I don’t really know why I felt the urge to comment on this. But. I do. Did. Do. Badeedadoo. Reasons why am not a singer… moving swiftly on… songstress Lily Allen recently stated in Shortlist

“Feminism. I hate that word because it shouldn’t even be a thing anymore. We’re all equal, everyone is equal so why is there even a conversation about feminism? What’s the man version of feminism? There isn’t even a word for it. There’s no reason for it. Menanism. Male-ism. It doesn’t exist.”

I really don’t understand… what she means. I really like Lily Allen.. as a musician. But I think it’s shame she feels the need to comment on something which quite clearly she lacks understanding about. Which is ok. Even I have to go home scratch my head sometimes and re-read up on certain topics. Don’t we all? But I’m not a singer in the spotlight. Making lots of money. Out of singing about the objectification. Of women. Sorry that was what the last video was about wasn’t it? It was Ms Allen who sang “No need to shake my arse for you cos I’ve got a brain”?. I think it’s really important for us to remember what feminism actually is:

Feminism is a commitment to achieving the equality of the sexes. This radical notion is not exclusive to women: men, while benefiting from being the dominant sex, also have a stake in overcoming the restrictive roles that deprive them of full humanity. In feminism –  those who stand to gain the most are actually those who have the least.

Feminism is the demand for full equality for all women, and because it does argue for gender equality, there are indeed many feminists fighting the corner for men’s liberation believing that it too is a necessary part of feminism and that men are also harmed by sexism and gender roles.

“Anytime stereotyping, objectification, infringements of human rights, or gender- or sexuality-based oppression occurs, it’s a feminist issue.”

So why does Lily Allen despise the word so much? Isn’t this where her biggest advocates lie? In feminism? Or did it just all come out really wrong? I believe, feminism in the modern world, can be quite misunderstood. But surely not if your main money source comes from singing about it?

Lastly Lily states “But I don’t think men are the enemy. I think women are the enemy.” Sad times.

And here is a quote by Frank Underwood, House of Cards:

“The road to power is paved with hypocrisy, and casualties.”

And I’ll leave it on this great video by Miss Representation ‘How the media failed women in 2013’

 Saying that, I have just read elsewhere, that Ms Allen was misquoted and said piece in shortlist came across wrong. Which I can believe. You can read that argument here

Who knows eh? Exactly. Who knows..


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