This is the 2nd offering from feel-good synth puristic pop duo ‘Great Good Fine Ok’ called ‘Not Going Home’.

Speaking about their music, Great Good Fine OK had to say “‘You’re the One for Me’ was written in a really organic, exciting way, inspired by time and the intensity and vulnerability of life and love.  We had absolutely no expectations. We’ve been totally humbled and honored by the love we’ve received from people all over the world.  ‘Not Going Home’ was written in a similar way. This time about not taking chances on being happy and living your dreams. You’ve got to fight for it. This song means a whole lot to us and we couldn’t be more excited to share it!”

The 2-piece outfit last year dropped single You’re The One For Me which went on to prove a huge online success within the blogging community, reaching no.1 on Hype Machine no less than 3 times, whilst clocking-up 500,000 plays in under half a year on Soundcloud. Listen to that here:

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Enjoy, Beckix



I’m not really one for talking about my dating escapades. Online. Kinda personal stuff isn’t it? However.. with a few disastrous dates behind me – I’ve been reflecting recently on the kind of men I seem to attract. So I thought I’d do bit of a blog on them. Not all of them at once though. Also. I’ve just watched Girls and to be fair perhaps I need to ditch a bit of this British prudism I seem to be carrying around. Also my mate said it would be funny so here goes.

Let’s talk about MAN NUMBER ONE. In this instant… I’ll call him Louis. Oh Louis..

I met this guy… on NYE. He was (or is cos he’s not dead) a little older than I.. he’d studied at Oxford (sexy no?) and looked just like Louis Theroux (hence the nickname). So after a few smiles and teasing a coffee that would turn into dinner was booked in to the diary. We met up a few times…as friends, but there was an underlying attraction. We met up for coffee one evening…and I’m not really sure what led me to ask this question… but the words just spilled out of my mouth.. ‘So…have you ever slept with a prostitute?’. ‘Yeah’ he bluntly replied.

Very honest. I was shocked. I hadn’t actually had a man be so brutally and directly honest with me.

‘What? Really?! How many!?’… I enquired…with my mouth a little agape at this point.  ‘Oh loads. Probably hundreds.. when I was living in the middle east.. it was more like girls who hung around and it wasn’t like giving them money directly they just hung about and we’d give them cash to buy things. But I got Gonorrhoea and that freaked me out so I came back’.

Wow. I was a little taken aback. At the sheer honesty. Grateful though. However…my brain had just taken him out of my ‘potential’ compartment and swiftly put him in the ‘no go’ area.  Which was a shame. But ya know. But saying that – we were only friends though right? And maybe I’d got it all wrong and he wasn’t interested in me at all. We sat uncomfortably opposite each other…’I kinda wish I hadn’t told you that…’ he said.

A few weeks later I got the text. The booty call text… it was late…he was drunk…  ‘wanna get a taxi to mine?’.

There’s open minded and then there’s.. open minded. Ya get me?

Oh Louis…Louis Louis Louis…oh dear…

ART NEWS: Date for the diary – Ben Oakley Gallery presents new works by David Bray and Mark Powell… 16th – 26th May

The Pen is front_2 (1)

MUSIC: Listen to CRYSTAL FIGHTERS ‘CAVE RAVE’ album sampler HERE which will be released on the 27th May:

FREE DOWNLOAD You & I (Gigamesh remix):

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Free download of the remix by Cadence Weapon  of forthcoming single ‘Brats’ from Liars.

Canadian born rap artist Cadence Weapon (aka Roland Pemberton) has also remixed the likes of Lil’ Wayne and Lady Sovereign as well as having been shortlisted for the Canadian Polaris Prize.

If you haven’t seen the video for ‘Conditioning’ from current and third album ‘Hope In Dirt City’ from Cadence – you should check it out:

Liars release the single ‘Brats’  which is out on 12″ and download on 15 October 2012 and includes remixes from Cadence WeaponVessel and David Scott Stone.

Check out the music video animated by Ian Cheng here:

For tour info etc chk the band website and more info on their new album ‘WIXIW’ HERE

More of Cadence Weapon HERE

Laters. Becki Bx


FREE DOWNLOAD: The Wilderness Of Manitoba  – The Ark

FREE DOWNLOAD ‘The Ark’ from Toronto based band The Wilderness of Manitoba. They’ve just released their new EP ‘Delaware House’… and will be playing in London at the Brixton Windmill on 31st July…

If that’s too chilled you can get something more upbeat from The Egg who describe themselves as ‘live rock-tronic house inspired dance music’. Their first single has just hit the streets and will be followed by the album ‘Something To Do’ later this summer… personally I love the remix from The C90S… check it out here:

Summertime is HERE… enjoy

Becki B Xx





I’m currently absorbed in new book ‘The Intern’ from novelist (and ex MTV colleague) Dillon Khan. The plot details the journey of a young man keen to make his mark in music television and his journey through the daily trials and tribulations/hopes and dreams of working in such a competitive field. Whilst this book is a fictitious novel (disclaimer noted) I cannot help but wonder how much is based on actual imagination. The picture painted by writer Dillon feels very true to life so much so I can almost touch Jay-Z from my sofa. If you’re sitting there wondering about doing an internship yourself – or would like an insight in to working in the music industry then this book is an excellent starting point. Full of humour – Dillon’s writing helps the reader swiftly become part of the Total Beats team.

On a personal level –  and being a past intern on MTV2 (with an all boy team) this book has taken me on a trip down memory lane. My personal highlights of being an intern include all of the following:

– Flirting with the boys in the bands. NOTE: Dating musicians = BAD. Flirting with musicians = FUN. (Jamie Oliver’s wife has it all figured out – chef’s are the way forward but beware of dating a feeder).
Getting to go on tour with the team – although being the only girl on an all boy bus had it’s tribulations. The worst part? Being hungover with severe period pains and not really being able to mention it…“I am a female warrior…and I can party just as hard…”. Really.
– The MTV parties. Oh! The parties!
– What it’s all about… the music.

Sigh. Funny times. So yes.. you think you wanna be an intern? I advise you read The Intern first. Because you just might not be able to handle it.

And courtesy of King Charles here is a FREE DOWNLOAD of his track ‘Love Lust’ HERE


Ave a good un..
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