“Have no fear of perfection – you’ll never reach it.” Salvador Dalí

salvador dali meditative rose
(Life is Beautiful – Salvador Dalí)

So it’s been one month since this How to Change blog series started. I remember it well. January 1st 2013. I had just finished writing the first post. And as I published it – I thought ‘well that’s a positive start to the New Year’ *thumbs up*. And then… unexpectedly I started getting a few tweets “You just appeared in Charlie Brookers Screen Wipe :-/”

A feeling of confusion came over me. Then a few more tweets came my way. And then I felt… a slight anxious chill. I rushed (I digitally rushed) between platforms and opened up the BBC IPlayer my fingers speedily skimming the surface of my keyboard. But when I got there.. my face fell in disappointment as an error code came up *INSUFFICIENT BROADBAND CONNECTION* (or words to that effect). NOOOOOOOOOOOOO. So I would have to wait.. to see what all the complacent smiley icons filling up my timeline meant. Patience. Sigh. In my book, the hardest of the virtues.

So Charlie *tips cap – oi oi Brooker!* nearly got it right – but actually I needed the #nokia so that I could actually tweet my letter to @david_cameron (not McAlpine as suggested). If you’ve been keeping up with my blog/tweets/updates – I’ve so far written four letters to Downing Street. A letter a week inspired by Andy in #shawshankredemption questioning the facilities available for survivors and victims of abuse. I’ve so far received two responses. One acknowledging receipt of my first letter. And the second.. I was very confused about. It was addressed to me. But on cutting opening the envelope the letter hiding inside was actually addressing someone not of my name. Anyway, it is at this point I find myself very confused. Not sure who the man in the letter is.. ? Is this a letter of me being cc’d? Why am I getting a letter from the Deputy Prime Minister when I’ve been writing to the Prime Minister?

So no.. Correspondence Officer. It’s not helpful. It’s really not helpful at all. It could all be explained a bit clearer. What does it all MEAN!? (I’ve not posted this letter on my blog as yet for fear that the letter may be intended for someone else). However, this raises queries – that unless you are educated in politics or have a good understanding of the political system – then from the point of view of a citizen it really does seem like a very baffling one.

So last weeks letter to parliament posed all these questions (and yes I sent a tweet!) and I’m currently (still) waiting for a response. Hmmmm. I still don’t really know if this letter was for me or not. But anyway – good job I do have this #nokia phone – because I’m running my computer from it – which means I can keep writing this blog.. and keep tweeting my petition and obviously my questions to the #askboris strand which I still have yet to receive a response from.

So we’ve covered many topics during January.. mindfulness, relaxation, excuses, hope, failing, fear, believing, illusions and the point of today’s blog is that life changes are not easy. But one must try to remain positive and focused on the end goal point. Float like er a stick on a… stormy river…

You can find my petition HERE please sign and share… !

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#ohDearyme #shawshankredemption

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