Exclusive Interview: Preston from The Ordinary Boys

‘Life doesn’t imitate art, it imitates bad television…’ (Woody Allen)

Once upon a time.. a few years ago… back when reality TV was... still good.. there was a band. And this band had a name. And that name was…The Ordinary Boys. Ok ok.. enough with the once upon a time crap – here’s an interview with indie vocalist Preston of The Ordinary Boys fame!

Hi Preston how are you?
I’m doing rather well thank you.

So…you… and I quote, “need something loud and fast in my life and I want to
do it before I turn 30 next year”. On that note what’s the best thing that happened to you in your 20’s?

I spent 2 years in Philadelphia after the band broke up, essentially just hanging out. My family is from Philadelphia and I have citizenship so I have these occasional crises when I attempt to relocate to Philadelphia but invariably get dragged home to England by work and real-life. This last time was just the best. My friends over there are all artists and musicians and generally lovely people and it was all utterly inspiring. I wait eagerly for my next quarter-life crisis so I can see them all again!

Worst thing?
I suck at love and most of the really crushingly awful experiences are girl-centric. I think I historically am too eager for things to go right… paradoxically that usually assures failure.

Do you have a message to your future 40 self?
Is the planet run by damn dirty apes? Does everyone get everywhere by segway? I guess just never grow up please.

If you had a message to your 20 year old self what would it be?
I’d probably just turn myself on to some bands and writers that I wish I knew about back then. Maybe give myself a heads up about songwriting cos i wish I had gotten into that as a career a long time ago.

You’re set to do a tour across 13 venues of the UK as The Ordinary Boys.. is this a comeback?
All this is is a fun way to fill two weeks and a self indulgent nostalgia trip but I like the idea that we can put ourselves into a kind of semi-retirement and fit tours and releases around work. It’s not a comeback in the sense that I have no plans to try to make any profit out of it but we did come back and I’m really enjoying it!

Which songs are you most excited to play?
We have a new one, Run This Town. I have my own studio now and it makes it easy for me to record songs for free and just stick them up into the ether that is the internet. That song is great to play. And we are mainly doing the first album just because that is the time that I am trying to reminisce about. I like the song Over The Counter Culture a lot.

Do you have any inspirational quotes for us? I love my inspirational quotes.
Life doesn’t imitate art, it imitates bad television…’ by Woody Allen

I’m sorry. But I have to mention it. I can’t help it.. your ex is splashed all over Closer magazine.. she’s now married to someone else… do you regret doing all that reality stuff/celeb stuff?
Yes and no. I had a ball but i feel like it was so massively out of character. It still seems totally wild to imagine doing it at all. I am naturally shy but it is so easy to get caught up in the excitement of it all. It was the weirdest year of my life and I have definitely learned a lot from it all. I think that is why I have ended up working in a studio. I’m happiest behind the scenes.

I’m lucky I’ve never dated anyone famous and haven’t had to see them splashed in the papers papped with someone else. How do you deal with that stuff?
I just read books instead.

Who was/is your favourite band of 2011?
I love Toro Y Moi a lot. Dirty Beaches put a great record out this year. Also the production nerd in me loves the Com Truise record.

What do you want for Xmas?
I really love Roberto Bolano. 2666 was one of the most impressive/bizarre books i have ever read and i tend to obsess over writers. I made a list of some of his other books that I haven’t read yet.

I notice you have a day off touring on the 12th December – want to come to my birthday party? *Cheeky smile
I have work on my days off! I have a showcase thing on the 12th and a writing session on the 13th.

Gutted. What are the secrets of staying youthful?
Stay hydrated.

Words of wisdom for those seeking musical careers?
Don’t follow scenes. Just make the music you enjoy making and you will never have to feel like you even have to try. And if you love it so will others.

Thanks Preston…and look forward to seeing you perform… Becki B x

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Listen to Run This Town here:



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