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  • NEW MUSIC: Artcha ‘AVALANCHE’ ft. Benny Bizzie

    Artcha James

    “Don’t fall a victim to your fears… must be a story to your tears”

    The song is called Avalanche to depict what can happen when one event goes unnoticed and can lead to catastrophic events.

    Current location: North London
    Current happiness levels out of 10: 6
    Favourite film: Do The Right Thing (Spike Lee)
    Favourite musician: Difficult but I have to say the late great TY was and is phenomenal 
    Favourite artist: I am obsessed with Eska. She is out of this world
    Favourite book: Brave New World
    Favourite colour: Blue

    Hey Artcha how you doing!? How is 2020 going for you!?!?! So your new release Avalanche was released at midnight ‘last’ night. What’s the track about?

    Strange times, right? Understatement. Weirdly enough Avalanche was written and recorded before recent events (lockdown, George Floyd) which actually speaks for itself as this is exactly how I felt in general back in February. I had written the first verse in Jan originally for an extended freestyle I wanted to record but the more I read the lyrics, the more it was obvious this was actually the beginning of ‘a’ song (the music had not been written yet). As the year progressed and I found time to compose, the melody hypnotised me for a week and I hadn’t written any drum pattern or baseline, I was just obsessed with this melody that was forming. It felt haunting yet angelic and there was something anti-cerebral about the process.

    It sounds cliche but the song began to write itself…

    I just need to catch up to the pace of mind. I heard it before it was finished. From this point I knew I had a song, it was just missing another verse and a chorus. Originally I wanted several artists on the song so I sent it out to about seven artists… but no-one replied…Lol (there is a lesson here).

    Released 5th June 2020

    Anyway I continued adding to the record with various sounds and different arrangements and finally an artist came back to me. Benny. However we are now in full lockdown so collaborating in the studio was a no no. Thankfully, Benny has his own set up and was able to record at home. For context, Benny was planning to have a musical break at the moment he received my call… thank God he changed his mind! Our chemistry from a distance was great, we began to be in constant communication about ideas, direction, details in my verses that would shape his chorus. Long story short through various voice notes, texts and emails we began to shape Avalanche. 

    You’re releasing this during the George Floyd tragedy in America and #blacklivesmatter. Was the timing of it’s release purposeful?
    What is so uncanny, is the timing of the song. We scheduled the release at the beginning of May – song was mixed and mastered, artwork had been signed off and the campaign had begun.

    All before the disgusting murder of George Floyd and the protests in America and now London. As time was getting closer to our release date I became nervous and felt uncomfortable releasing music at such a time. I did not want to self promote when there were bigger more important issues to focus on. However, talks with the Club FRSHRZ team and Benny made me realise, actually, this song in retrospect was prophetic and was timely and spoke to the feelings of the time. We must release it.  

    Can you introduce us to @bennybizzie
    I love the fact you picked out “Don’t fall a victim to your fears… must be a story to your tears” as it is one of my favourite lines from Benny. Benny Bizzie is an incredible singer-songwriter from North London and you all need to follow him and listen to his extensive catalogue. I am really thankful, proud, overwhelmed and empowered about Avalanche, the responses have been incredible, many connected with the song personally. 

    You mention MC Hammer – was he a big influence in your music?!

    Lol. Yes! MC Hammer was a legend growing up, me and my sister used to practise dance moves to his videos. I also admire what he did for popular Hip-Hop, a really important link in the chain to many artists after him. Plus its a great double entendre. 

    What are your influences musically wise – and who should we be listening to!? 
    Undoubtedly, TY, Radiohead, Mos Def, Nas, Kendrick Lamar, Wretch 32 and you all need to listen to ESKA and her 2015 album of the same name. 

    How is your corona lockdown going!? 
    It’s tricky. I’ve experienced personal tragedy so of course I feel cheated. My big bro TY was just one of those tragedies. On the other side it has forced me to be more creative. I became a film-maker. lol. Filmed, edited, storyboarded and animated my first music video/short film. Thank God for Amazon prime, YouTube tutorials and bottomless creativity!

    So sorry to hear this. Xx

     You’re releasing this during the George Floyd tragedy in America. Was the timing of it’s release purposeful? 
    This is a great question and the question I expected from many, but as I explained earlier this was completely unplanned by me, us, but I do believe God has a different plan. I believe that more now that it has been released from the reactions we are receiving. The making of the video was heavily influenced by recent events hench the phrase ‘I can’t breathe’ because I wanted to document this moment in history more explicity than the lyrics of the song.

    “Enhance the youth and tell the truth to yourself and mean it…”I love that sentence.. can you expand on this.. 
    Thank you. It is a motto I try to live by. I think our responsible is to ensure the next generations have guidance and encouragement but in order to be fully effective we have to be true to ourselves and admit where we have gone wrong.

    “I see injustice and my blood boils and curdles they speak more Gummidge than Wurzel.. I got my ‘Blue Peter’ Badge in survival…” can you expand…
    Ha. Yes I do like to include pop culture references for those of a similar age or experience. The start of that lyric is raw and really reflects how much corruption we have experienced, this is countered with ‘Gummidge’ suggesting sh*t or rubbish and by saying I got my Blue Peter badge I am suggesting we have been here before, we have the t-shirt, the official badge! More metaphors and double entendres. Sometimes only I get it.  

    You’re based in Tottenham – how has it been in that area with the protests and lockdown? 
    Tottenham is a real community area contrary to media publicity, people generally look out for one another – it is so diverse it would be extraordinary to witness blatant racism or discrimination. A few protests have passed through the area, all calm and specific. I have noticed a heavier police presence all of a sudden. Regarding lockdown, again the community has complied with government rules, forming nice queues outside of Tesco.  

    How do you believe we can all support #blacklivesmatter … how can people become more educated – do you have any links to films or significant documentaries that you believe are an important watch? 
    I truly believe more open forums are the best ways to learn and educate ourselves. I think not having the conversation at all is unhealthy but I understand some people may be uncomfortable, but regardless the conversations need to be had, not lectures, but conversations with questions and informed responses. There is too much online and I would not want to direct people to unvalidated sources. Speak, talk, discuss, learn. I think we should all invest in Black owned business, media platforms and of course education. The curriculum in the UK urgently needs to change to reflect the ethnicity of our schools. The song is called Avalanche to depict what can happen when one event goes unnoticed and can lead to catastrophic events.

    How do you write your music – does it just flow!? Or do you sit down to write?
    How long is a piece of string? It varies. Lines will come to me shopping or walking through the park. I do like to write lyrics to music to really capture the energy of the song and the cadence but Avalanche came in parts and I put it together like a meal or a puzzle, Benny added the spices. Benny and I recently talked about the writing process and it seems I lean more into writing on my phone then on paper; a sharp contrast from the yesteryears of multiple A4 books (I still have these from the early days).

    What book are you currently reading?! 
    At the moment I am reading ‘Battlefield of the Mind’ by Joyce Meyer and recently finished ‘Shoe Dog’ by Phil Knight – I like contrasts.   

    Favourite 80s film!
    Oooh. This is almost impossible. My favourite century of film. For today it will be ‘The Breakfast Club’, tomorrow it will be Platoon.  

    Your song talks about the PM and him being untrustworthy – thoughts on Boris.. and er Trump..
    ….I have no good words to say about them.

    Heh heh. Fair enough. If you enjoyed this – then please share, tweet and support.

    You can purchase Avalanche HERE! Watch the video again HERE!

    If you enjoyed this – then please share, tweet and support. Oh I just said that.

    Thanks for reading.. BeckiBXx

    #avalanche #blacklivesmatter @Artcha @clubfrshrz and distribution @believemusic_uk

    You can hear more from Artcha here:

    My albums #urbantalesvol1 and #urbantalesvol2 are now on my

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