Kyla La Grange ‘Been Better’ and Fish Pedicures…

Ok that’s a random pairing I know. But we’re all about random on ohDearyme. The nice people at Wahanda gave me some vouchers so I went down to Anesis in Clapham Common to experience a fish pedicure..that was after my interview with the lovely Kyla La Grange – maybe one of the most genuine of artists I have interviewed.


But what was my diagnosis of the fish pedicure you ask? So (Kyla if you’re reading this) out of 5 I would have to give it an unsure 3.5. Whilst the tanks were clean and hygienic and the staff professional – I just felt that the place had quite a clinical air about it. The experience lacked a certain ‘personal touch’. Like having a coffee when you’re having a haircut. I guess it didn’t help that every magazine I picked up had Peter Andre on the front. Nothing against him – just it’s good to get some diversity in your reading literature you know? The initial part of placing your feet in the water is a ticklish and alien feeling that I’m sure is the hook that reels the people back for more (like what I did there?). And whilst I enjoyed the experience there were certain areas of my feet that I wanted the fish to concentrate on but I just didn’t know how to communicate this to them. I do, however recommend that you try it out if not once – because it is a fun experience.
Thx to Rachael Mc Cann on the camera.



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