“There’s still a noticeable amount of disdain and/or ignorance concerning blogs from the perspective of these brands.” (

Brands are taking over. Everywhere you look – a brand is there waving it’s logo in your face.  This video blog has not escaped it’s own fair share of brands wanting to feature. But there needs to be a few rules in place. Boundaries.

You see.. most brands will try and get away with offering as little as possible. I was once told by one brand ‘we could have given Britney millions but we chose to give you….’. During a photoshoot for them it was requested I wear animal fur…which I didn’t. On saying no – I was met with ‘who are you – you’re a nobody a NOTHING you’re not even famous…’. 

No. No I’m not famous. But thank gawd the word no has not been specifically designed for the bourgeois (using that word in the loosest possible term). You see…there are many different reasons why people choose to blog. Community, passion, social interaction, opportunity… fun. FUN. (Savour that word… ). The internet is an exciting world that is consistently evolving. A place where anything (?) is possible (both a good and bad thing). 

Macala Wright say’s about ‘The New Definition of Famous’ While bloggers are not famous editors or major Hollywood celebrities, they have impacted and morphed the definition of fame’. ( 

I believe a brand should be creating an opportunity or incentive for the blogger. Just think with good communication and good intentions – anything could be possible! (Can we get some imagination around here.. ).

‘Brands really do need to know how to interact with their bloggers and also they need to know that everything they do is pretty public’ (Shani Higgins, CEO, Technorati)

This leads me into a story.

‘Hidden beneath the world we know.. is the world they inhabit..’ (Hackers)

I was on a trip that I’d won sponsored by a brand.. the other winners (from another country) had only gotten on that trip via the means of utilizing some clever youtube increaser software. With this software they had gotten themselves through the rounds and onto the trip of a lifetime.  This was not discovered by the brand until the trip was over and it was too late.

Duane Benzie Clip

It’s all food for thought isn’t it.

This week Becki is attending the Brit Awards as Brit Girl 2012.. and is very excited… tweet me questions for the acts @ohDearyme 

Peace, Becki Bx


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