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So Darwin Deez has been doing the rounds with his quirky Radar Detector for some time now… here is an exclusive interview for ohdearyme courtesy of Mr Deez. Well who else really..

Tell us about your four string guitar. Did the other string break or something?

Well, I started playing guitar when i was 11, but I quit for a few years and lost all my chops. When i started up again at age 20 (after years of making purely electronic music), I was interested in timbral exploration, and I’d heard Animal Collective used weird tunings. I thought having less strings might produce a unique sound. It also made it much easier to get a feel for the guitar again. And, on top of that, it dramatically facilitated some ear training (music theory) that i was inspired to teach myself. Once some keepers [good songs] started coming, I had to drop anchor on the particular tuning they required. Oh yeah, and then I added the fourth string later to fill out the sound/allow for seventh chords! I was using only 3 for a while before that.

What is your best blag ever?

Some shoes. See, CSI (the american TV show) was shooting in the abandoned building next door. The building is awesome-my old roommates used to use it for art studio space. It’s really dirty and looks really old. So CSI was dressing the set to look like a druggie squat, and they had a bin full of distressed shoes. well, CSI is a big budget show, so I nabbed some green asics out of there. The great thing is, distressed shoes are brand new-you can tell by the smell-but they look nice and worn, so they were a pleasure to wear forthwith, and I got a lot of mileage out of them, even though they were two sizes too big.

Tell us about your favourite song on the album

I think bad day is my favorite. It makes me happy the way people get cozy with it so easily. And I love the way parts of its arrangement work together like machinery in a factory: each part doing its job, making it’s noise, contributing to the greater gestalt, which comes into purview just in time for the song’s ending.

What are you inspired by?

Movies like Contact and Back to the Future. Pop films that also give you a lot to think about. Back to the Future has the whole pandora’s box/can of worms to it, as well as being irresistibly fun. And contact–zemeckis’ more underrated film–is a full throttle thrill ride, albeit for nerds, but it also does a great job of reminding the viewer of some of those irreducible, head-scratching parts of the human condition. I’d like my music to do the same, in both respects.

Who is your god and what does he look like?

Me and Pete Townshend have the same god [sic]. He [god] has a moustache and looks great in a baby blue button down coat.

How old were you when you lost your virginity and was it for love?

I was 21 and no, it was pure curiosity and impatience. I figured I was old enough to investigate it. My findings: I think it’s true you should only do it with people you love.
(Please do expand Darwin!!)

What is the future for music?

Drum ‘n bass! Just kidding. But that’s what i thought when i was 16. Technology certainly has democratized the world of pop music in the past 30 years, and I think it will continue to do so. That means less and less of your favourite songs will be from people who are famous, I guess.

Can you sing us a little tune?

Sure: “the email song, the email song…” (for all: this was MEANT to be a video blog!!!! But Darwin is refusing to play.. I dunno.. a little success.. it’s kinda nice he can’t answer back though…)

If you were to perfect any dance for your show (the rumba/strictly ballroom/cha cha) – what would it be? which song to and can you give us an impression?

These are the skype questions. I really dodged a bullet on this shit, eh? (ohdearyme: cut.)

Tell us something about you that will make the girls wilt and the boys wimper…

Uh, i’m bi? No, Matthew Mcconaughey is bi. And single again. (Sorry I just watched contact). Actually, I was in a heterosexually charged situation last night (it was valentines day in a girl’s bed [sic]) and she was more than ready to believe I was bi, when I claimed to be, as a joke. to be fair, I had kissed a dude earlier in the night*, but it was just a photobooth gambit as part of my greater plan to kiss HER in said photobooth, which I did**, which paved the way to said bed/heterosexually-charged-situation-of-my-own-design later in the night. Long story short: best valentines day ever. No sex though.

* plus, look at the way i dress
** and i have the pictures to prove it–and no, you can’t

(Erm sorry are we guessing lot’s of masturbating?? Is that what you’re getting at here Deez? That could be the title of this interview: Deez Practises Safe Sex.. or Deez.. whoops thinking out loud again.. )

What does Darwin want the future to hold?

My hand. And some grammys. (But what about this girl Darwin??…. )

Thank you for reading this interview with Darwin Deez – this is his link – now go listen!!!


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