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A couple of months back I found myself at a women’s only conference smack bang in the heart of Peckham. There I found myself watching an incredibly touching performance by a singer songwriter called Antiqu’e. I was blown away so I approached her in hope of keeping in touch.

Scene: A women’s conference tackling some heavy issues. Location: Peckham. South London.

Antiqu’e (in South London accent): You got BBM?
Me (in middle England accent): BBM… what’s that?
Antiqu’e: Blackberry Messenger girl…
Me: Oh! Like what they used in the London riots…
Antiqu’e: Er… hahaha. Yeah.
Me: Erm. (Cue tumbleweed). No I don’t.. shall I just take your card… ?

Her lyrics promise to have ‘Long Lasting Worth’ and she’s not afraid to tackle some difficult subject matter in her songs, bravely addressing issues such as domestic violence and abuse. Careful not to alienate one’s audience – Antiqu’e’s music radiates both a warmth and vulnerability. I sense a lot of women shy away from dealing with such issues in their songs. For fear of being pigeon holed perhaps? A brave, gifted and talented young lady…this is Antiqu’e’s latest work ‘Velvety Line’:

“Fortune favors the brave” Publius Terence

You go girl.

Becki Bx

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