Russell Brand…loves to be at the centre of controversy. I found myself watching (like many people) the Newsnight Jeremy Paxman clip the other day and found an array of emotions emerge. Amusement, embarrassment, disdain, anger back to amusement again.

My facebook timeline had become infiltrated by the arguments of the people… “Russell Brand is an idiot”… “Russell Brand is a genius!”. “Read this about how dangerous he is!” “No like him like him!”. And I found myself thinking. Wow. Who the fuck is Russell Brand. To achieve this kind of result. So these are my thoughts on what I gaged from that interview:

*Mind rape – paranoia: Russell Brand is working for the conservatives and using his power to manipulate his fans/the public into NOT voting so that the conservatives get in again?

*Positive mind – benefit of doubt: he was struggling in the interview and was using humour to deflect his lack of strategy and comeback…quick! make a joke… about the beard and no one will notice…

*The idea of the revolution: Didn’t one happen just a few years back in England? Or no.. you’re right let’s erase that one from our minds. The more relevant question would be: how do we go about trying to focus the younger generations attention from not robbing Foot Locker during the cause… RADIO PRESENTER *And as the revolutionaries head down Oxford Street.. half of them have been lost to the power of window shopping*

*Apathy mind game: “Kids ain’t gonna vote anyway yo… ” but you are tho aren’t ya kiddo? Wink wink.

*Mr Brand “First and foremost I want to have a f***ing laugh.”. Well… lets remember that Mr Brand is a spiritualist. I suppose at the end of the day it’s how important you want to take life. This country could do with a little more study of ‘happiness’, ‘the meaning of life’ and ‘mindfulness’ as opposed to the culture we’re taught from the brutal mishandling from the corporate sphere. Mr Brand was merely highlighting that life’s a game. And that to win one can’t take it too seriously. Eckhart Tolle teaches… don’t take your thoughts too seriously, don’t take the ego too seriously and don’t take life too seriously. Be happy. Whatever the weather.

What I saw from that interview was a man who was winging it… admittedly so… “I just came from editing the Statesman give me a break”. But his charm and cheek is a winning combination. He is good at covering his nerves and he’s playing a game just as much as the ‘other’ politicians (shit Russell Brand is a politician now… I thought he was an actor? Oh I see where this is going…) using a new spin, taking a chance, and seeing how far he can get.

But this lady summed it up pretty well: A quote from Clare Fitpatrick Crank

“Those people who are already fortunate enough to be empowered, for whatever reason that might be – education, money, loving family – might not need Russell Brand to preach his word to them. But there are a million reasons to explain why not everyone has your same level of understanding or interest in affairs. It’s not important that he’s stating the obvious or flaunting under-developed ideas, what’s important is that he’s saying something and he’s going out of his way to be understood and engaging and visible on platforms which are relevant to people; all people, the rich, the poor, privileged and under-privileged. This is empowering those who need it. Because he’s relevant, spirited and humorous he’s captivating a helpfully wide audience. It’s admirable that he’s using his profile and popularity to speak directly to people who are not already capacitated and highlighting that they are as entitled as the next person. Less important, but still as impressive, he’s inspiring debate. Like this one. And all the others probably taking place right this minute – from those on facebook to the those in the school ground or in the pub. So his revolution has already begun. TEAM BRAND”

So in response to Huffington Posts ‘Not Only Daft but Dangerous’ article… to the point about ‘genuinely revolutionary movements’… ‘He would knuckle down to do really, really boring things, like handing out leaflets on street corners’ But no. He wouldn’t though would he. Because first… he ‘d try and engage with his audience. Through an interview. On Newsnight. Which he managed to blag. Which has gone viral. Far more powerful than old skool flyering. Not sure on his no vote strategy. But still. Is he any more dangerous than those in power? I thought he was being ironic. I didn’t take him seriously. Did you?

I mean… Russell Brand as Prime Minister?

Something that did annoy me about the interview, however was the constant battle between Paxman and Brand to be on the upper intellectual playing field. I mean can’t we just talk about it? Why do the clips on youtube have to be labelled ‘Russell Brand vs Jeremy Paxman’. Can’t they say something like “Russell and Jeremy having a chat and trying to come to a resolution on how we as a country can live a happier and more meaningful life…” or something. No. It will never happen. Oh… what’s the bloody point anyway… 😉

Enjoy your weekend.. Becki Bx


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