(Above is a video I shot for Optimax) 

Beep beep “I’ve just had my eyes lasered!” my friend texted.. “it’s brilliant!!” she exclaimed.

“Awesome!” I replied. I was happy for her “You should so get it done!” she commented.

“Would love to.. but can’t afford it…” I answered back.

This was one of those periods of life where a self esteem boost was required. If it was going to happen at all, ever, the time was now. I was living in a rough area of London where the only available shops are McDonalds, Burger King and Lidl. I was in the middle of a bankruptcy and had been diagnosed with OCD and depression. Life wasn’t… really going so great. It would only be so long before I might cave in to the unhealthy advertising that was visually bombarding me. But I would not surrender… I would not be beaten down by circumstance!

And so… I sat down with my friend, a few philosophy books and some paper and crayons. The meaning of life.. I started to scribble. To be happy. Surely. How to be happy.. I continued. Feel better in oneself. I carried on. How to get there.

“Philosophy, art, politics, religion and bohemia have never sought to do away entirely with the status hierarchy; they have attemptee, rather, to institute new kinds of hierarchies based on sets of values unrecognised by, and critical of, those of the majority.. They have provided us with persuasive and consoling reminders that there is more than one way of succeeding in life.” Alain de Botton, Status Anxiety

Oh thank god. I thought to myself. Accept. Embrace situation. I continued to write. To an extent. I thought.

I had only three things, a video camera, a laptop and a mobile phone. All of which I had won from various competitions.

And so I began devising ‘Nothing Ventured’.

Nothing Ventured is a strand that aims to look at the aspects required in order to live a happy ‘successful’ lifestyle and what that entails. With the help from the right places what can we achieve?

Sometimes.. we have to make our own opportunities in life. Whilst it is important to be grateful and content, I believe that opportunity can also lead to hope…and hope… hope is a good thing.

This first blog post is under the strand of Self Care and is dedicated to Optimax who have given me the opportunity to live life free of spectacles by sponsoring this video post.

“Opportunity does not knock it presents itself when you beat down the door” Kyle Chandler

Becki Bx

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