Here is a special preview of the amazing film Hollow by new director Rob Sorrenti…a moving story about addiction this is available to watch online only til the 1st January…currently doing a tour of the film festivals this is a special exclusive not to be missed! In fact… it’s so good I’m going to watch it again..

Hollow – Short Film from Rob Sorrenti on Vimeo.

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Affected by an article about babies born with heroin addiction and with two close friends suffering from the affliction, rising talent – Director Rob Sorrenti took it upon himself to explore and capture what is a tragic subject. A short film that from concept to completion took four years to finish, “Hollow” explores the idea that love isn’t always enough when it comes to getting clean.

Rob: ‘What I wanted “Hollow” to show was that hope can still exist even in the darkest of times and that it is possible for people who have lived in the dark to turn their lives around.’

Surrounding themselves with people from the addiction community Rob and co-writer Lee Thomas have managed to capture the very moving reality of addiction. Featuring a talented cast (Morven Christie and Martin McCann) the viewer might find it disturbingly easy to identify with what may sometimes seem like a far removed subject.

‘By accurately portraying the physical and psychological damages of addiction, Hollow will help audiences not only understand the problems addiction bring, but also the routes to recovery for the person involved.’

– AdFam, UK

An excellent and extremely moving film make sure this film is on your list of ones to watch at The Bristol Encounters Film Festival next month 16th – 20th November..

The film is presented in Programme: British 1: Out of Step – Screening 1: Wednesday 16 November 19:00pm, Watershed Cinema 3. And Screening 2: Friday 18 November 10:00am, Watershed Cinema 3.
Hollow facebook page

And if that wasn’t enough here is a little freebie for you..
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An excellent film by Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne The Kid With A Bike tells the story of an 11-year-old boy played by Thomas Doret who turns to a young woman Cecile de France after his father has abandoned him at a care home.

Filmed in the Meuse Valley, Belgium, this fly on the wall film captures the emotional and raw journey of rejection at such a young age. It is hard to believe that this is a new career path for the 13 year old Thomas Doret who plays the main part of 11 year old Cyril; an angsty and rebellious boy torn in several directions as he struggles to deal with the reality of his situation he is not always a likeable character. But Cyril is offered unconditional love by a young woman despite the trouble that he creates. This film is a raw look at both the good and bad in humanity without any overbearing fluffiness. An extremely honest and engaging look at life that kept me on the edge of my seat this really is film making at it’s best.

An ohDearyme thumbs up.

Other recommendations:
Last week Becki also watched Snowtown by director Justin Kurzel. Still in shock she might need a few counseling sessions before she can talk about the experience. Very well made. Very powerful. But very depressing. Watch it at your own peril!

I have no idea why you would want to own this film on DVD. But here’s the website if you should so want to:

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Featuring 180 films from 31 countries this festival showcases the best short film and animation talent from around the world. Offering five days of screenings, music guests and workshops if your a budding film maker or just a film buff this really is a treat not to be missed. With masterclasses from some of the top names in the industry (NFT/BAFTA). This is an excellent opportunity to network with the best of them. I witnessed a couple of the shorts on the opening night. One that really stood out was ‘God View’ by Director Billy Lumby – who has taken an interesting approach on the camera perspective (hence the name of the film). This is a story about a mentally unstable man called Phillip who lives in Hackney, East London. The POV follows the man around his neighborhood and reveals a story that will keep you on the edge of your seat. A brilliant well shot film with a chilling plot. Here is a taster:

And if that wasn’t enough to send shivers down your spine the Guardian posted the Murder Map of London Boroughs on their website which my friend so kindly sent to me..(thanks Stephane…thanks…),

For more information on the festival please visit their WEBSITE.

Put it in your diaries people!

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This time last year..I was sitting in a flat half way round the world..far too close to Kim Jong Il. Each day I would awake to the sound of a male voice coming over the tannoy.

Speaking in Korean – I had no idea what he was saying. But thankfully (and obviously) it was never anything too important.

I would turn on the TV. And sit..staring blankly as I flicked from Korean game show to Korean game show lost in the barrier called language.

I would then head to the bibimbap shop downstairs where I would eat my breakfast of ramen soup served by the same Korean lady conversing in only Ahn-nyung-ha-se-yo (hello) and Kamsamnida (thank you). Every day her gaze would be attached to the Korean drama on the television set and I would sit waiting for her to finish cooking – hypnotized by the visuals. Was this – the Korean version of Coronation Street? Perhaps that is the Korean Pat Butcher? Hmmmm….

That was the problem in Korea – it was hard to make sense of anything. The choice of film at the cinema would be only the recent Hollywood releases – the Korean films for obvious reasons not subtitled – and living in a small town meant getting hold of anything translated into English was impossible (I mean it took me a month for gawds sake to figure out the difference between the pink and blue bin bags wondering why every time I left the apartment the Janitor would run after me in the street when I disposed of them in which I now know to be the wrong place).

And so I am quite excited about the London Korean Film Festival that will be running from the 3rd to the 17th November.

Not only does the festival host the best in Korean film but it also promises a range of subjects – from the North and South divide to light hearted comedies. It includes one of Cannes prize winners Ki Kim Duk’s ‘Arirang’ and a premiere of Arrow The Ultimate Weapon. On the opening night there will be also be a K Pop performance (YES! Korean Pop Stars! In London!) but who it will be is yet to be confirmed… Shinee? Super Junior? Generation Girls? The girls at my old school will be most jealous. But most of all I’m looking forward to being able to understand what’s actually going on instead of making the story up in my head. So…Korea – I welcome you to my world!

Here is the trailer for the film Sunny ?? a light hearted comedy which will be shown during the festival:

They will… have subtitles right……?

See you there!


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