I’d had a late night, babysitting my young nephew Alfie. He’d been running riot all evening. Perhaps I’d let him eat too much candy. He has an obsession with Superman but what young person doesn’t? He is after all a cult hero. But he’d seen the #manofsteel trailer and had since been busy reconstructing the flying scene for maybe a little under two hours. Here he is as Superman...(you don’t have to watch it all.. )

And so when I finally got to bed…and when Mr Sandman finally visited… I had a dream. A dream so vivid…I managed to capture it via a dreamcatcher, download it and then upload it to YouTube. Clever huh? ZzzzZzZzzz

943608_10151701685661241_540249853_n9:20am check emails. Spam, spam…. press releases….some more spam… oh this one looks interesting. What’s this… “BECKI BURROWS AKA LOIS LANE AKA SUPERGIRL NOKIA NEEDS YOU #MANOFSTEEL PREMIERE”. Oh. Wow. I’d never been invited to a premiere before. I reply.. “Will Henry Cavill be there…? I mean. Superman…will he… will he be there?”.

Two days later I am sitting in the central office of the CNN building. Five high profile film bloggers. And me. One thing was for sure… these guys knew there kryptonite from their er sticky rock. And they weren’t shy to this red carpet business. I got out my trusty reporters pad… “What is it you need from us?” I smiled at the press guy…

We undertook an intensive hour of some military style CNN red carpet training. But the main point I heard was “Aim for the stars! Or the star…even. Yep. He’s your man”. All eyes of the night, would of course be on Mr Cavill. The new fresh, redesigned Superman and star of the new movie. Armed with a #Nokia 920 we six bloggers team marched down to Leicester Square. We were well prepared. #Nokia had not been silly enough to trust the British weather. They’d supplied us with special reporter backpacks, filled with everything a journalist needs. The essentials – water bottle (yes us humans need water), kryptonite USB stick and essentially a rain mac. Because as predicted half way through the red carpet announcements a black cloud blanketed the City of London, pouring down it’s acid rain from the guts of its belly. The force of Zod perhaps? I could almost the echo’s of his laugh. Almost.

And so this… was my red carpet experience:

WHAT I THOUGHT OF THE FILM: Well. I enjoyed Man of Steel. Time ‘flew’ and I found myself on the edge of my seat for many of the scenes. It’s a fun, action packed film and Henry Cavill does an excellent job at filling the shoes of what is a cult hero. I did find myself amused at the shot of the lingering close up of Mr Cavills ripped stomach as he holds up a helicopter at the beginning of the movie (yes that scene stood out) and I did find myself wondering if that was really necessary. I’m not sure the original Superman would have approved of his body being portrayed in such a manner. However, despite that I did appreciate it. The new updated version is definitely a raunchier, sexier culmination of all the Superman’s. But as they say ‘compare and despair’, and my only advice would be to simply enjoy the film for what it’s meant to be. Man of Steel brings a more philosophical approach to the life of a superhero – and the lingering shot of a young Clark Kent with his Plato book leaves me with this final thought fittingly by Plato himself: “good actions give strength to ourselves and inspire good actions in others”. 

Superman. An aspirational character. For us all. A fun packed film. Enjoy it!

Man of Steel Poster


Actor Michael Shannon who plays the villain stops by to say hi… 












Catch the film in cinemas today!

Thank you to Green People who sent me some of their organic mineral makeup to try out (black eyeshadow as worn on the carpet). Their products are over 90 percent natural and organic – and to be honest I couldn’t tell the difference between my usual high street brand – thank you!

Becki Bxx

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