A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and goes to bed at night and in between does what he wants to do Bob Dylan

I had a very strange experience yesterday. I woke up – got out of bed and had a burning desire to put Alicia Keys ‘Empire State of Mind’ on repeat. Not a usual song that I normally turn to I must admit (although I do love it so).  Later that day I was walking through Camden – on my way home from a volunteer placement I do with ex offenders. It had been an emotional day as one of the ladies had written me a lovely card and I wouldn’t be seeing her anymore. Whilst walking with my friend we happened to pass the Roundhouse. There was a small crowd gathered so we stopped and enquired as to whom was performing there. Alicia Keys. ‘Wow, that’s strange..’ I thought to myself as I stood outside.  At this point my friend asked if we should go in. Thinking it must be ‘fate’ we went forth and five minutes later happened to be inside the Roundhouse watching Alicia Keys perform ‘Empire State of Mind’ on stage for her charity ‘Keep A Child Alive’ which she was raising money for. 

Surrounded by drunken press and drunken rich people enjoying the show and quite rightly donating their cash to this amazing charity Alicia co-founded and with no idea who most of the designers/models were we decided that – fate being fate I should at least document the experience and embrace the anonymity of ohDearyme. To help bridge the gap in the social divide if you like. For one night only I would become a fashonista vlogger. There were designers I had never heard of and brands I could never afford (the designer deLaCour sells his watches for 30k. I mean 30k. Imagine if you broke that). 

So thanks to all the people who were ambushed/interviewed for a mini ohDearyme vlog. I leave you with the words from Leigh Blake – President and Buddhist of Keep A Child Alive who states ‘When you know your purpose stick to it. Expand it. Love the power you have to create change in the world around you’.

(sorry about the sound quality – it was very loud – and I was shouting)

And remember people – first comes style – then comes fashion…

Thanks to Ken Cheung on camera.

Peace out/one love Becki Bx


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