We rolled up on site a little disorganised, dishevelled and excited. “So who we interviewing then?” Mr Timm my cameraman asked.. “Erm.. not sure…” I shrugged. “What are we actually doing there? When’s the bit where we’re going to chill out and have some fun?”. “How about we start the fun part… right now?” I replied. My first Reading Festival experience was when I was 17 years old… and it felt surreal to be returning as a guest 15 years later. FIFTEEN YEARS! My god. A scary realisation. But my excitement was still as prevalent and as I watched Green Day headline onstage a part of me wished I hadn’t sold my guitar when I was young.

“Ladies and gentlemen next year 2014 will mark 20 years of ‘Dookie’ so we’re gonna play it from the back to the front.” shouted Billie Joe Armstrong. Lucky! I was 17 when me and a friend tried to get into a Green Day gig.. but we were turned away and forced to wait in the pub for our friends due to a lack of cash. We had pretended that our night had been way better than theirs. So finally. My time had come. 15 years later. I would finally see them perform. And the two hour set flew as the band carried us through hits such as Basket Case, She and Welcome to Paradise. It was totally awesome. And the bands talent was mindblowing. Myself and my camera guy Phil walked away exhilerated but slightly regretful. “I wish I’d learnt the guitar…” he said deep in thought. “Me too.” I replied. We reflected where we might have gone wrong on that path. The sheer talent of Green Day’s performance was mind blowing. “Practice and diligence isn’t it?” I said. “And never giving up…”… “Hmmm” Phil replied deep in thought…

The expectations of life depend upon diligence; the mechanic that would perfect his work must first sharpen his tools. Confucius

The dress I am wearing with the red bow can be found here at Fashion Union for £25! Snip.

My hair.. was dyed and trimmed by the Art Director Sian Quinn at Headmasters in Mayfair

hair transform

Now got to dash.. lots to do…bands to see… interviews to do… follow me and tweet me at @ohDearyme yo! Full interviews coming sooooon…

Becki Bx


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