We’d only met once. Now friends on Facebook we could peruse each others past lives to our hearts content. Not actually that fun to be honest. Talk about killing the mystery. I know everything before we might meet again. How crap is that? Gone are the days when one might sit beside the letterbox wondering if he has written a letter of prose to woo one. No. Now it is the world of the #selfie that has taken over. BEEP BEEP goes my inbox. I open the mail inquisitively and also excited. To find a picture of my potential date standing in his boxers. Oh. Ok. I scratch my head. Wondering how to reply.

Erm. ‘Nice pic’ I offer up. ‘Send me one back!” he responds. To be fair – it was a nice pic and he knew it. But that is not the point. I feel tempted to respond with a pic of myself dressed in my extremely thick polo neck jumper. Just for shits and giggles. But refrain. To be honest I feel a little confused by this interaction. Understanding that there is a fine line between building sexual attraction and coming across frigid. Such a horrible word.

I decide on ‘No fucking way!‘ as a response as I imagine the horrendous places a half naked picture could end up. And let’s face it there is only one thing a man wants when he’s sending pictures of himself in his boxer shorts. I try to change the subject instead… “Crap weather eh.” I say. Admittedly quite a boring subject change. But I find myself a little lost for words. And also a little offended. Although also quite interested in how many times this tactic has actually worked for a guy. Guys feel free to let me know the answer on that one… 

“What do you think of my muscles?” is all he replies. I find myself thinking… ‘what has social media gone and done to dating eh’.

And I decide… that men… men are a little bit weird. And I don’t think I’ll ever understand them.

oh Deary me eh. Oh dear.. indeed.

Becki Bx

#datingdiary #selfies #ohdearyme


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