The Lucky One is a romance drama (released on Wednesday 2nd May 2012) starring Zac Efron as U.S Marine – Sergeant Logan Thibault who has just returned from his third tour in Iraq. During his final tour he finds a photo of a beautiful blonde haired girl called Beth (played by Taylor Schilling). He starts to view this photo as his lucky charm and when he returns to his home country he decides to seek out the girl that appears in it. But the girl he finds is not going to give him an easy time. Oh no. This self absorbed single mother is a treat em mean keep em keen kinda girl with a nasty ex. Or is she?

If you want something simple to watch then this film could be ‘the one’ for you. If you are a Zac Efron fan then there are plenty of lingering camera shots that light up and bring out the best of Zac’s blue eyes as he quite often stands there staring into space contemplating life (amazing job done by cinematographer Alar Kivilo).

On a mission: “I will find my love..! If not today.. then tomorrow!”

“But where could she be? And what is that smell?”

“Don’t worry mate…we’ll find her…”

“Oh look there she is. Frolicking in the field amongst the daisies and the buttercups…”

However, whilst I can appreciate Efron’s good looks it is simply not enough to keep me from cringing. I want more. Much more. But the story line is weak. Weak and predictable.

An ohDearyme cringe factor of five.

A film recommendation of 2 – passes the time.


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Once upon an adventure in Soho – I remember walking in to one of the back rooms of a sex shop. As I glanced up at the raunchy video playing out above my head a man came up close to me, smiled and leered ‘you like that do you…’ . Embarrassed and disgusted I turned on my heels and fled. Never to daringly grace those haunts again*. And since watching Paris based film ELLES today I feel quite grateful (to myself) for my own prudish qualities (ie I have never resorted to prostitution *phew*)

ELLES is an intimate and disturbing film about an investigative mother and journalist (played by Juliette Binoche) who is writing an article about student prostitution for ELLE. Aware that the film would be of a sexual nature – I found myself a little unprepared for the voyeuristic intimacy of the scenes. As I shrunk back in my seat I could hear the man sitting in front of me squirm uncomfortably as the camera zoomed in on some erotic licking. I had after all just watched Shame at the weekend – (which captures the other side of the fence – a man lost in an unhappy merry-go-round of sex addiction) but in comparison ELLES is a far more challenging and less obvious film content wise. It explores the world of prostitution from the point of view of those who are not forced into prostitution but do it for a more pleasant lifestyle. What the film does well is capture the relationship built between the journalist and the two prostitutes.  The director Malgoska Szumowska – captures excellently – our ability as human beings to communicate and connect one to one despite the labels society puts upon us.. mother…journalist…prostitute…whore…waiter…banker. Put this film in your ones to watch…(much better than Shame) an ohDearyme 4/5.


Enjoy Becki Bx

*This is slight lie – my first trip to London aged 17 was with Stratford College and did consist of running off and attending a sex show with my friend Jamie (easily led). All college trips were banned after that. And for that I am sorry. The show wasn’t even that good! And we were thrown out – for being underage.  



Awesome robe. Where would we find one?

Released on Monday the 2nd April – Mirror Mirror is a magical reimagining of the classic fairy tale Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Starring Julia Roberts as the wicked stepmother, Lily Collins as Snow White and Armie Hammer as the hot prince this film is worth watching for a bit of light hearted feel good swoonage. It’s fun, entertaining and actually… quite funny.

ohDearyme film rating: 3.5/5 – WORTH A WATCH!

MUSIC wise ohDearyme is strongly recommending Lights of London which is the second single from the debut album from Jack Robert Hardman. Due for release on the 14th May it’s an upbeat, quirky pop tune about the relentless desire to reach the big city lights. LOVE it.

Preorder his album HERE

TONIGHT: very much looking forward to seeing Substance Misuse – The Musical put on by The Outside Edge Theatre Company – a theatre company that works with people who have been affected by addiction. Learn more about them HERE.

So MUCH to do so much to SEE…
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‘I used to be a Dick.. but I’m trying to be more of a Richard’

An observational documentary by Joshua Neale capturing the life of one charming man Dick Kuchera. Dick is on a path chasing redemption. On his 20-year path to recovery from alcoholism he is stuck at steps eight and nine of a 12-step program – to make amends to everyone he has upset for the last 50 years.

Director Joshua Neale has done an excellent job at capturing on camera the uncomfortable situation of Dick apologising to past ex wives and friends for his previous ego driven actions. This documentary is good at taking the audience on a journey through the good and bad of Dick’s personality traits and capturing not only Dick’s past but his current life too.

The most likable and clued up character in this documentary is the son of the current woman Dick is dating. A total lack of regard for boundaries Dick states to him ‘I’m gonna do something kinky to your mother’. You see Dick is a charming man. But one does have to wonder whether this documentary simply feeds Dick’s self centred behaviour. Whether he really does mean the apologies. I’d have to side with the son… when defeated by Dick’s actions he nonchalantly turns to camera and say’s ‘the bastards too good at getting people to do what he wants’. Hmmmm. You can catch this on BBC4 for the Storyville ‘Survivors’ season broadcast – January 9th at 10pm.

On my list of one’s to watch I would highly recommend Oprah’s Lifeclass’ on These are brilliant self exploratory classes go watch here

I’m currently addicted to this by Gotye ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’. Gotye will celebrate the release of Making Mirrors in the UK with an intimate show at Wilton’s Music Hall on 13th February 2012.

It’s the Brits 2012 this year I will be attending after winning the Brit Girl Competition with Company magazine. I’ve been looking at dresses… and ideally.. I want this one..

Isn’t it gorgeous? What would you wear. If money was no object? Tweet me… @ohDearyme

Link to Company page

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‘I don’t read much of other people’s work. Maybe I should. Maybe I’m missing something. I’m learning so much from this experience, from the way people are responding to my work. It’s teaching me a lot. I feel good that I wasn’t wrong. I’ve been on this track for so long and I haven’t been that successful in Japan. But now some people are getting it. It’s very gratifying.‘ Yoshihiro Tatsumi

Released on the 13th January, Tatsumi is the new animiated drama film from Singaporean Director Eric Khoo. The film interweaves five shorter stories and the better known 800 page manga memoir ‘A Drifting Life’ by now 77 yr old Japanese manga artist Yoshihiro Tatsumi.


The film takes the audience on a dramatic journey of Tatsumi’s life from the 1960’s – 1980’s and is set in post war Japan. It is a dark humourous play on the cruel reality of life, sometimes shocking.. sometimes a little disturbing, this is an incredibly well made, entertaining and beautifully crafted film which I guess is why it has been selected as the Singaporean entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 84th Academy Awards (which takes place on the February 26, 2012…ohDearyme wishes it the greatest luck!).

Please note: a strong background/interest in manga/animation is not required for the viewing of this film…so do make it a one to watch!

Picture of Director Eric Khoo (left) and me!

FACT: Tatsumi coined the term gekiga in 1957 which means ‘dramatic pictures’. This would be a movement that would launch the alternative comics scene in Japan.

You can book to watch the film here

If that has you wanting to know more about the medium of comics here is a mini interview with Paul Gravett editor of 1001 Comics You Must Read Before You Die

How/when did you get into comics and what is it about them that you find appealing?
It was TV that got me into comics first – Thunderbirds, Tintin and Batman shows led me to discover their original comics and from there I was hooked. I love how comics stimulate both sides of my brain, make me read and look at the same time and fill the gaps between the panels – and then the stories and emotions they create.

What is your favourite comic and why?
Impossible to choose just one. All I can give you is my favourite right now, this instance, which is a manga called Saint Oniisan (pictured below) about Jesus and Buddha coming down to present-day Earth and renting a Tokyo apartment for their holidays, it’s hilarious and utterly original.

You’ve just finished editing ‘1001 Comics’ tell us more about the content…
The first 500 entries cover more than a century, from 1837 to around 1985, the last 501 entries cover the last 25 years or so. That reflects how many amazing, innovative comics have been produced all over the world in these recent years. This is connected to the rise of women’s role as comics authors and to the medium expanding from traditional genres and tackling every subject you can imagine.

Do you think the traditional medium of the comic can survive the increasing desire for virtual reality… how/why?
Comics are already working brilliantly online and as apps, and at the same time we’re also seeing a renewed appreciation of the beauty of books as tactile objects, graphic novels with fantastic production and design, and the return of the hand-crafted. Comics are our oldest storytelling form… right back to cave paintings, so they can survive anything and will evolve as they have always done as technology changes.

What did you enjoy about the Tatsumi film?
I especially enjoyed the chance to get to know the man behind the manga and appreciate what drives someone to devote themselves to their life’s dream of making powerful stories in their own unique way. It proves the secret power of comics – one person, with pen or pixels, can make a reader react emotionally to something as ‘simple’ as motionless, silent drawings and words on a page.

Paul Gravell Website

Check out work from aspiring cartoonist: Mike Medaglia here

In other news… I have fallen in love with this by Charles Bradley ‘The World (Is Going Up In Flames):

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