Food is an important part of a balanced diet. (Fran Lebowitz)

Good food and good music. Two of my favourite things. Together – in a field – with the sun shining. What more could you ask for really? This weekend featured the first ever Big Feastival hosted by the nations much loved Jamie Oliver. Featuring acts such as Norman Jay, Roots Manuva, Scoundrels, The Special K’s, Saint Saviour and Athlete – the festival offers a range for all – cookery tips, a taste walk – and some of the most prestigious restaurants offering their most tasty dishes to try. Rich food and talented musicians in a field. Roots Manuva pulled in a dedicated crowd, Norman Jay was on the decks funking it up, and Shake Aletti perhaps slightly misplaced on the lineup opened the Friday to an empty field. Taking this in their stride – they performed a blinding set to me, my cameraman Dariush (thanks for his help) and their girlfriend.. I felt so lucky.

The Scoundrels absolutely blew me away on the Saturday afternoon – and if you have not heard these guys then I really do urge you to go see them before they are eating cavier and drinking champagne with…Kate Moss. They have just ‘dropped’ their self titled debut album so get on it! Unfortunately my mic broke during the interview – but they did promise me on camera – that should they reach great heights – that they would probably keep it real.

So anyway – off I went in my new comfy Desert Suede shoes that Clarks Originals had most kindly sent me through the post – (very suitable for a festival – height and comfort all in one shoe – amazing!) to be a food blogger for the day… here are some visits to some random high street food chains (Greggs/kebab shop/Roosters Spot) and interviews with Jamie Oliver, Saint Saviour, Scoundrels, Shake Aletti, Celeb chef Theo Randall and…. AND Norman Jay MBE!

I also have a message from The Special K’s: they are not.. I repeat NOT.. sponsored by Kelloggs.

More interviews coming soon…

FREE DOWNLOAD/MIX from Shake Aletti:

Scoundrels soundcloud:



The Inspiration Series TALKS CANCER

Let’s face it. It’s not a joyous topic. But fact of the matter is – whether you like it or not – it affects one in three of us. We headed down to the Big Mix in Shoreditch to have a chat to Treetop Flyers, Newton Faulkner, CocknBullKid, Kid British, Clare Maguire, The Pipettes, Yunioshi, and Tracy the Information Officer to find out a little more about this global disease and to hopefully get a few tips on how to live life a little more healthily.

This video has been created with the upmost care and is meant to be a light hearted discussion about what is a heart wrenching disease. We hope that it does not offend and that it merely exposes the fact that no matter who you are/how famous one is/what you do – no one is unaffected. The tips offered are not guaranteed to be a prevention and are only a suggestion on how to look after oneself.

If you need more information please contact 0808 808 00 00

Thanks to Stephane Massey on camera and everyone else that helped out!
Thanks Becki Bx



A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and goes to bed at night and in between does what he wants to do Bob Dylan

I had a very strange experience yesterday. I woke up – got out of bed and had a burning desire to put Alicia Keys ‘Empire State of Mind’ on repeat. Not a usual song that I normally turn to I must admit (although I do love it so).  Later that day I was walking through Camden – on my way home from a volunteer placement I do with ex offenders. It had been an emotional day as one of the ladies had written me a lovely card and I wouldn’t be seeing her anymore. Whilst walking with my friend we happened to pass the Roundhouse. There was a small crowd gathered so we stopped and enquired as to whom was performing there. Alicia Keys. ‘Wow, that’s strange..’ I thought to myself as I stood outside.  At this point my friend asked if we should go in. Thinking it must be ‘fate’ we went forth and five minutes later happened to be inside the Roundhouse watching Alicia Keys perform ‘Empire State of Mind’ on stage for her charity ‘Keep A Child Alive’ which she was raising money for. 

Surrounded by drunken press and drunken rich people enjoying the show and quite rightly donating their cash to this amazing charity Alicia co-founded and with no idea who most of the designers/models were we decided that – fate being fate I should at least document the experience and embrace the anonymity of ohDearyme. To help bridge the gap in the social divide if you like. For one night only I would become a fashonista vlogger. There were designers I had never heard of and brands I could never afford (the designer deLaCour sells his watches for 30k. I mean 30k. Imagine if you broke that). 

So thanks to all the people who were ambushed/interviewed for a mini ohDearyme vlog. I leave you with the words from Leigh Blake – President and Buddhist of Keep A Child Alive who states ‘When you know your purpose stick to it. Expand it. Love the power you have to create change in the world around you’.

(sorry about the sound quality – it was very loud – and I was shouting)

And remember people – first comes style – then comes fashion…

Thanks to Ken Cheung on camera.

Peace out/one love Becki Bx


The Inspiration Series – A Day Out With Chilly Gonzales (Isle of Wight Festival 2011)

I believe in getting into hot water; it keeps you clean.  ~ G.K. Chesterton

The sun was shining – my camera packed and my bog standard train ticket booked. Where was I going? I was accompanying Mr Chilly Gonzales to the Isle of Wight Festival. Kind of like a fun day out thing together! There were promises of ice cream, balloons and artist buggies. For one day (only?) I would experience a festival from the point of view of an artist. There was just one condition…. not to film him with his glasses on. Fine. Simple. I could do that.

I had gone all of ten minutes down the road positive that the day was going to go just great – when I had a phone call from my camera guy who had been in a car accident.

Although in a lot of pain and with a written off car – thankfully he was ok. In true ohDearyme style it was decided that the show must go on..

(Dariush the cameraman post accident)

So with the occasional help from the public as camera assistants (thank you thank you!) here is my video of my wonderful day out as a VIP artist at Isle of Wight Festival! Also featuring hula hoop tips from Marawa the Amazing – (recently of BGT fame), VanGuard and exerts from Chilly’s new album ‘The Unspeakable Chilly Gonzales’ which was released just recently on the 6th June…(Thank you to Nick Crook and Creative Recreation for the shoes (competition prize).


‘Supervillain Music’ from The Unspeakable Chilly Gonzales:

More VanGuard tracks


THE INSPIRATION SERIES goes to Wychwood Festival 2011


FIRST FESTIVAL OF THE SUMMER – Wychwood Festival 2011 – a family festival based in Cheltenham, a gentle ease into the summer and a fantastic start for those who like clean toilets – space and to be able to watch a band without getting urine thrown in your face…yes – I think the words I might choose to describe it would be ‘clean, tidy and respectable’. They even had hot showers. My only real gripe being the festival transport being pretty much nil (I had to grab a lift from some strangers to the bus terminal – a nice friendly couple – but throughout the very short journey I had convinced myself they were Rosemary and Fred West and I was to be buried beneath a blossom tree – there’s being eco friendly and there’s being safe ya get me? I guess a vivid imagination could be life saving)

But anyway – I’m still alive! Yay! They were nice lovely citizens after all! Yay! Here’s an edit of the joyous occasion. Interviews featuring My First Tooth, Pandas and People, Robyn Hitchcock and Mark Morriss of The Bluetones. To save arguments I have written them in no order of importance or preference.

Special thanks to the ever talented Dean Anderson and Dariush Rashidi – for Camera work and Co-Direction!

This blog post has been kindly sponsored by Kathmandu who donated me some camping equipment so we could make this happen… thanks to Luke and Steph from Kathmandu!…. awesome!

This weekend will be a new adventure…

Becki Bx

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