I went to Super Color Super this weekend in Hongdae Seoul, South Korea to check out some new music and caught up with Bamseoum Pirates an angry grindcore band from South Korea. We had a little chat about what inspired their music..


Round two!! Jisan Rock Festival: South Korea… placed spectacularly in the valley, you couldn’t ask for a more visually pleasing setting to enjoy the likes of Pet Shop Boys, Muse and Massive Attack.. ! After we got our (way too) many wrist bands required for entering the premises we managed to erect our tent next to the swimming pool, a required pleasure in the 33 degree heat we would endure for the next three days. Jisan was a very different experience to Pentaport – the security was most definitely tighter and it seemed that none of the Korean press were getting interviews with the western artists. ‘We have problems.. we have problems’ I was told by some of the crew. Which seemed like a bit of a shame! On the Saturday night three people I knew had their passes cut off and were thrown out for jumping into the pool at night.. (although of course managed to get back in, in a James Bond action man type of way!) Yet in only it’s second year in production I can understand why Jisan are ensuring they are doing everything by the book.

The most frustrating part of a Korean festival is not being able to read the line up.. thankfully I was taken under the wing by some nice Koreans, who shared their makali (white rice wine) and introduced me to Sister’s Barber Shop, The Comeon’s and Kingston Rudieska.. (go youtube “Kingston Rudieska: My Cotton Candy” this is slowly becoming my favourite song at the moment). I also saw The Pet Shop Boys whose performance was really entertaining…. Martina Topley Bird joined Massive Attack on stage and she has an amazing voice. I have no idea what the Korean says in the slideshow above but they are shots from the Massive Attack light show.. (anyone? anyone?)

So anyway enough rambling for now: I hope you enjoy my video.. be prepared as you will witness the best dancing I have ever seen.. and thanks to Lauren Mc Gee who helped me do some of the filming.

Becki B x


Korea known to some as ‘Land of the Morning Calm’…. is home to over 50 million people and is one of the most ethnically homogeneous societies (apparently)..

I’ve currently been in South Korea for just a little over a month now and it’s been a series of ups and downs.. at first I wasn’t sure what to think, the struggle to order food, not being able to converse with the locals and the vast amount of apartment blocks scared me. Not to mention the random voice that shouts out over the tannoy in my apartment from time to time awaking me from deep slumber (although that is generally just annoying). One month in and I’ve found everything is steadily becoming more exciting as I immerse myself in Korean culture. I can now order a few dishes meaning that I no longer am stuck eating fast food (I was too afraid of unknowingly eating dog which actually is not as common as first thought), I love Bibimbap (hate Kimchi) and getting around is becoming easier as I am slowly getting to grips with the transport system (ok ok.. taxi’s are very cheap).

So this weekend I went to my first Korean festival: Pentaport Rock Festival! A small event that had some big western names such as LCD Soundsystem, Ian Brown and Stereophonics.
[slideshow] I managed to find some other westerners that were also craving some good music and we ventured on down there looking forward to relaxing in the sun. We had only been at the festival a few hours, our feet up, admiring the Korean people from afar when a large entourage of men in suits walked through the centre looking pretty god damn out of place. Obviously, we went to find out who these people were and before we knew it a journalist (whose English was not very good) had literally ushered us into the tent for an interview with the lead man and the Korean press were snapping away. This was all very interesting and surreal. This man we were told was the Mayor of Incheon City – (where the festival is hosted and Korea’s third largest metropolis) and I suspect this entourage were his party. Incheon is not too far away from both Seoul and the DMZ and is also one of the cities of Korea that aims to attract foreign investment. Which explains quite a lot.. FYI: I live further south in a city called Cheongju which probably means nothing to you. As I stood talking to him I tried to imagine Boris Johnson walking through the centre of Latitude Festival, with many men in suits behind him. I believe English culture would not let this happen but then Korea is in a very different place.. (and I don’t mean on the map!)

We also had the opportunity to meet Hoobastank who were very gracious to give us an interview 20 minutes before they had to go on stage. In fact they seemed to have no stage fright whatsoever, which shows how long they’ve been around..! Anyway I love Hoobastank (I know a few of you out there don’t… Phonebooth..) but each to their own! LCD also put on a great show, and it was a shame we didn’t get an interview… but one of the best parts of the night for me was partying to Astro Voize and wandering around the site witnessing really drunk Korean’s.. sorry but my camera was safely locked away at that point.

Check out my video report!

Next week Becki is very much looking forward to attending Jisan Festival and hopes that the mosquitos keep away..BECAUSE I AM IN SOOO MUCH PAIN!!


Hallo there ohdearyme readers. I’m blogging to you from my bed… yes. I’ve had the dreaded swine flu. The horrible thing about it is that I was only in Athens for two day. I swiftly started to detoriate into a sweaty mess. Which was ever so strange considering girls don’t sweat. *Shock*. I didn’t know what was happening! Luckily my camera mate Michael was on hand to head on down to the festival to do some filming and this is what we managed to piece together of our experience. It was a shame we didn’t get to i/v Linkin Park but in the end… it doesn’t even mattuuuurghhhh(true Linkin Park fans would get that). And I did so much research too – I swear to Pinocchio I was ready to sing every track they’d ever written back at them..

The best thing about having swine flu is that you have a great excuse to not leave the house (a doctor’s note for one ordering you into isolation) so you get to watch lots of films. Whooohoooo this is my Swine Flu list –

Revolutionary Road – (Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet) – Jesus. Well. This has put me off marriage I can tell you. It’s definitely worth a watch.. the pair act the hell of being cooped up in a claustrophobic suburban relationship very well indeed. Bit depressing. In fact every bloody film I watched had a depressive air about it. Anyone making happy movies still? This will get an 8 because it’s brilliant but won’t lift your flu’y spirits. next up:
Hunger – by Steve McQueen – The cinematography in this film is amazing, although I think this is made for experiencing at the cinema. You need no other distractions so that you can concentrate fully on the dialogue that is offered. And my housemate started hoovering right at the part where there is a 20 minute static dialogue only shot.. (I know I know!!). So this is an 7.9 I’m afraid. It’s important viewing for another time. Probably cinema based to be honest…However, it will certainly make you appreciate your freedom.
Rachel Getting Married – with Anne Hathaway – this was meant to be my chick flick movie. But oh god little did I know it’s about bleeding drug addiction. Another depressing film then!! Some shots were totally unneccessary and dragged the film out for far too long.. an ok watch. I will give it a 6.5 – easy swine flu watching – passes the time.
Frost/Nixon – this film is brilliant. I would definitely recommend this. The cover makes it look soooo boring (terrible rule I know but we all do it) but this is an essential DVD rental. Frank Langella plays Nixon brilliantly and his facial expressions are undeniably charming. Michael Sheen pulls off the likeable TV presenter act – I wonder if he didn’t base it loosely on Austin Powers this is TEN OUT OF TEN RENT IT NOW ..


This is the video I created (presented/edited/directed) for the Moby gig in Malta that I went to – with interviews from Deadmau5, Ira Losco and Wintermoods

Chk it – rate it .. forward it SUPPORT IT!!!

Becki x

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