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Ok so I feel a bit guilty about depressing you so much with my last blog. So I thought I’d cheer it up a bit. This is one of my favourite dating diary memories…

I’d only met this guy about twice. He lived about an hours drive from my house. One night he sent me a text “can I come over just for a kiss?”. It was half ten at night. And I didn’t want him thinking he could stay. “It’s late, it’s dark, its….” I came up with all the excuses as to why it was not a sensible idea. “No. No. No” was my answer “Just a kiss” he pushed. Just a kiss. He promised. I gave in. “Ok” I replied. It was far for him to come so late. And also I was living on a really dodgy estate in Peckham and I was unsure I wanted him to see where I lived (I know! I know terrible materialistic thinking – it shouldn’t matter an all that..). An hour later I pulled my slippers on and walked out my front door.


I was a little shocked. I don’t know exactly what type of car it was but it looked out of place in front of my house. Oh my GOD!!! I cringed to myself (oh my god the state of me not the state of the car). He pulled up slowly to my humble abode.


He got out the car. “Hello” he smiled. He leaned in and kissed me. At this point a drunk man happened to be walking past.“Ahhhh BEAUTIFUL!!!” he shouted… “nice to see a bit of romance around here!!”. There was a pause in the air. Then.. we all burst out laughing. And with that he got back in his car as promised and drove away. Away…  into the night.

It’s hard to pinpoint why it didn’t really work out with this guy. I think perhaps because we were just too different. But. It was a really nice way to be treated and will always make me smile. Never give up on romantic gestures.

“Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does” William James

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Have a good day! And don’t forget! To buy your girlfriend/wife/partner some flowers. You should always buy her flowers on a Wednesday… because it’s Wednesday…


Becki Bx


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