Film review: Elles

Once upon an adventure in Soho – I remember walking in to one of the back rooms of a sex shop. As I glanced up at the raunchy video playing out above my head a man came up close to me, smiled and leered ‘you like that do you…’ . Embarrassed and disgusted I turned on my heels and fled. Never to daringly grace those haunts again*. And since watching Paris based film ELLES today I feel quite grateful (to myself) for my own prudish qualities (ie I have never resorted to prostitution *phew*)

ELLES is an intimate and disturbing film about an investigative mother and journalist (played by Juliette Binoche) who is writing an article about student prostitution for ELLE. Aware that the film would be of a sexual nature – I found myself a little unprepared for the voyeuristic intimacy of the scenes. As I shrunk back in my seat I could hear the man sitting in front of me squirm uncomfortably as the camera zoomed in on some erotic licking. I had after all just watched Shame at the weekend – (which captures the other side of the fence – a man lost in an unhappy merry-go-round of sex addiction) but in comparison ELLES is a far more challenging and less obvious film content wise. It explores the world of prostitution from the point of view of those who are not forced into prostitution but do it for a more pleasant lifestyle. What the film does well is capture the relationship built between the journalist and the two prostitutes.  The director Malgoska Szumowska – captures excellently – our ability as human beings to communicate and connect one to one despite the labels society puts upon us.. mother…journalist…prostitute…whore…waiter…banker. Put this film in your ones to watch…(much better than Shame) an ohDearyme 4/5.


Enjoy Becki Bx

*This is slight lie – my first trip to London aged 17 was with Stratford College and did consist of running off and attending a sex show with my friend Jamie (easily led). All college trips were banned after that. And for that I am sorry. The show wasn’t even that good! And we were thrown out – for being underage.  



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