Introducing Misty Miller

ohDearyme would like to introduce raw talent Misty Miller easily one of the best (if not THE best) acts I’ve seen in the past year – having witnessed Misty perform onstage I find it hard to believe she is only 17..

What’s your name and where do you come from?! (in a Cilla voice)
Blind Date! My name is Misty Miller and I come from Wimbledon, Soowfff London.

Have you heard of Cilla Black?! (yes/no) Answer accordingly
Of course, anyone who had a heart, would look at me, and know that I loved you!

Tell me about your musical inspirations. When did you become aware that you have a talent?!
I have always sung. It has always been a big passion. It wasnt until I got the ukulele that I started writing my own songs and then at Bestival, found my manager. Then, I began making a career of it.

What instruments do you play?! Have you had singing lessons?
I play the ukulele and the guitar. I see the ukulele as a tool to write on. When I got it, it just worked so perfectly for what I was writing, I never set out to play it though. It was a gift. Oh and I had singing lessons for 2 months when I was 11.

You’re 17 right now…are you studying?! Going to university?! What is Misty Miller hoping to become?
I left college back in Feb. It was the right decision. After I left I went on my first headlining tour with my brother Rufus on guitar. Now I have my full band with me, the next step is recording the album in the new year and touring some more!

What would you tell your 30 year old self!? Where do you hope to be at that point of your life?!
I hope to have a lot of wild and wonderful stories to tell…. (note to self… check!)

Fashion/music icons do you have any?!
Fashion and music are very intertwined for me. So Patti Smith, The White Stripes, Nancy Sinatra, Nirvana, Natural Born Killers (the movie), The Velvet Underground.. the list goes on.

Do you have any inspirational quotes for us?!
Just listen to Im So Free by Lou Reed.

Watch Misty perform here:

More info: Misty Website

This week I also had the pleasure of witnessing Friendly Fires perform at Brixton – where classics such as ‘Paris’ and ‘Jump in the Pool’ combined with lead singer Ed’s sexy hip movements didn’t fail to excite both the male and female audience. Is a *swoon* here appropriate? I’m never sure. Leaving the audience on recent crowd pleaser Hawaiian Air – I am looking forward to the next album which I hear work will be started on in Dec/January. No pressure guys but we’re all waiting! 🙂

Here is an dancetastic (too much?) Podcast the guys created whilst on tour: RESIDENT ADVISOR MIX

And just in my inbox right this second from the Bands In Transit crew is a new video from ‘Maverick Sabre’ (nice name) entitled ‘I Need’.

Wow.. what a voice… but what do you think? Do tweet me @ohDearyme and #jointheconversation..

Have a great Friday!! I’m watching ‘Drive’ tonight.. I’ve heard it’s amazing – but I’m wondering if it can top my film of 2011 – the superb ‘We Need To Talk About Kevin’. Watch it and let me know what you think!! Becki B x

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