Little is known about International Drinking Party, but here is what is known..
Earlier this year, somewhere in a British university, a group of international students enrolled in the EU’s ERASMUS programme decided to form a band. Being resourceful and not wishing to provide vocals for their music themselves, they asked a Danish girl from the modern language department to provide some lyrics. She did so in French, because, as she puts it the French are “tellement chic”.

The resulting piece of forward-thinking new-wave post-punk thrash-electro house found its way to another student, studying at a different university thousands of miles away. He used it as a backdrop to a YouTube video he made of a shamelessly exuberant house party he hosted. The video has since had thousands of views, with so many requests for a track ID that the newly formed band had no choice but to think about releasing ‘Desolee’ to the world. And now, the time as come.

After finding its way into clubs around Europe, ‘Desolee’ will now be released on June 9th. Meanwhile, the anonymous collective behind International Drinking Party are continuing to revise for their exams (and working on a suitably monster follow-up track).

Press play on ‘Desolee’ and join the movement.
Becki Bx
DISCLAIMER PART – REMEMBER: don’t drink if you don’t want. AND drink responsibly and all that.. DON’T shoot the messenger. It’s important yo.. 

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