The Ordinary Boys come back

“This was meant to be a one off tour but fuck that this is too fun!” Preston, 2011

Last night saw The Ordinary Boys ‘Maybe Someday Tour’ at the O2 in Angel. I think it’s fair to say that the boys put on a blinding set that makes one wonder why they ever went away in the first place. Front man Preston oozed confidence as he introduced old favourites such as ‘Boys Will Be Boys’ and the thrilled crowd lapped it up. A few new tracks were promised to be released via bandcamp and whether this is the beginning of a come back or truly just a one off tour only the band know. The fans have shown their support. And from the looks of it – they were hungry for more. So @samuelpreston and The Ordinary Boys this song is dedicated to you:

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Bring back me CD collection…. bring back me senses… anyway moving on it was my birthday at the weekend (Happy Birthday to me!) and I made the terrible mistake of making my friends go and see the new film ‘New Years Eve’. I would like to publicly apologise for putting them through the pain. It seems that a strong cast does not guarantee a good movie. It was AWFUL and the storyline was weak. Even the chance to perv at Ashton Kutcher was not enough to rescue this film.

Madonna has a new movie entitled W.E. which promises to be a ‘beautifully crafted, passionate tale about the search for true love in the modern world’. But what have we learnt today? Famous names attached to a movie does not guarantee a good film…apparently this film was recut after not such great reviews. Not released until Feb 2012 – there is plenty of time for some fine tuning. View the trailer here:

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I’m struggling on putting down Cupcake Brown’s book ‘A Piece of Cake’. It really is a brilliant read. And so I will leave you on an inspirational quote from Ms Brown herself:

“Always remember the acronym for “FEAR” can mean one of two things: Fuck Everything And Run or Face Everything And Recover.” Cupcake Brown, A Piece of Cake

Don’t forget I.R.O.K perform tonight in Dalston. It’s only 3 quid and they will be on stage at midnight. See the article below for the flyer!

Have a great day Becki Bx


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