How would Beyoncé deal with getting dumped, the topic of depression or having to break up her little brothers poo with a stick?

Luisa Omielan’s sell out show – for good reason.. is an hour and a half of witty, down to earth, real issues most ladies have probably experienced at one time or another during their lives – the “What Would Beyonce Do?” is an uplifting, side splitting celebration of womanhood…

It’s hard to imagine Luisa suffering from low confidence or having trouble attracting a man as she twerks proudly on stage in her tight clad leggings and glittery crop top. Luisa pushes the boundaries of what might not be deemed ‘acceptable’ as a young woman to talk about.. “my dear girl.. we don’t talk about such things…” and these are conversations that need having. After all..“girls run the world..” er…don’t we? Topics such as equality are subtly, cleverly and humorously addressed as is the ridiculousness of the confusing media messages women are fed on a daily basis (I know… how do you make that funny? But oh she does…).

Luisa is a fresh, young brilliant voice for gender equality – delivering one of the best comedy shows I have seen – relatable and quirky – Luisa Omielan is my new heroine. If you’ve not been you’ve missed a real treat… a ten out of ten show…

Luisa’s next show with be out in February titled ‘Am I Right Ladies’… Im so like.. totally there. #amIrightladies #whatwouldbeyoncedo #ohdearyme


COMEDY: Jim Campbell

It was about five years ago I first saw Jim Campbell perform. We both worked at one of the biggest media corporations and were both sitting on the bottom rung of the career ladder. Looking up. Work (pre recession times) put a James Bond themed party on at the Tower of London laden with chocolate fountains and… free booze and once a year (and once a year only!) us young un’s had the opportunity to mingle in amongst the big bosses. Yes. Twas the work Xmas party.

I had only seen Jim from afar sitting at his desk and he struck me as a still, quiet, studious young man. It was a few hours in at the Xmas party when the typical network banter of “hello nice to meet you”, “what do you do blah blah blah’s” had been tired out and as people became more inebriated their true personalities were starting to leak through and anyone with any sense had booked a cab home. But alas – we were too young to be so… wise. And like a true performer stepping up the networking game Jim broke the norm of work conversation with a “hey I have a rap song for you listen to this”. And thank god. And that was it – this boy/man who I’d only known for ten/fifteen minutes was standing before myself and his boss rapping a song he’d written. I was impressed. And I watched on agape with perverse wonderment. Five years on – that rap has changed, twisted and moulded (it’s probably not even the same rap but the point is the man’s still rapping) and Jim Campbell now stands before us on stage with his latest show ‘Nine Year Old Man’. So good is this show that it was awarded one of the top ten shows of the Edinburgh festival in the Amused Moose Laughter Awards. Witnessing thirty minutes of it tonight at the Soho Theatre in Dean St, I sat amongst an audience enthralled at Jim’s tales about the trials and tribulations of reaching adulthood, the wonders of being an Essex boy, being attacked by Lilt cans and having rap stand off battles with today’s youth. This show really is very very funny, and Mr Campbell delivers a seamless performance proving five years of practice has definitely made perfect. Go forth and book tickets! It’s genius with balls. Hmmmm. Pun not intended.

For details of future shows click HERE.

Follow Jim (after you follow me @ohDearyme) at @JimCampbellTFR

Ta ra!x


We all had a crush on Phillip Schofield as a kid. Didn’t we? Well admittedly I was always a bit in between Phillip and Kermit the Frog myself. A hybrid. Mash up version. That was my bedroom wall. Here is the excellent award winning comedian – Vikki Stone singing to Phillip Schofield himself.


Catch her debut show at the Soho Theatre on Fri 16 & Sat 17 March, 9.45pm.

Last night I went to see Beth Jeans Houghton and the Hooves of Destiny supported by talented musicians Goodnight Lenin at the trendy Hoxton Bar and Grill.

That’s Goodnight Lenin. On stage.. and they really are very good.

It was a sold out show from Beth and her band – the Hooves of Destiny. My friend did make me chuckle when she asked why have they got lungs all over their equipment? They’re hooves I replied. Hoooooves. Beth is definitely the captain sailing this ship – rocking a Gwen Stefani/Courtney Love style both boys and girls were mesmerised by her flawless onstage presence. There is a lot of talent there – but I do wonder if there are enough diverse songs.

That’s Beth.

My favourite part of the set was when she got the boys to do a 50’s style oooh aaaaah song.

Watch the film by Juan Iglesias for the song Atlas here:

Becki Bx

LINKS: Goodnight Lenin

Beth Jeans Houghton Tumblr

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