NEW VIDEOS: Friends Electric and King Charles…

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” Wayne Gretzky

Two AWESOME new videos for you: firstly from Friends Electric who have appeared many times on ohDearyme… one of my favourite bands – these boys deserve bright lights. No not torches shone in their faces.. I’m talking about people buying their album to keep them making music… so they can afford electricity. That sort of light. They have their single launch party next Weds (26th October) at The Old Blue Last, London.. which is the same night I will be winning/losing at the Cosmo Blog Awards.. but I might make the after show. If they buy me a coke. Keep up the good work boys! This is Puzzle Pieces:

I am also enjoying this from King Charles: BAM BAM or Bam Bam. Uppercase or lowercase it doesn’t really matter. This is a fun energetic video that will get you pumping your midrift. The debut single will be released on the 28th November followed by an as-yet-untitled album next February through Island Records.

Last night I had a very surreal night. I found myself at CH4 for part of their Generation C Debate. Here is a photo:

I met the lovely Jamal Edwards from SB:TV and sent him and the equally charming CH4 Talent Exec an idea this morning. It’s a bit secret right now… but if you would like to be involved and have a twitter account all you need to do is..tweet this:

‘Becki pitched you an idea if you do it… we’re in” #4TGenC #revolution

@Colin4Talent @ohdearyme @jamaledwards

Well you never know. I can’t start a revolution on my own can I 😉

After that I ended up in Gt Portland St to see a band called Sunday Girl. Unfortunately the band had been and gone by the time I turned up at the party. It was a very surreal experience.. there was a fashionable man wearing a dead fox round his neck. I have to say I have never used a dirty look before but this seemed to be a Gossip Girl sort of party. So I looked him up and down and he stared me out. It was once upon a time that a fizzy drink who was ‘sponsoring’ me asked me to wear a dead rabbit. I said no.

As Shakespeare said: ‘To thine own self be true’ and all that 😉

Peace.. Becki Bxx

King Charles Webspace
Friends Electric


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