BEN ROBINSON INTRODUCES: #blackmusicmonth Vol. 1

Sit back. Switch off Lorraine Kelly.. And kick back with your favourite drink as Ben Robinson attempts to educate with his series of videos on black culture. From Philadelphia Ben Robinson is a new guest writer/blogger on ohDearyme, currently residing in Atlanta in the US.

As a black gay man surviving America’s nightmare Ben has dedicated this time in history towards educating people about the beauty of black culture, whether they want to hear it or not.

I met Ben through my content on ohDearyme – whilst competing in a worldwide competition where we were selected and finalised to the last few. It was over ten years ago now. When the internet was.. ‘kinda cool’. Trolling didn’t quite exist yet. Katie Hopkins hadn’t started out on twitter. Ben ‘came out’ to a few of us on the dancefloor. I have no idea how Ben felt disclosing that as he searched our faces for a reaction. There were a few of us from very different cultures from across the world all stuck together for a week getting drunk and trying to win a tour across the world. I wonder now, if I was a bit dismissive as I shrugged my shoulders and replied ‘oh’. But he is far better placed to talk about anything to do with #racism, being part of the LGBTQ+ community and indeed the #blacklivesmatter movement than most I’d say. Especially me.

” Through the power of words Ben is determined to encourage every black person to use their voices to combat the treachery of racism, and to never stop believing in the beauty that is our culture.”

So it is time Ben! The platform is yours. And hopefully the world is listening. And if not. Then I am.

You can follow Ben on Instagram @bentheoutspoken or email him at


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