Rape of the mind

“Democracy and freedom end where slavery and submission to drugs and alcohol begin. Democracy involves free, self-chosen activity and understanding; it means mature self-control and independence. Alcoholism and drug addiction prepare the pattern of mental submission so beloved by the totalitarian brainwasher.” Joost A. M. Meerloo

I am perched uncomfortably on the chair in the doctors room. He is tapping away on his computer. It is April 2011.. and  I am having trouble sleeping. The male doctor is asking me questions.. and I am answering as best as I can.. “yes.. no..no.. yes.. I don’t know…no.. maybe.. er.. ”

He is concentrating mainly on his computer screen to save both our feelings. He glances at me.. and I notice his eye line drift to my hang bag which is sitting on the floor. The book I am reading is poking out. The only word visible being the word ‘RAPE’.

His eyes dart swiftly back to his computer.

He doesn’t look back at me. We continue awkwardly on with the questioning process.

He turns to me and smiles gently.. ‘You know…sometimes we don’t think people will pull through’. I take that on board. And I pass a gentle smile back at him. A shudder of determination runs deep.

He gives me my prescription.. ‘But this is not the answer!’.  He places all his emphasis on the word not. One diazepam pill. Never had that before. Not sure what diazepam is. But I feel excited about finally getting some sleep. I go home and take it. The effects don’t take long. Finally..  I drift off…

I awake refreshed. But grateful that he gave me only one.

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