I’m currently absorbed in new book ‘The Intern’ from novelist (and ex MTV colleague) Dillon Khan. The plot details the journey of a young man keen to make his mark in music television and his journey through the daily trials and tribulations/hopes and dreams of working in such a competitive field. Whilst this book is a fictitious novel (disclaimer noted) I cannot help but wonder how much is based on actual imagination. The picture painted by writer Dillon feels very true to life so much so I can almost touch Jay-Z from my sofa. If you’re sitting there wondering about doing an internship yourself – or would like an insight in to working in the music industry then this book is an excellent starting point. Full of humour – Dillon’s writing helps the reader swiftly become part of the Total Beats team.

On a personal level –  and being a past intern on MTV2 (with an all boy team) this book has taken me on a trip down memory lane. My personal highlights of being an intern include all of the following:

– Flirting with the boys in the bands. NOTE: Dating musicians = BAD. Flirting with musicians = FUN. (Jamie Oliver’s wife has it all figured out – chef’s are the way forward but beware of dating a feeder).
Getting to go on tour with the team – although being the only girl on an all boy bus had it’s tribulations. The worst part? Being hungover with severe period pains and not really being able to mention it…“I am a female warrior…and I can party just as hard…”. Really.
– The MTV parties. Oh! The parties!
– What it’s all about… the music.

Sigh. Funny times. So yes.. you think you wanna be an intern? I advise you read The Intern first. Because you just might not be able to handle it.

And courtesy of King Charles here is a FREE DOWNLOAD of his track ‘Love Lust’ HERE


Ave a good un..
Becki Bx


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