NEW VIDEO: CockNBullKid – Asthma Attack, Treetop Flyers and Jamie Woon

‘London I’ll never forget you – you’re the first one I lost my two front teeth to…. the first one that I lost my heart to.. ‘

Gosh I know exactly how she feels. London – it’s a love or hate affair…I could do with the ladies from the new video entitled Asthma Attack following me home like that though. CockNBullKid check the video out:

Also a nice accoustic track from Treetop Flyers- who I definitely without a flicker of a doubt recommend seeing. Very awesome live and you’re in luck cos they’re playing soon – gigs are on their myspace/treetopflyersband:

AND if you like that then they are giving away a free download of their track Long Cold Winter. It was definitely long..and it was definitely cold..

And did I mention I bumped into Jamie Woon in Soho last night?! Well I did… Look evidence… … .he was with a guy called Reso…. who he urged me to chk out: I’m starting to feel a bit like Perez Hilton.. might just hang out on street corners… like a twit pic’ing prossie.. doesn’t he look happy to meet me though!? Doesn’t he! Heh heh heh…


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