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I had worn glasses since I was about 7 years old and I always felt..well… a bit of a nerd. Yes, fair enough the nerd look is finally now fashionable… but it took a little too long for me..and I never really felt very sexy with glasses on. Especially during fitness sessions.

Laser eye surgery is something I considered for a pretty long time before I finally took the plunge. I would describe myself as an anxious person and pre operation I found myself scouring youtube and other social media sites for pro and con stories about the process. These, after all, are my eyes! I need them! Especially as someone who would describe themselves as a ‘visual learner’.

Also I do believe we should really do our homework when taking the plunge for something as serious as an eye operation.

So I posted an update on facebook asking if any friends had had the procedure done. It turned out actually a lot of them had. And thankfully 100 percent of the responses came back positive.

My next step was to attend the Optimax clinic for a test to see if I was suitable. It turned out I was suffering from dry eyes. I was gutted. Damn! Did this mean I couldn’t get it done after all? Contact lenses had always been a problem for me in life, drying up after a few hours – and making my eyes feel itchy and uncomfortable. After a chat with the optometrist – I was put on some dry eye drops, ordered to drink more water and take a fish oil supplement every day.

Three months later of diligently following Optimaxs’ advice – and cutting down coffee – I was ready to take the plunge. My eyes were cured of their dryness. So I was booked in for the operation. I was relieved. And excited. And scared.

The staff were extremely professional, putting me at ease about the operation and explaining the ins and outs. But in all honesty I was still quite scared. I’d never had an operation before.

My eyes were anaesthetized for the operation and as I lay on the operation table I stared diligently at the red beam staring back down at me. It was an odd feeling; being conscious during the event.

Seeing the movements and shadows above me, but not being able to feel a thing that was happening. It was an out of body experience. And it all was over so quick. A couple of minutes was all it took. If that.

“You can get up now”, the surgeon’s voice said to me.

I swung my legs up off the table, looked at the surgeon and stumbled in shock towards him. Perhaps to hug him in relief? I wasn’t quite sure what I was doing. But, I know I was feeling super-happy that I still had vision. My eyes focused on him and he smiled at me. I still had vision! Phew! Relief shuddered through my body.

Already anaesthetized, I was sure I wasn’t going to need the extra anaesthetic they issued me for my trip home.

“Try not to use all of it” the nurse said to me as I got into a taxi half an hour later. “Nah! I won’t need any!” I confidently said back.

By the end of the taxi ride home, I had started to experience some pain. But thankfully, it wasn’t unbearable pain.

The rest of my day was spent listening to meditation music as I wore cotton pads over my eyes. It was suggested that I chill, don’t cook and give myself a rest. A few days later my eyes had completely healed, and a few weeks later I had forgotten that I had ever worn glasses. And that’s been the strangest feeling of all. I wore glasses for almost thirty years of my life – and now I can honestly say… I have forgotten what that was like. It’s as if I’ve never needed them. A grateful and amazing experience. I am so happy with my new eyes. Thank you Optimax for giving me vision.

Becki Bx


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