The Lucky One is a romance drama (released on Wednesday 2nd May 2012) starring Zac Efron as U.S Marine – Sergeant Logan Thibault who has just returned from his third tour in Iraq. During his final tour he finds a photo of a beautiful blonde haired girl called Beth (played by Taylor Schilling). He starts to view this photo as his lucky charm and when he returns to his home country he decides to seek out the girl that appears in it. But the girl he finds is not going to give him an easy time. Oh no. This self absorbed single mother is a treat em mean keep em keen kinda girl with a nasty ex. Or is she?

If you want something simple to watch then this film could be ‘the one’ for you. If you are a Zac Efron fan then there are plenty of lingering camera shots that light up and bring out the best of Zac’s blue eyes as he quite often stands there staring into space contemplating life (amazing job done by cinematographer Alar Kivilo).

On a mission: “I will find my love..! If not today.. then tomorrow!”

“But where could she be? And what is that smell?”

“Don’t worry mate…we’ll find her…”

“Oh look there she is. Frolicking in the field amongst the daisies and the buttercups…”

However, whilst I can appreciate Efron’s good looks it is simply not enough to keep me from cringing. I want more. Much more. But the story line is weak. Weak and predictable.

An ohDearyme cringe factor of five.

A film recommendation of 2 – passes the time.


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