moral red riding hood

“He sang as if it he knew me

In all my dark despair

And then he looked right through me

As if I wasn’t there

But he was there, this stranger

Singing clear and strong” Lori Lieberman ‘Killing Me Softly’

His ocean blue eyes sparkled in the sun, his features rugged… one couldn’t help but get a little lost in them.

“You know how to hold a stare” he smiled. “Hmmm.” I looked away. It was a hot sunny day and London was bustling happily along.

“So… I used to volunteer as a ChildLine worker. I wanted to give something back…because I had so much money…” he started.

“Oh that’s interesting” I said. Because it was… interesting. Seeing his green light he ventured into a variety of stories of how he’d helped many a young child. One story so upsetting… I had to actually hold a tear back.

“Oh God.. that’s so sad” I looked at him shocked.

“Yes then I had to meet the little girl… and I just hugged her and we cried”.

My mouth fell slightly agape. In the words of Lori Leiberman.. he was attempting to kill me softly with his song.

“Can I buy you a drink?” he asked. “Come inside away from the bedraggle for a minute”…

I looked at my friend happily chatting away. “Sure” I said. Inside we went.

“So.. I am actually married…” he stated staring.. intensely at me.

“Ok” I replied. Shifting my gaze to the other side of the room. Guessing where this tiresome chain of events was about to head.

He attempted to explain a stifled love affair. “But I’d never leave her” he stated with a wide eyed expression.

“But you would cheat?” I asked directly. Already knowing the answer.

“Yes. Without a doubt.”

His halo popped.

“Well I’d urge you to reconsider that decision.” I responded…slowly shutting down to his crap. And as I looked back at him… his blue eyes had turned a muddy grey…and his cunning charm showed itself as the devils tongue clinging at any opportunity to catch someone in a slick web of deceit.

“And I think we could be great…friends….!” he smiled attempting to use some magic.

But my cloak is thicker than that. “Yeah. Great.” I replied with enough gust to as not appear overtly sarcastic. Just enough to escape….


“Cunning grows in deceit at seeing itself discovered, and tries to deceive with truth itself.” Balthasar Gracian, The Art of Worldly Wisdom

Be good, BeckiBx

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