Running since the 30th October and finishing up on the 17th November the UK Jewish Film Festival is way under way. The festival itself features screenings of over 80 films and other special events across five cities – London, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool and Manchester.

If you don’t fancy stepping out you can view films on it’s special player which you can rent or buy HERE 

My pick of the festival so far is Afternoon Delight which screens on the 13th NovemberJill Soloway won Best Director at Sundance, this year, with this acutely observed drama on sexual relationships.

Storyline: Despite the trappings of a successful life (uber cute husband/son and Silver Lake home) Rachel, played by Kathryn Hahn, has lost all sense of self, purpose and libido. To kick-start the latter, she and her husband visit a strip club where she meets mesmeric sex worker McKenna (Juno Temple). Hoping to save McKenna, Rachel takes her home as a live-in nanny.

Although predictable in storyline (go on guess what’s going to happen… ) that’s by the by with this engaging tale of heartache, sexual frustration and relationship boredom. The film is excellent at depicting the psychological behaviours of a woman frustrated with her life “I’m sorry I put a bomb in the middle of our life” states Rachel to her husband. A little depressing, but an excellently engaging film…

Make sure check out the timetable HERE and get involved..

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