Yeasayer: Odd Blood

Yeasayer are keyboardist/vocalist Chris Keating, guitarist Anand Wilder, and bassist Ira Wolf Tuton (the bass is really cool on Strange Reunions – thanks for that Ira). They came together as Yeasayer in Brooklyn in 2005.. a long long way away from my bedroom.. where I am currently listening to Odd Blood their new album..

I have absolutely no idea why they put the track ‘The Children’ at number one on their track listing. It’s bloody awful. (It’s meant to be aliens apparently but sorry it just sounded like noise to me).. But don’t turn off! It all kicks off from track 2..! The rest of the album is a parallel universe of wonderment.. a twittering of angels to the ear.. an electro dream that sparks imagination – one that makes you feel like you are riding upon a sunbeam.. and when you get to O.N.E you may even be urged to dance my friends. Dance.

Apparently (according to a Rolling Stone article) Odd Blood was inspired by a trip to New Zealand, where Yeasayer experimented with LSD and Keating has pointed out that the aim was to “sonically challenge Rihanna in the clubs”. Ha ha.. hilarious.. and so I leave you with the quote from the song Ambling Alp (wiki Ambling Alp)

“stick up for yourself son!/never mind what anybody else done.”

Which is more than true in this over subscribed media/creative world. Definitely worth a listen..

This week Becki is looking forward to seeing 30 Seconds to Mars in Manchester and is also listening to Fan Death!

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