Many people reading this blog will not have heard of your previous band Dead Kids.. or I.R.O.K can you introduce yourself to the public and tell us what you are doing here?
What are any of us doing here online? I noticed that the word ONLINE is at the core of LONELINESS the other day. As for my music, you may never have seen Dead Kids and now you never will but I.R.O.K. Is out there and it’s a tangible experience to behold.

Lets go back.. back in time before Dead Kids.. before skinny jeans.. back when Mike was… 14 what was going on and what were you listening to?
Probably the same that I listen today. Suicidal Tendencies, Prince, David Bowie.

I.R.O.K. or The Intergalactic Republic of Kongo an outer space colony? A play on the Congo? Why the Congo…?
It could be an outerspace colony, precisely that but we should not get bogged down in the literal. Instead we should open up to the forceful desire to exist simultaneously in other dimensions. We already do but it’s for us to be aware of that. Prayer is another dimension for example. Charging your atoms positively. I’m not talking about religious doctrine here or aliens what I’m talking about is people ridding themselves of the cynicism that eats away at them. That controls their desires. We exist within very narrow perameters.

I.R.O.K seems to have a voodoo potency with a religious edge.. I’m confused. Whats going on – are you religious….? Do you believe in a ‘God’?
Do I believe in a God? Do I practice Voodoo? There was voodoo long before anyone started writing down laws and statutes. Of course you are confused. Who isn’t? We live in a time where it’s increasingly difficult to have blind faith in anything. Our belief systems are a business. Everything feels like it’s falling apart. This is no boom time. Are things going to get worse? What happens when financial systems really crash. If John from Ilford who’s been travelling to work every day crushed up and murderous on the train and hates his boss at HSBC puts his card in the wall and there’s nothing there. What then? Will he turn to God? What kind of God? I don’t know yet what God is but he’s not to me what He is to others. These things will become clearer. I.R.O.K. allows me to commune spiritually on a next level.

I read in an interview that some major labels ripped off some of your Dead Kids songs? How did you get around that and how are you protecting yourself with I.R.O.K.
When a major label conglomerate takes you on, takes the piss as it were it always behaves in the same way. Like some ancient leviathan. They flex their muscles and bear their nasty teeth but you know what moves they are going to pull before they’ve pulled them. I own a percentage of a song an artist stole from us. They tried to use it for an advert and I excercised my right to say no. They couldn’t understand that. They were like ‘you can earn money here’. They couldn’t understand that I got more pleasure from not allowing it it’s airtime. I recently got contacted by a lawyer telling me they just realised they’d been using it in a massive German movie and ‘mistakenly’ didnt get my permission. That’s what I’m dealing with. At the end of the day: keep writing.

‘You will bleed for the things you believe in’. Strong words.. You should be careful God doesn’t give you a period… or maybe he already has? What do you believe in – there is a lot going on right now – with Cameron in power and Occupy. What are your thoughts politically?
Politically the only thoughts I have is that this country is stuck in this system where we swing left to right from one Etonian to another. People, and let’s be honest here, 9 out of 10 times it’s a man, who choose to govern, are self interested pricks. Nothing will change whilst people can afford to go on holiday with a credit card and a new car and a flat screen telly. That’s the fabric of society that is bound to implode in a way we have never seen before. You might as well throw out these things you save up for.

Your video ‘OO AA OO’ is brilliant. Who/how did you make that?
The video for OO AA OO was shot in Hackney and Morocco. It’s a simple horror concept limited to the zero budget we had to make it. A friend of mine is a top notch editor and we sat down for days putting it together. It symbolizes a rebirth. There’s nothing like that feeling of a new chapter. New Years Eve doesn’t cut it for me. In fact, I avoid it. I go up a mountain or something

I’m looking forward to your gig on Thursday.. I’m expecting a raw energy.. how should I protect myself from passionate giggers. Im scared.
You should not be fearful for Thursday but you should be excited. You will experience a collision of atoms and the tremors of something you have always known to be true. There will be lots of smoke.

I’m enjoying your vision Mike.. thanks for the interview…


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Enjoy!!!! Becki Bx


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  1. Leggy Truth Sun Kickboxer
    January 2, 2012 / 2:54 am

    He speaks da truf. Hot Stuff.

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