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Christmas can be a stressful time of year. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Stick your headphones on and forget about the sellotape for a minute because I have to introduce you to a young, talented four piece who call themselves the Bear Cavalry. Formed on the south coast in a small town called Gosport they’ve just recently released their EP Maple Trails through Hot Wax Records. And I think it’s brilliant…! Listen to it here:

So Dan tell me about your Maple Trails EP that you’ve just released…
We recorded Maple Trails a while back at Giant Wafer Studios with Tom Woodhead. It’s the first thing we’ve ever recorded ‘properly’, before that we just recorded demos in our own place which we still do when we write something new. The four tracks all bring out a different element of what we’re kind of about, we don’t like to stick too closely to one genre or sound, mainly because we have very short attention spans.

Does anything good happen in Gosport? Tell me a fact about it. I know nothing about the place.
There’s Gosport Festival every year, Michael Jackson played last year. A little known fact is that it’s the largest town in Britain without an operational railway station. It does have a ferry though.

Who else are you listening to?
Nirvana at the moment. I’ve never really tried them but reading about them, especially Nevermind, has grabbed my interest lately. I do find that knowing about an artist and what their influences and inspirations are, really adds to my enjoyment of their music.

What are your inspirations?
People who have done what we want to do from the same beginnings.

Do you have any inspirational quotes for me?
My mother said to me, ‘If you are a soldier, you will become a general. If you are a monk, you will become the Pope.’ Instead, I was a painter, and became Picasso.

Love interests. Is this just a way of pulling the ladies? (Or men dependent on which way you swing).
I have a girlfriend, you’d have to ask her if you want to know whether the band thing helped me reel her in. To be honest though no, it’s a wonder any of us has ever even managed to engage a woman in conversation. We’re pretty awkward.

Describe your creative process how do you get from A to Z in the production process?
We have a pretty mixed up way of doing things which might be why we end up steering clear of any kind of popular structure a lot of the time. Usually there will be a bunch of ideas floating around and we just do our best to organise them into some sort of song form, adding things as we go. Sometimes it takes absolutely ages, sometimes hardly any time at all, we don’t really have a consistent process that we always find ourselves sticking to. The end is often finished before the start though, that’s definitely a pattern that’s emerged.

What do you want for xmas?
There aren’t really any items I’m particularly keen on getting my hands on at the moment so I’m going to say loads and loads of money to burn a hole in my pocket with.

Check out Bear Cavalry at:
6th Jan, Barfly, Camden, London
22nd Feb Death Disco, Notting Hill Arts Club, London

Join their facebook page here

This week I went to see The Horrors perform at The Garage in Islington as part of the Fred Perry Sub-Sonic Live show. It was my second time seeing this band live. The first was at Wireless Festival in the summer. A festival where everywhere you glance you are hit by an advertisement. Standing in the middle I could listen to The Horrors on my right and Cut Copy on my left. I believe it’s fair to say that the festival doesn’t really do the art of music any justice. Unless you’re headlining (I suppose..). It was great to experience the band perform at what one might call a ‘proper gig’. Or a more ‘intimate affair’. To experience what it is about The Horrors the critics love so much. On stage Faris Badwan emanates a chilly disposition…the epitome of ‘cool’ his icy exterior simply ignites an excitable (and seemingly dedicated) audience. An excellent venue sporting some great bands make sure you keep up with Subsonic Live here to experience a diverse and eclectic range of new music from around the world with some subtle marketing from Fred Perry. (Wireless Festival take note!).

In other news I’ve just WON a prize with Company magazine to attend….. THE BRITS 2012!!!!!!! I am so excited… mainly because my favourite band Blur are also there performing. The best Christmas present ever!!!

Read more on the Company magazine website HERE

Ok now back to fighting with the tape…
Happy Christmas! Becki Bx

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