New videos – Matt and Kim, CockNBullKid, DJ Wordy

I really enjoyed Matt and Kim’s new video ‘Cameras’.. reminds me of beating up all three of my brothers up when I was younger. Before they got muscles. Girls rule. But I feel bad now too. The teaser of this video that I posted on here a few weeks back (or was it just my mind) completely led me to believe they were having sex *ashamed*

On another note I’d quite like one of the dresses from the below video from CockNBullKid – ‘Hold On To Your Misery’…but with a B on the front..or maybe with an Oh!.. as in Oh! Deary Me..

It’s an endearing video that’s for sure – I believe the message it’s trying to convey is.. life goes up.. life goes down.. life goes up.. and back down again.. a bit like the message Ronan Keating was trying to sell in his ‘life is a rollercoaster.. (you just gotta ride it..)’.. although of course.. completely different genres. Ahem.

And lastly this is an interesting video about DJ Wordy – from Beijing- detailing his musical journey from being passionate about Rock N Roll to becoming a superstar DJ… and how the internet has helped him evolve musically. He’s gone from borrowing records.. to winning competitions.. to finally having his own record collection. Watch it. It’s interesting:

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Becki Bx

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