

MUSIC: Listen to CRYSTAL FIGHTERS ‘CAVE RAVE’ album sampler HERE which will be released on the 27th May:

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Have a good day. BeckiXx


ART: Städel Museum


Anish Kapoor, Green Shadow 2011

With a press invite to the Städel Museum – one of the oldest and most renowned museums in Germany, I decided to leave the small ‘healing’ town of Bad Ems Germany and jumped on the train to Frankfurt changing at Koblenz. My experience of German spas, whilst certainly interesting  – I found to be more traumatising than relaxing:

“She is wearing her swimming costume! GET IT OFF!! GET IT OFF.. ” a hundred naked old people are stomping towards me.. the sauna is hot and the chants are getting stronger.. louder. I wake up. Time to make like a tree…..

The museum holds almost a complete overview of 700 years of European art history. And I assumed that I would find the contemporary section more appealing (none of that old boring history stuff). However, I found myself completely and totally absorbed in the Old Masters section. Perhaps it’s the stage of life that I’m in right now – but as I read about the ‘Ideal to Individuality’ stages of art I realized. Most artists of their time are under the illusion that whatever they do is revolutionary. Which quite rightly it could be! And actually competitiveness is nothing new. Artists such as Michelangelo, Raphael and Leonardo competed against each other to attain perfection and ‘ideal beauty’ in their work… always trying to surpass each other. And that was teh 15th Century.

As I headed from from the Old Masters down to the Contemporary section, I found myself wondering whether over the decades we might have lost something along the way. I wonder what the Michelangelo’s over the centuries might think of the current state of the art world. The increasing popularity of Banksy, X Factor, Tracy Emin, Vice Magazine, JLS….


This is a picture of Narcissus at the Fountain, 1510. A man who fell in love with his unattainable image in the water and died of grief. The tale is where we derived the word Narcissist – excessive self love.

And so I left the museum. Perhaps a little more at ease. Comforted by the fact that revolutions, disease, disaster, pain, anger, love, control, happiness, temptation. Well. Its nothing new. And the world has survived. I suppose I’m just a little bit unsure as to where we’re at. I wonder. What will our era be defined as?

A really thought provoking museum with an excellent delivery of art – unassuming of one’s artistic background – I definitely recommend visiting the Städel, Frankurt.

Becki Bx


VIDEO: Urban Barrier – London’s Largest Urban Art Show

I was invited down to Urban Barrier – London’s Largest Urban Art Show curated by Ben Oakley.  Above is a video of just some of the amazing artists that had their work on display… including Fret, Rowan Newton, Carne Griffiths, Ben Oakley, Ray Richardson and Asbo Luv…

Thanks to Yunioshi for their track Tanlines which is out at the end of March – listen to more of them HERE

Buy the art work or get in touch with Mr Ben Oakley HERE

Have a good weekend…

Becki Bx



 Picture Ben Oakley ‘Nearly Buffed’

It was an ordinary day. No different to any other. I was walking through Greenwich when I stopped in my tracks. Usually I find nothing more intimidating than being in a small shop or gallery. Just me…and the shopkeeper/owner. But I found the visual attraction too great and my sense of self awareness seemed to dissipate as I curiously wandered into Ben Oakley’s Art Gallery. Camera phone in hand I had gone into auto pilot….

Artist Rowan Newton

And then just like that my imagination bubble was interrupted as my friend shouted me from the gallery door…‘Becks Becks…come here…look look…’

I ran out of the gallery after her…‘What what?’ I exclaimed…looking around. Was it a bird?! Was it a plane! No… no it was a celebrity. Sat in the distance eating their lunch (chips actually. Yes I was almost as shocked as you. Don’t get me wrong..I’m not sneering at the opportunity to watch a celeb eat..). I darted back in to the gallery suddenly alert of our rudeness, apologetic to the gallery owner (whom I now know as Ben Oakley) as I became aware of our intrusive and childish running about. All over the shop. That excitement of discovery – whilst the opportunity is there.. doesn’t happen everyday.

“Western society do to Mogwai what it has done to all of nature’s gifts” Mr Wing – Gremlins

And so with that – I have a ‘not to be missed’ date for your diary!

‘Urban Barrier’ is an exhibition to be held in one of London’s biggest and newest art spaces entitled ‘No Format’ which is a stones skim away from the Thames Barrier and apparently rapidly becoming the new art core destination. It features forty Urban and Contemporary Artists including Guy Denning, Static, David Bray, Ray Richardson, RYCA, Otto Schade, Jef Aerosol, Carne Griffiths, Pam Glew plus many more!

Preview Evening: 7th December 5.30 – 9.30 (After Party 9.30 – LATE: RSVP)
Exhibition Dates: 8th December – 23rd December: Thurs- Sundays 11.30 – 5pm.

The preview night will be: artists in attendance, live & very good music by ‘SOFT WAX’, Art Raffles, Unlucky Dip and some Random Art giveaways.

No Format – Second Floor Studios & Arts, Harrington Way, London SE18 5NR
Train: Charlton Woolwich Dockyard DLR: Woolwich Arsenal
Bus: 180, 177, 161, 472
All media enquiries/invitations:

And if that wasn’t enough – listen to these! Indie pop duo from Sydney  Nolita Knights – who are Dylan Thomas (vocals, guitar) and Kobe Laurence (drums).


Invite your friends on facebook HERE

Have a good day… Becksxx


British graffiti scape artist Xenz presents his brand new major solo show – Cloud Cuckoo Land on December 1-4 2011 at Blackall Studios, Old St, London. Having painted his first piece in 1987 at the tender age of 14 – by 1993 he had gone on to form what has become one of the UK’s longest standing and most respected graffiti crews known as the TCF crew. It is an honour to welcome him to ohDearyme for an interview!

How long have you been a graffiti artist?! What is it that keeps you at it?
I was about 12 when I really got into breakdancing and electro and rap. This generated a fascination with New York and L.A. I got spray cans to spray my BMX bike and naturally tried to tag my garden wall. I progressed into the alleyway, then into the local park: painting walls at night; sneaking out with spray cans in socks in my bag so they didn’t rattle. Venturing into the dark and climbing fences and then trying to see what colour you were painting was all part of the thrill when I was 14. The morning after, when we would return to see what we had painted, that’s when the real buzz kicked in and the game began. I signed my first pieces with my nickname ‘Graz’, but I soon got caught at school as this was the name everyone called me. I saw a flyer for a club called Sense and I thought, ‘that’s perfect’. I like ‘s’, ‘e’ and ‘n’, and so began the evolution of what I write now — Xenz.

Ending up in an opium den was a childhood dream?! Can you expand on that?
It’s funny how things get misinterpreted. In some way, that’s what has driven my whole art career to date…You start with a block of marble or a blank canvas and you begin making marks or chipping away. Initially, you wanted to make a pyramid, but what you ended up with is an egg. The childhood dream was setting sail to discover these exotic lands; the opium den was a symbolic way to describe the distractions reality puts in front of your dreams. It’s a bit like booking that nice hotel only to find out it’s a building site.

As you grow up, you realise that there’s a thin veneer that masks this vision of paradise that you had as a child. To get from a to b you have to go through c to z. No, I didn’t dream of ending up in an opium den. In fact, I couldn’t think of anything worse, but that’s exactly what I try and play with in my art — the irony of it all. As a human, I can stand and create an image of this beautiful place using paint. It’s like a hallucination or a dream state. It’s imagination. For this particular body of work, I tried to put myself in the shoes of a Victorian botanist exploring the Far East looking for orchids and birds.

Do you have any online blog recommendations for us?!

Are you an undercover graffiti artist or do your parents know?
When you get to the far side of 30, keeping secrets about what you do in your spare time is a bit hardcore. I’m not that kind of guy. I don’t really think of myself as a hooligan or terrorist; I’m an artist. I paint walls and canvases. I make things. I design things. I create things. I’m using the tag I’ve signed walls with for the past 20 years simply because my real name isn’t as exciting — but what does that matter in the grand scheme of things. I suppose there is a rebellious sound to the term ‘graffiti artist’ that works in comparison to an oil painter, as it gives people a mental image of what type of pictures you create. But I feel it distracts from the reality of what it actually is. It makes it a fashionable thing, but to me, it’s just my art. People call it graffiti because I use spray cans and have developed my skills as a painter through graffiti and combined these with my training as a designer of applied arts.

What other graffiti artists work do you enjoy?
Banksy, Paris, Busk, Blu, Smug, 3dom, Eco, Insa , Dicy Feek , Sat One, Joys, Loomit, Can Two, Mode 2 — there are loads…

I don’t think David Cameron should be allowed art in number ten. Are you political?! Any views on this?
I really prefer to think about the wonderful side of life more than the wolves in sheep’s clothing who are part of a secret handshake society that want to keep us all scared and ultimately have a bigger plan that will benefit from the whole banking system collapsing. No, I’m not political. I think everyone should enjoy the arts — it’s good for the soul.

When you were young what did you want to be when you grew up?
I loved adventure and map reading. I wanted to navigate and draw maps. I loved maps and tried to go into the navy, but they wouldn’t let me in as I have high frequency deafness. Quite important if you’re listening to radar. So I realised I was an artist and that’s what I focused on.

Do you think anything is possible?!
Yes, if you know how and have the right equipment.

Do you have any inspirational quotes?
“All the lights that lead the way are blinding” – ‘Wonderwall’ by Oasis.

I didn’t mention banksy yet. Does his fame as a graffiti artist please or annoy youn
It pleases me. I went to his very first show in a block of flats in Easton and have shared a few pints with him. He’s a very inspiring guy and a very nice person.


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